Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy-1)

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"I am Groot."
Full Name: Groot
Gender: Male?
Species: Flora Colossus
Theme: (NPC) Guardians of the Galaxy-1
Function: Big Guy to Rocket's Little Guy
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate
Other Information
Physical Age: Really, how can you tell? Actual Age: Equivalent to a teenager
Still Aging? Yes? Voice Actor: Vin Diesel
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: None (sometimes has green leaves) Eye Color: Glowing Yellow
Theme Song:

Spoofing Rights



While often somewhat dismissively referred to as Rocket's "personal houseplant slash muscle", Groot is actually a highly-intelligent being... although he can also be quite the bruiser when necessary and he seems to be simple-minded because all most people can understand him to say is "I am Groot."

Groot's species, called 'Flora Colossus' by the Kree, are aboroform beings from Planet X thought (incorrectly) to be extinct. Like every member of this tree-like species, Groot was educated by the ruling class (the Arbor Masters) though their transference of 'Photonic Knowledge' (information transfer through a form of light-based plant telepathy). As a species they "suffer" from a speech impediment caused by the stiffness of their larynx which is why most people miss the nuances of their speech.

In addition to being big and strong, Groot can regenerate damage and has control over the size and shape of his body as well as plant-based mental powers. Finally, he can also apply the knowledge acquired from his aforementioned education to help Rocket and their allies as well.


  • Physical Presence: Groot's large tree like physical structure provides him with immense strength and his bark-like hide is extremely dense, providing him with greater durability than a human while also leaving him no less vulnerable to fire than humans are (which is pretty amazing given he is made out of wood).
  • Plant Control: Groot can mentally control living plants, including himself (other sapient plants can and almost always do resist this power however). He can cause plants to grow, move, attack, etc. He can even rejuvenate withered plants although if the conditions around them aren't improved they will return to that state as nature dictates. When used on himself (the easiest and most common way he uses this) he can do the following:
  • increase or decrease his size at will (Groots strength scales with his size and his maximum size is dependent on age, his current maximum size is more than twenty feet)
  • extend his limbs (normally his arms) to increase his reach
  • reshape his limbs into barriers, restraints, weapons, etc.
  • produce leaves or glowing spores at will (the latter fill an area and produce natural illumination)
  • Regeneration: Groot can regenerate his damage to his body. The exact rate is depending on his environment. In the absence of natural light, soil and water this is relatively slow (although still much faster than human healing and still able to regrow missing parts, like if his arms are blasted off and he is immediately detained and kept inside artificial structures). With one or more of those needs provided for this can be much faster. When he has regenerated from a small cutting - or a splinter even potentially - his maximum size takes some time to return to his current level, starting at six feet and improving by a foot per day.
  • Hyper Intelligent: Despite popular opinion and all appearances, Groot is extremely intelligent and well educated on top of that due to the passing of the collected knowledge the species to all saplings by the Arbor Masters of Planet X. Groot is particularly talented in quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering (also known as applied quantum mechanics!) and mammalian biosciences. He can leverage the latter into to the ability to perform first aid on any injured mammal.


  • Big Guy: Groot is large (generally standing eight feet tall and thus towering over the general population). While this can be useful to improve intimidation attempts and is a large factor in his physical strength, it does impose some serious drawbacks on him. Firstly, this makes it significantly harder for him to hide; secondly, a tight squeeze for humans is generally impossible for him.
  • "I am Groot!": Due to the hardened nature of his species larynx, it is difficult to understand Groot and his people when they speak. Even with the Multiverses translation field doesn't fully correct this: everyone except for those who are capable of hearing the subtle nuances in his vocalizations for any reason (enhanced hearing, extended time associating with Groot, etc.) only hear him say "I am Groot." when he speaks.
  • Outcast Outlaw: Like Rocket, Groot has an extensive criminal record in any number of jurisdictions. In addition, he has been outcast from his homeworld after attacking another sapling member of his species to defend a maintenance mammal the other sapling was brutalizing; as a persona non grata on Planet X he has nowhere to go home to.