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This application is depreciated.
Group Applications are currently closed as of 9-16-2016 pending an application rewrite.
Multiverse Crisis MUSH Group Application

1. What is the name of the group leader? If you have a second-in-command for your group, specify that as well.

2. Who has agreed to be a part of your group? Note that there should be at least five total members for new groups.

3. What should the group be named?

4. Give your group an IC description. Think of this as a +finger profile for your +group. For example: Heaven or Hell is a loose-knit group of Elites that specialize in the hunting and extermination of paranormal phenomenon and monsters. While not run as militaristically as most other groups, all the members remain highly qualified in their area of expertise. Members of Heaven or Hell are highly skilled in urban warfare situations, and feel quite at home fighting in the streets and rural areas alike. Fighters of several specialties can be found in the group from Close Combat to Heavy Arms fighters.

5. What is the OOC Purpose of your group?

You're done! Please e-mail this application to with a subject of: Group Application - Group Name