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The application that used to be here is deprecated.

In order to request a +group, submit a +job to the GROUP category (+request/GROUP) with the following information:

  • Group @name, to a limit of 23 characters.
  • A roster of no less than five (5) active, approved characters.
  • A description of the +group's purpose, and what it brings to the game if it exists.

As a rule, a +group should not encompass a generic territory such as 'Adventurer's Guild', or 'Evil Empire', but have a coherent identity that can easily be associated with that group. A plot-based +group is valid, as is a Gentlemen Thieves group dedicated to finding and stealing the best the Multiverse has to offer, but 'good guys doing good things' or 'bad guys doing bad things' aren't valid +group concepts.