Gundam: Universal Century-1R

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It is the Universal Century for the Earth Sphere - the collection of space colonies (the Sides), the Moon, and Earth after the mass exodus of humanity to the stars to escape a polluted and overpopulated Earth. This age of human expansion is christened with blood, in UC 0000, with the terrorist attacks at the Laplace orbital station, killing the first chairman of the Earth Sphere, and plunging the government of Earth and Space into disarray. Thus, the Earth Federation was created, which exerted total control over all the realms of man, giving no independence or self-governance to the spacenoids.

Ever since that fateful day, numerous wars have marred what was supposed to be an era of peace as mankind made its first forays into space. The rise of the Republic, and then Principality of Zeon within the Side 3 colonies heralds in an era of conflict and death that has not seen a true end. Humanoid war machines known as Mobile Suits quickly rise as the most efficient way of waging war. While no single war has matched the sheer death toll of 0079's One Year War, the Gryps conflict and both Neo Zeon Wars have nonetheless continued mankind's tradition of bloodshed in space. A colony has been dropped onto the surface of Earth. Civilians have been slaughtered on both sides.

After the last rise of Zeon, and the stopping of the space colony Axis from being dropped onto Earth, all seems to be quiet for once. Yet, there still are remnants of Neo Zeon - the 'Sleeves' - clinging to the hope of Zeon and the idea of true independence for those who live in space. The Federation remains vigilant, but it is the hope that the peace may last for just a while longer.

Possibility, however, is a strange thing. The ghost of the Universal Century, the hidden treasure of the Vist Foundation, Laplace's Box secretly looms upon the horizon. The catalyst for another period of conflict within the Earth Sphere, for a restarting of time's movement for those with rebellious hearts scattered across earth and the stars.