Gunzou Chihaya (Dropped)

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Gunzou Chihaya (Scenesys ID: 574)
Load tubes 1 through 4 with corrosive torpedoes! Fire!
Full Name: Gunzou Chihaya
Gender: male
Species: human
Theme: (FC) Arpeggio of Blue Steel-1
Function: Submarine Captain
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (None)
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'8 Weight: 165
Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brownish
Theme Song:


Gunzou is the captain of the I-401, a submarine once part of his world's

greatest threat: the Fleet of Fog. These mysterious AI-controlled            
battleships appeared without warning in the 21st century and placed humanity 
on the brink of destruction. It wasn't until the I-401 came to humanity's   
aid by seeking Gunzou as her captain that the tides began to turn. Equipped  
with missile launchers, torpedoes, photon cannons, a super-graviton cannon,  
and the physical AI avatar named Iona, the submarine is a fearsome weapon in 
any naval encounter. Gunzou might be inexperienced, but after two years with 
his battlefield expertise and audacious tactics at the helm, the I-401 has   
claimed more than a few key victories. It's not only the Fleet of Fog        
they've got to contend against, however -- Gunzou and his crew have been     
branded traitors by the very people they've been fighting to save! With this 
big target painted on the I-401's hull, Gunzou nevertheless carries on his   
mission to save humanity from an untimely end, and to find out exactly what  
happened with his father -- and why Iona chose him, of all people, to        
captain her vessel.










Outcasts: Ever since he became captain of the I-401, Gunzou has been labeled a betrayer of humanity, as no one can trust the intentions of a former Fleet of Fog vessel or a man who'd willingly become its captain. Iona and the I-401 face the same disdain from their own kind, the Fleet of Fog; other Mental Models view Iona as a traitor. Because of this, Gunzou and Iona are wanted for capture from both sides of the conflict. The Japanese military would like to study the I-401 and replicate its technology, and the Fleet of Fog wants to sink the I-401, as they view Iona's self-awareness as a dangerous anomaly.

Limited Land Attack: Though most are equipped with missile launchers, Fleet of Fog vessels are bound by the Admiralty code which has been hard-coded into their personalities. The code does not allow for the vessels to attack targets on land; however, collateral damage dealt to residential areas or ports in the course of engaging an enemy vessel is considered permissible. Even in a dire situation, Iona can't go against her coding.

Nanomaterials: The I-401 relies on nanomaterials for repairs and equipment. Her supply of these materials is not unlimited, and when they run dry, it's much harder for repairs to be completed. This shortage is most often felt after a long battle, as the nanomaterials have been expended on ammunition resupply and other items she needs. Resupply must be done often, or repairs might become impossible.

Inexperienced: Even though Gunzou has been the captain of the I-401 for two years and has been in several battles, he is still considered inexperienced. He has been successful in his battles mainly because he relies on risky and flashy moves that an older, more experienced captain would not make. Many of these moves have put the submarine, himself, and his crew in quite a bit of danger. This inexperience has come through in many of the battles he has been in, including when he and the I-401 were defeated and nearly killed after he made one too many mistakes. He has no formal training, and only learned the basics of how to survive at sea from his father, Shouzou, who taught him about these things when he was a child. The lack of formal training and risk-taking all point to just how inexperienced Gunzou really is.


Title Date Scene Summary
It Comes From Below November 3rd, 2014 Leviathan has been kept unchecked for to long. Now it is time to try and put the Primal of the Sea back in his place. Yet this may not be as easy as some may hope...
Visit Iwo Jima October 10th, 2014 Gunzou's intro scene just a little social get together with Abyssal Fleet and Fleet Maidens and an admiral.


Title Date Scene Summary
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