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HK-47 (Scenesys ID: 754)
"Observation: I am a droid, master, with programming. Even if I did not enjoy killing, I would have no choice. Thankfully, I enjoy it very much."
Full Name: HK-47
Gender: Male
Species: Droid
Theme: (OFC) Star Wars-5
Function: Assassin Droid
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (Provisionary)
Other Information
Physical Age: 25 years old (factory-new) Actual Age: 25 years old
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Kristoffer Tabori
Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 305
Hair Color: N/A Eye Color: Orange
Theme Song: The Old Republic OST - The Occupation of Balmorra - [1]


A unique assassin droid developed off the Czerka Corperation's HK-24 Assassin Droid as a base inspiration, HK-47 is a thoroughly sociopathic walking arsenal of an assassin droid that sees all organics as "meatbags." He revels in both observing and causing carnage and death, yet takes a sublime enjoyment in making his kills both subtle and masterful. He sees the enactment of assassination as an art-form of sorts, and that what makes good assassination is finesse and skill. His standardized weapons are a disruptor-class sniper rifle for long-range, a short-blade for close-range and finally, an assortment of grenades, mini-rocket darts and wrist-weapons such as flamethrowers, carbonite-launchers and toxin-emitters for mid-range. He is a sublime assassin, but this fact, coupled with his somewhat antagonistic and sociopathic personality, makes him something of a loner when it comes to having friends, and can often land him in trouble with no back-up readily available. The only person he sees as superior to himself is Revan, due to his creator's skill with manipulation and causing death, such as with Malachor V. Next to Darth Eluth, AKA Bastila Shan -- or perhaps even more-so due to the Sith's propensity for the Apprentice always looking to usurp the Master -- HK-47 is undoubtedly Revan's most ardently loyal subordinate and arguably her most trusted confidant.










That Would Be Unacceptable: HK-47's high levels of arrogance and pride can be a weakness that an enemy could take advantage of. He may be potentially goaded into coming after someone in order to prove that he is capable of taking them down. He does not take loss very graciously, and can be very petty and vindictive against those that one-up him. Once scorned, he does not forget a face, and always makes good on his promises to strike back at the offending party unless ordered otherwise by his master.

Ah, Yes... Them: In spite of being their progenitor, HK-47 holds little love for his follow-up generations, seeing them as little more then cheep and disposable imitations. As such, obtaining an HK-51 unit and turning it against him as a stand-alone individual will be taken as the deepest pitch of blaspheme -- in his mind, there can only be one true, independent and fully self-actualized HK assassin droid, and that's HK-47 alone.

Can I Blast Him Now, Master?: Those that meet him quickly learn that in spite of his cunning nature, HK-47 has a very short fuse when in a group, and when not on an assassination mission that demands stealth and cunning that he can pride himself on, he will express a distinct eagerness to kill anyone who so much as irritates him for too long. This makes the droid a good choice for battles or sabotage, but by contrast makes him a poor choice to take on missions that are peaceful. He can endure it if he is working toward an assassination, but if simply stationed for guard or translation duty, HK will quickly become irate and exasperated with the lack of activity and fighting, making him problematic for when diplomacy is key. However, due to his programming, all anyone serving as his current master has to do is simply order him to be silent, and he will begrudgingly do so.

Meatbag: It can hardly be called a secret that HK-47 does not like organic beings, finding them clumsy and awkward in general compared to droids and machine entities. Be they a "liquidious fleshbag" (a male "meatbag") or a "vast amount of bulbous slushiness" (a female "meatbag"), the bottom line is that HK has a general dislike for any organic being that is not either his creator Darth Revan or his current Master. As such, combined with his hair-trigger temper, HK does not usually work well in a diversified group, with a tendency to easily off-put, if not outright antagonize any organic allies he works with. This leaves partnering options for him somewhat limited outside of exclusively working solo -- that or working only with ruthless, cruel or callous individuals. Aside from that, HK's only other pairing options would be with machines -- namely ones that share his homicidal tendencies.

Severe Damage and Dismemberment: While HK-47's armored body is extremely durable and resistant, this is not true for every part of him. The reason for this is because of the universal weakness possessed by all sets of traditional body armor, be they made for droids or organics -- namely that the armor is significantly weaker at the joints where the body parts connect then it is on the actual body parts themselves.


Title Date Scene Summary
Operation Rei-Go! E-1 March 5th, 2016 The start of a major operation, Nagato wants to eliminate the Abyssal Threat.
Returning Favors February 17th, 2016 After months in apparent hiding, HK-47 is finally spotted on the graveyard planet of Dahrtag - otherwise known as the 'Necropolis'. With his first open appearance since the truce, now is the best time to make the hunter into the prey - in one of the most brutal battles with the droid thus far.
Seriously, Food Poisoning! February 15th, 2016 Kazuko gets free food from HK-47, suspecting absolutely nothing from a freaky talking heart guy! Also, food poisoning and mucus mash.
Where in the Galaxy is HK-47 December 24th, 2015 Members of the Union gather up to unwrap some unconventional christmas presents - the skulls of the nine HK-droid cores recovered thus far - and see if the presents - the droid's data-stores - are the worthwhile gifts they hope for.
Christmas Chaos in Gotham December 14th, 2015 Christmas is around the corner and Batman is out patrolling Gotham City, When trouble erupts from a robotic Santa.
Curiosity & the Miraluka December 14th, 2015 Jayale goes to the Coruscant of HK-47's reality to try and piece together an inquiry on the droid and stash some bait with which to draw him out... but if there's one thing assassin-droids don't like, it's having questions get asked.
A Bad Time to Travel December 7th, 2015 Union forces under Pepper's leadership escorts a trade caravan for the Beifong family when mercenaries and Confederates strike. Also, dino-train.
Common Defiled Ground December 3rd, 2015 HK-47 gets an early Christmas present from the serpentine witch.
Fatal Interception December 1st, 2015 An attempt to meet with a New Republic Intelligence agent results in a brutal barfight with lethal cocktails, unexpected guests and a healthy slew of traded barbs as Kyle Katarn finds himself the latest target in HK-47's sights.
The Scene of the Crime November 26th, 2015 Jayale brings allies back to the ruined temple where Twilight was attacked by HK-47, hoping to find clues to track him down - or better yet, functioning witnesses.
A Tome to Die For November 24th, 2015 Twilight and friends come seeking lost knowledge of the Jedi. But within the ruined Truuine Praxium, what awaits is not only the relics of the Jedi, but a legacy of the Sith - one that plans on making Twilight history.
TMatM:Artifacts of Black PT2, Come Clarity November 19th, 2015 The Artifacts of Black Rain have taken over Royce and are doing something to the weather system of the planet.

Elite response is swift, and the threat neutralized, only for another to rear its head.

HK-47 manages to kill Royce, and take three of the five artifacts with him as he escapes.

HK-Blabbermouth November 14th, 2015 Blurr, Revan, and Jayale attempt to manipulate HK-51 into relinquishing information to them regarding HK-47's whereabouts.
TMatM: Artifacts of Black Rain PT1 November 12th, 2015 The Ganemede is wrecked, the Lost Logia it was carrying, though once escaped, are now contained, but the Five that were most dangerous are missing, along with the archaeologist that hunted them down.

Strange things are happening. what, you ask?


Scorched Earth November 10th, 2015 HK-47 has set his sensors on yet another target and laid a dastardly trap for her.
Easier then the Kessel Run November 5th, 2015 The smuggler Han Solo, performing a run for what ought to be easy credits, finds himself in a dubious situation aboard an abandoned vessel. Here, the Corellian smuggler and his Wookiee companion quickly finds something in common with a Miraluka outcast, a space dragon, a synthetic construct and a living soul in an artificial shell - namely that they have all fallen into the targeting brackets of a cadre of homicidal assassin droids.
Woodvale Trial: Nature's Wrath October 20th, 2015 The Devouring Earth are launching another assault. Can the heroes beat them back?
To Hunt a Spartan October 17th, 2015 A distress signal claiming to be from a crashed UNSC vessel, the Loki, is detected in the Deeper Void, drawing Noble Six and any willing to assist her to the site of a ruined ship... and into the ruthlessly-efficant targeting matrix of HK-47.
Dead World: Earth 119-610-PB September 30th, 2015 Unsynched old content isn't challenging enough.
Operation Databreak September 3rd, 2015 A crack team of Confederates and Syndicates infiltrate a heavily guarded tech company in order to steal their prized AI program.
The Fall of the Triumvirate September 2nd, 2015 Even heroes can die.
The Rumble in the Jungle August 28th, 2015 The Union responds to a newly-unified world, seeking to arrest a notorious arms dealer. The Confederacy also responds, seeking to claim his new "superweapon" for themselves.
Declaration of War August 26th, 2015 The Black Blade Syndicate engages open warfare against the Cyberia Police. Whose side are you on?
Smash and Grab June 3rd, 2015 The Empire managed to seize Juno Eclipse and the Rogue Shadow in the previous night's raid on Sienar Fleet Systems. Now, her allies and friends are determined to get her back.
The Heist June 2nd, 2015 Left with no choice, the crew of the Rogue Shadow must risk a raid against Sienar Fleet Systems, the Imperial shipwright that originally created the ship, and steal the parts that they need to fully repair it.
Tony's 45th Birthday Bash May 29th, 2015 Tony celebrates his 45th birthday in style... in DISNEY WORLD! Karaoke, food, silly gifts and happy guests, what more can a billionaire superhero want?
The Smuggler's Moon April 23rd, 2015 Juno Eclipse takes a few Syndicate folk to Nar Shaddaa to make a few acquisitions.
Threads of Fate: Election Day April 21st, 2015 The climax of the Honnouji Naturals Election! Ryuko and her companions face off against the Elite Four! But, just who is Nui Harime?
MISSION: Ring of Thorns (1) April 20th, 2015 The Starbound Flotilla and their allies pursue an Avian pirate gang, the Ring of Thorns.
And the Crowd Goes Wild April 18th, 2015 The appearance of a new World Raid Boss has the Gatecrashers scrambling to get the kill before other raiding groups can. But the appearance of a dark figure shrouds any victory celebrations with macabre horror.


Title Date Scene Summary
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HK-47 generally appears misanthropic, bordering on sociopathic, to those who encounter him. He enjoys observing -- and often causing -- death and destruction, showing complete disregard for bystanders on more than one occasion. Despite this, HK-47's programming causes the assassin droid to maintain a protocol of professionalism, preventing him from senselessly slaughtering his way to his target, and he in fact holds assassination as a form of artwork with a subtle appreciation for skillful finesse in eliminating his targets -- something that stems from his overdeveloped sense of pride in both himself and his work. HK-47 has a definite sense of pride and considers himself to be superior to all organics and droids except for Revan, who is the only person he seems to truly admire as being better then him -- mostly for, what the droid considers, the "creative atrocities" that Revan performed as a Sith Lord.

The only organics HK-47 displays any obvious respect for are his masters, though he can gain some respect for cruel or manipulative people who have no qualms about being cold-blooded to get what they want. He also admires ambition, though only if it’s kept in check. He is always willing to dispose of anyone who annoys his master and creator, Revan, and always asking eagerly for any such opportunities. HK-47 is a proficient and highly innovative killer, using many varied techniques, most notably when hunting Jedi. He is ruthless and methodical in his killing, and often enjoys a challenge now and again in order to test his skills and push himself -- which is ironically a very human-like response. In fact, while he dislikes humans and detests being compared to them, he does indeed pride himself on being able to comprehend emotions.The droid also has a rather peculiar and perverted idea of the concept of love and affection, which he describes as "making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope." He further mused that love was a matter of odds and found it odd that, although most "meatbags" could not make such a shot, not many would derive a feeling of love from it. As such, this actually makes HK-47 something of a romantic, in that he can genuinely admire it when people take risks on a long-shot for the sake of someone or something they care about, and can be a bit more sympathetic to said risk-takers.

HK-47 has a unique speech trait in which he vocally prefixes every statement he makes with a speech conditional that describes the type of statement that it is. For example, if asking a question, he would first say "Query:" before speaking. This can help people talking with him to accurately predict his intended emotional inflections in a conversation. Due to his appearance, HK-47, as well as his subsequent models, can often be mistaken by many for a protocol droid in spite of the somewhat sinister-looking designs they have. He uses this to his advantage often, hiding his true nature in order to covertly achieve his goals. He is also occasionally quite sardonic with those that serve as his comrades, grimly sarcastic to the point of fatalism in some cases, such as pointing out gaps in their defenses or awareness that he could have exploited to kill them, although his speech trait sometimes limits this -- or makes it too awkward for the gist of his intent to be taken the way it was originally meant to. Making use of such humor when masquerading as a harmless protocol droid is one of HK-47’s favorite methods of annoying his false employers when undercover in enemy territory, as he cannot outright shoot them.

The Jedi Exile briefly installed an HK protocol pacifist package, which gave HK-47 a short-lived appreciation for peace and pacifism and led him to a deeper understanding of his prey. This upgrade had to be removed, however, for the simple reason that the droid found himself horrified at the very thought of causing harm to another being and by the fact that his new behavior disconcerted both the Exile and HK-47 himself after regaining his original personality. As such, HK-47 is capable of more easily understanding human concepts such as love, obsession, greed, anger and remorse, and can even show genuine moments of clarity on these topics, if not in a somewhat abstract matter. He does not necessarily approve of things such as camaraderie or self-sacrifice, but he is capable of understanding the benefits of it or the driving emotions behind why it happens, and while he detests the “stagnation” of peace, he is able to understand, to a degree, why people desire it and the safety it brings to them. He also understands the benefits of teamwork even if he doesn’t enjoy it, and thus tends to refrain from his usual needling or running commentaries when actively working a mission, unless directly asked by someone what he thinks of them. In addition, due to his studies into the Jedi and Sith teachings in order to probe them for weaknesses, HK-47 has an unexpectedly high understanding and comprehension of philosophy from a uniquely logical, impersonal and grounded perceptive. He is able to disseminate a working interpretation of a person’s goals and able to understand them without necessarily finding them to be abstract. It also makes him somewhat more curious about how his “prey” thinks, and when presented with new or socially-abnormal mindsets, HK-47 will often try to learn a bit about them in order to broaden his comprehension of how his targets think -- as well as to satisfy his own idle curiosity about how they work.


HK-47 was constructed by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3960 BBY. In the wake of widespread destruction caused by the Mass Shadow Generator -- a gravitic superweapon used during the final battle of that conflict -- Revan was inspired to seek more subtle methods of defeating his enemies. In lieu of that mindset, HK-47 was created and sent throughout the galaxy on his missions and successfully assassinated countless targets whom Revan had deemed threats to galactic stability and peace -- or at least her own version of it. However, HK-47 was badly crippled and captured on a mission in Mandalorian space shortly before Revan herself was captured by the Jedi Order.

As per protocol with Sith assassin droids prior to going on missions, HK-47's memory core was wiped of all knowledge of his original master. His memory could only be restored upon fulfilling his mission and successfully returning to his master. As he never managed to return to his master, the automatic recall function was never activated, and he couldn’t remember Revan. He went from owner to owner, many of whom he inadvertently slew personally. Eventually, he ended up on the desert planet Tatooine, where he was sold to and unwittingly reunited with Revan, whose memory had been erased following her capture. The droid went on to aid Revan after her return to the Jedi Order in his campaign to find the Star Forge -- an ancient factory that Revan had used during her reign as the Dark Lord of the Sith to fuel her conquest of the Republic. HK-47 gladly stayed beside Revan after she reclaimed the title of Sith Lord, slew the wookiee Zaalbar when he tried to attack Revan in rage, and was also instrumental in the defeat of Revan's former Sith apprentice, Darth Malak, who had since begun utilizing the Star Forge in an attempt to conquer the Galactic Republic. HK-47 stayed as Revan’s personal assassin unit during her continuation of the Republic’s conquest, along with Bastila Shan and Canderous Ordo. HK-47 also accompanied Revan to the edge of the Unknown Regions along with Revan's utility droid, T3-M4, before being left behind in Revan's starship, the Ebon Hawk, as the restored Lord of the Sith journeyed on to face a threat he had remembered from her time after the Mandalorian Wars.

Sometime later, HK-47 left to search for Revan after the leaderless Sith Empire collapsed in the wake of her disappearance, assuming that Bastila Shan -- Revan’s pupil -- died in the chaos. But in his search for Revan, he was damaged, dismembered and left aboard the Ebon Hawk, which eventually ended up in the hands of one of Revan's allies from the Mandalorian Wars -- Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile. During this period, the HK-50 assassin droids, a newer version of HK that the rouge droid G0-T0 had mass-produced, became active in the galaxy, working as bounty hunters and saboteurs. Surik repaired HK-47, who subsequently acknowledged her as his new master and accompanied her in order to find the source of the HK-50s, whose very existence he considered an insult to himself. HK-47 also aided Surik in her search for the Jedi Masters who survived the First Jedi Purge and even advised her on techniques to more efficiently kill Jedi and Dark Jedi so that Surik could better defend herself.

HK-47 eventually succeeded in finding the HK Manufacturing Plant, where the HK-50s were created. There, he convinced the prototype HK-51s to join his and Surik's cause and wipe out the HK-50 line. This action eventually culminated in a final confrontation on Malachor V between HK-47, assisted by the HK-51s, and G0-T0, whose interests conflicted with that of Surik, and the latter droid was destroyed by HK-47. After his time with Surik, HK-47 set out on his own to attempt to find his original master Revan, not knowing that Revan had since been captured by the Sith Empire and was being held prisoner.

Eventually, HK-47 was contacted by Bastila Shan -- whom he had assumed died in the infighting on Korriban -- and after being informed of Revan’s fate and where to find her, the droid joyfully reunited with his Master on Dromund Kaas. From there, HK-47, along with Revan, then-Mandalore Canderous Ordo, Lord Scourge and Bastila joined forces with Surik and her own cadre of Jedi initiates to face the threat Revan had remembered -- the Sith Emperor Vitiate -- and was also informed by Revan of her plan to betray Surik after he deed was done. Surik’s power weakened the Emperor enough for Revan to win, and from there Revan enacted her betrayal with HK-47, Bastila, Scourge and Canderous turning on the Jedi Exile and her comrades on the Sith Lord’s order, although the group ultimately escaped due to the sacrifice of Bao-Dur and the mercy of Canderous. However, Surik returned with Visas Marr in tow to try and stop Revan six months later, resulting in Marr’s death and Surik’s imprisonment when the two were defeated by the Dark Lord of the Sith.

From there, HK-47 not only became Revan’s most relied-upon and trusted agent, but also the commander of the Foundry -- the Rakatan factory-plant that was meant to substitute for the Star Forge, being markedly less dangerous in it’s use then the Forge was. With the Rakatan Foundry fueling Revan’s forces and armies, and HK-47 assassinating many of those who would stand against her, the Jedi Knights are left as the final line of defense against an almost assured decline into darkness.