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In 2525, mankind learned that it wasn't alone in the universe. An religious alliance of aliens known as the Covenant attacked worlds across the width and breadth of human space, killing all in their path and reducing countless worlds to lifeless glass. This war would go on to last some 28 years and cost the lives of billions on both sides. It would take a greater threat in the form of the violent, infectious lifeform known as the Flood, a schism within the Covenant itself and the actions of a single soldier would bring that war to an end. The year is now 2553 and the Human-Covenant War is over, the Ark is destroyed and the Flood have been defeated. Now, both sides human and Sangheili (Elite) seek to rebuild and recover from a conflict that lasted decades and cost untold billions of lives. The surviving Spartans have been folded into the new Spartan branch of the UNSC. For the first time in a generation, humanity looks back to the stars with the desire to expand and explore. Still, threats remain, Covenant loyalists lead by rogue commanders are still scattered among the stars, human Insurrectionists stir on distant colony worlds and the possibility of the Flood still lurking on the surviving Halo installations and other undiscovered Forerunner relics. Voracious for sentient life to infect, a single Flood Infection form has the ability to wipe out whole species, so all sides must remain vigilant in case more lie sleeping. In this new period of hope and danger, humanity once more takes steps out into the unknown stars.