Halo: Reach-1

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In the year 2552, the Covenant were winning the war. Humanity was in retreat in all of their sectors, and worlds were being glassed on a nearly weekly basis. But the humans had Reach. A stronghold world, and the second best defended world, next to Earth. Then the Covenant found it. Humanity was not willing to allow Reach to go down without a fight, as there were secrets on that world, secrets which could not fall into the hands of the enemy.

The Covenant, however, remain an unrelenting force, intent on wiping out humanity to the last man, woman and child. The defenders of Reach are many, but one group stands out above the rest. A team of Spartans will fight to ensure that humanity's primary stronghold will survive. Noble Team's missions during the Fall of Reach were various and dangerous, but the team saw them through to the end, no matter what the cost was.