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Han Solo (Scenesys ID: 814)
"You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."
Full Name: Han Solo
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Star Wars: A Lost Hope-1
Function: Scoundrel
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated ()
Other Information
Physical Age: 30s Actual Age: 35
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Harrison Ford
Height: 1.8 m Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Smuggler. Scoundrel. Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder. There are many ways to describe the Captain of the Millennium Falcon and he answers to all of them. Han Solo is a self-reliant swindler coasting through the Multiverse inside the fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy. Roguishly rude, cocky and possessing a distinctive dry wit Han Solo boasts a big personality to go with his attitude problem and further solidifies his issues with authority. From the time he was found in a spaceport as a child to his legendary movements between the stars, Han Solo has displayed an amazing amount of luck and skill. A career criminal, Solo's mastery of interstellar smuggling is coupled with impressive skill behind the controls of a starship to make him a viable option to those that seek such skills. Accompanied by his Wookiee associate, Chewbacca and armed with a blaster pistol Han Solo dares to defy the odds, and the bounties on his head, while he searches for his next big pay day.



Solo Luck: Han Solo is incredibly lucky and seems to almost always be capable of beating the odds. While Han can't exactly control when and if this luck will kick in it does need Han to take initiative to make sure things head down the right path. it could be coincidence, it could be a latent Force Sensitivity that even Han doesn't know about. Either way, it should be noted that Han's luck does occasionally backfire.

Ambidexterity: Han is naturally ambidextrous and can use both of his hands for various tasks with ease.


Gunslinger: Han Solo is a quick draw specialist with a marksman's eye. Naturally quick reflexes that have been honed by ambidexterity and a life on the edge have given Han some serious skills when it comes to shootin'. Having mastered the technology of his own galaxy, it's safe to say that he could likely figure out and use other styles of firearms if needed.

Scoundrel: Han Solo is a career criminal. With everything from picking pockets and sleight of hand to con artistry and intergalactic smuggling, Han knows the ins and outs of being what is essentially a space criminal. Considering that he's spent the bulk of his life on the wrong side of the law, it can be said that Han has become an expert in these things and can do them ease.

Pilot: Han Solo is a pilot of incredible skill and talent. He's capable of flying almost any spacecraft that he comes into contact with, as long as he can figure out how to start the thing. This doesn't make him a master of all vehicles but it does give him a bit of an edge. His piloting talents extend to other vehicles as well such as swoops and speeder bikes. Being a natural, Han Solo's navigational skills are tightly wound into his piloting skill to make it very difficult for Han to get lost.

Gambling: Han Solo is an expert gambler that has mastered various cheats and tricks and has no qualms about using them to get the win. Games of chance from his own galaxy, such as Sabacc, are handled smoothly with ease. Han's a fast learner when currency is on the line so it is safe to say that he could pick up on other games without too much trouble. It should be noted that Han plays better when there's something on the line that he wants.

Mechanic: Han Solo is a dedicated and skill mechanic. Considering the nature of his galaxy, this extends into the realm of electronics and makes Han capable of dealing with issues that are mechanical or electronic when it comes to starships or other vehicles. His mechanical expertise has been used on locks of varying natures, as well.

Unconventional: Han Solo has taken the art of improvisation and blended it with his natural unpredictability to become quite skilled in working angles and coming up with various ideas right on the spot. He uses his quick wits and whatever's around him to find his way in and out of trouble.

Brawling: Han Solo would much rather solve his problems with his blaster than with his fists but it should be mentioned that he could probably handle himself in a fight. More skilled at haphazardly brawling than having any sort of formal combat training, Han's use of dirty tactics is probably the only real edge he has during unarmed combat situations.

Dishwashing: Han Solo has mastered the art of washing dishes. There's a story behind this. There has to be.


Millennium Falcon: Han Solo is the current owner of the Millennium Falcon, a sixty year-old, heavily modified YT-1300 Light Freighter. It is one of the fastest ships in the far away galaxy due to being equipped with a hyperdrive rated twice as fast as that installed in most Imperial ships and a top of the line navicomputer. In addition to the standard, spacious cargo holds, the Falcon has concealed smuggler holds as well. Lightly armed and illegally modified for smuggling purposes, the Falcon is often considered to be the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. (PL 27)

Contacts: Han Solo has a wide network of underworld contacts in the far away galaxy which he has already started supplementing across the Multiverse.

Blaster: Han Solo's weapon of choice is the BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Illegally modified, of course, this sidearm is both reliable and accurate.


Chewbacca: Chewbacca, or Chewie as he is often called, is Han Solo's lifelong companion. Chewbacca is a towering Wookiee with the strength to match. Brute strength just being one of the more physical traits that describes Chewie, there are other things that he's capable of, as well. As the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca is very knowledgeable in the operation of starships and astronavigation. He's also a very capable mechanic and engineer, as he assists Han with modifications and maintenance on their ship.

In terms of combat, Chewbacca is a beast and a warrior. His hand-to-hand combat skills are top notch. He can fight with his bare hands or with melee weaponry of a tribal nature with ease. He's also pretty well versed with weaponry, his weapon of choice and expertise being the esteemed Bowcaster.

Chewbacca's vocal range is limited to various growls and grunts as he can speak nothing but the language of his species: Shryiiwook. (PL 30)


Most Wanted: Han Solo is a career criminal. With that being said, he's also an infamous smuggler that owes quite a few beings in the galaxy. Those debts that he needs to pay have even created some hefty bounties on his head. Basically, Han Solo has a few things always floating over his head at almost all times that makes it difficult for him to just exist. Lurking around almost every corner, or in booths of random bars, is likely a bounty hunter or an officer of authority that's aiming to take Solo in for his crimes. Whether anyone takes a stab at collecting on Han's head is somewhat irrelevant due to the fact that having to always be on the run can make the smuggler a little untrusting and slightly paranoid. It's not as carefree of a life as it may seem.

Never Tell Him The Odds: Perhaps the opposite of Solo's Luck, Han Solo suffers from cliches in this form. Whenever he "gets a bad feeling about this" or someone tells him the odds, things don't particularly go his way. This sort of thing tends to work out in a "jinx" kind of way that has more to do with shaking Han's overconfidence and opens the door for him to make mistakes he normally wouldn't make.

Overconfidence: Han Solo has a bit of an ego problem. This tends to make it easy to goad him into challenges or competitions that he normally might not involve himself in. Pushing his buttons is kind of easy to do, considering that he's not the most secretive with his emotions. It's pretty easy to talk or walk Han right into a situation that he's not prepared for by playing to or against his emotions.

Millennium Falcon: Han Solo cares an incredible amount about his ship, the Millennium Falcon. Han doesn't particularly like to let anyone under her hood, including Chewbacca. Threatening his ship or doing damage to it could put Han in a very defensive mood and position. He tends to become somewhat blinded when it comes to this. This is definitely a key element to getting under Han's skin.

His Past: Han Solo has done a lot of things to a lot of beings and the Multiverse may open up a few doors that he wasn't prepared to open. When you have a past as full of bad decisions as Han, the chances of things coming back to haunt you is pretty high. At any point, on any given day, Han's life could get turned upside down by something he long since repressed or forgot via selective amnesia.






Title Date Scene Summary
Smuggle Me This August 1st, 2016 When Transporting Undisclosed Cargo Goes Wrong...
Easier then the Kessel Run November 5th, 2015 The smuggler Han Solo, performing a run for what ought to be easy credits, finds himself in a dubious situation aboard an abandoned vessel. Here, the Corellian smuggler and his Wookiee companion quickly finds something in common with a Miraluka outcast, a space dragon, a synthetic construct and a living soul in an artificial shell - namely that they have all fallen into the targeting brackets of a cadre of homicidal assassin droids.
Welcome To the Jungle June 16th, 2015 While haggling for parts in Port Pixelito, Juno Eclipse comes across a somewhat familiar face...
Shots First June 12th, 2015 Spacers of various sorts and others gather at the Bar and Grill. The arcade is a central focus where Chewbacca plays (and damages) Space Invaders and Groot competes on Dance Dance Revolution with Kotone Yamakawa.


Title Date Scene Summary
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