Handsome Jack (Dropped)

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Handsome Jack (Scenesys ID: -1)
"It's cute that y'all think you're the heroes of this little adventure, but you're not. Welcome to Pandora, kiddos."
Full Name: John???
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Borderlands 2-1R
Function: President of Hyperion
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A-Ally)
Groups: Zero Point
Other Information
Physical Age: 30's Actual Age: 30's
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Dameon Clarke
Height: 5'1" Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Brown, Some Grey Eye Color: Right: Blue, Left: Green
Theme Song:


"Handsome Jack" as he calls himself is the president of Hyperion, the man who used the company's resources to nearly conquer and strip-mine Pandora, a ruthless and unfriendly hellhole of a planet. Bringing men and machine to extract Eridium from the ground, damaging the ecosystem beyond repair, Jack seems to have a hidden agenda, personally working to have every last Vault Hunter killed before they can wander around the planet; not to mention that he claimed public credit for the work of the Vault Hunters who found and opened the first Vault and killed The Destroyer. Full of himself, a chronic liar with very little empathy and absolutely no shame, not to mention a manipulating bastard even on his better days, Jack is a dictator, a control freak who loves mocking his opponents, and quite a backstabber at that. He'll step on anyone and anything to reach his goal and no deed is too twisted for the man. As president of Hyperion, the resources at Jack's disposal are varied and vast, from simple soldiers to advanced war machines sporting only the best weaponry Hyperion can produce.









  • UNINVOLVED: While Handsome Jack was at first personally involved in many matters on Pandora, over time he began leaving all the work to his robotic drones while he enjoyed his wealth to the fullest. Predictably, this means that the man rarely deploys the kind of force needed to stop his opponents, and himself doesn't tend to make an appearance on the battlefield a whole lot.
  • SLAG INSTABILITY: Monsters, humans and what have you that undergo a mutation through Slag become extremely violent and unpredictable, especially due to the nature of their new powers and the increase in size. This makes them impractical to keep for very long, and it makes them nearly impossible to retrieve once defeated. Such creatures are left for dead when this happens.
  • THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK: For whatever reason, Handsome Jack is never seen without the partial mask clipped on his face. Only a few people have had the privilege of seeing what's underneath, and most of them are dead. To preserve his reputation (and namesake), he would sooner retreat than fight without the mask, and will adamantly refuse to remove it for any reason whatsoever.
  • THE GUARDIAN ANGEL: This rogue A.I. seems to strongly oppose Handsome Jack, or for that matter, anyone attempting to claim The Vault for selfish reasons. This means that whenever he's up to no good, there's a chance Angel will be watching, and will be ready to supply the so-called heroes with help.
  • BAD MEMORIES: Don't talk about Handsome Jack's wife unless you want to help him figure out the difference between choking and strangulation.


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Eridium is a rare mineral found almost exclusively on Pandora (as far as anyone knows anyway), which Hyperion has put on lockdown in order to excavate it all. It comes in the form of unrefined ore or refined ingots (also called bars). It has the following properties:

  • Whenever any enemy is killed on Pandora, or one of Handsome Jack's minions is killed, roll 1d10. On a 10, you find an ingot of Eridium. Bosses always drop one. All rolls must be made in Handsome Jack's player's presence.
  • Eridium is a very potent power source if used correctly.
  • Eridium can be consumed by Sirens or, exceptionally, other powerful psychics, for a temporary power boost. (No PL increase, just flavor.)
  • Eridium can be used to convert physical ammo into blasts or beams of energy when used to power guns. These weapons are referred to as "E-Tech".
  • Eridium is worth its weight in gold and then some.
  • Refining Eridium creates an extreme amount of waste material known as Slag. This purple, toxic liquid needs to be disposed of properly, or else it mutates the wildlife and damages the land severely.


New-U Stations are the peak of Hyperion technology. Active on Pandora and on any other Hyperion-sanctioned planet or ship, these stations digitally reconstruct the body and mind of someone authorized to use them should they happen to have an "accident". There are a few constraints, however:

  • First and foremost, New-U Stations only work if you die on a planet where the system is in place. This ADMIN-LOCKED INFO FILE contains the list of planets, kingdoms, cities or regions where the system is available. List: Pandora. Un-named background, unimportant planets in the setting.
  • Elites with wildly inhuman physiologies or powers may not be compatible with New-U Stations at all, and they generally work best on inhabitants of the Borderlands themelistings. Admins reserve the right to grant or deny New-U access to non-cast members on a case by case basis.
  • New-U Stations are extremely expensive to maintain and run, and victims are required to pass a credit check to benefit from the reconstruction.
  • New-U Stations cannot reconstruct someone who hasn't been killed, as they operate by quantum-physically yanking the soul of the recently dead and shoving it into a brand new body. No death, no soul to yank, no new body.
  • In the event a New-U Station were hacked and used to construct a body without a soul to go into it, the body would be mindless, powerless, and extremely frail no matter who it is based on.
  • New-U Stations operate using a database maintained by Handsome Jack himself, meaning he can grant or deny access to it at will.
  • New-U Stations can be hacked to grant or deny access to people, making them a very unreliable and easily countered form of immortality.
  • Use of a New-U Station incurs a full healing cooldown.Dropped