Haru (Dropped)

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Haru (Scenesys ID: 143)
"The only way I can feel close to my father now is to practice my bending. He taught me everything I know."
Full Name: Haru
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) AtLA-1
Function: Earthbender
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Michael Dow
Height: 5'7" Weight: ~140 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Light Green
Theme Song:


Originally born in small mining village near the Mo Ce Sea shoreline, Haru's life took a turn for the worse when the Fire Nation occupied his village when he was eleven, and took over its coal mines. All the earthbenders who had tried to defend the village, including Haru's father, were arrested and taken to an offshore prison rig. His mother raised him, and Haru practiced his earthbending in secret... until an encounter with Aang, Sokka, and Katara led to Haru himself arrested as well. With the villagers' broken wills after five years of oppression, he seemed doomed to rot there. But thanks to "Team Avatar", the people got their fighting spirit back and freed themselves, eventually driving the Fire Nation out of their village. Haru is an earthbender, capable of calling the earth to his bidding with certain "forms"; he prefers the Crane form, since that's the one his father taught him. Level-headed and calm ordinarily, he does tend to panic when his hand is forced. Bending in general tends to suffer from a glaring weakness: when bound or otherwise rendered unable to move, Haru finds it more difficult to bend his chosen element. And Earthbenders in particular tend to emulate their elements not only in stability but in stubbornness. Now that things are back to normal in his village, Haru is as curious as ever, and wonders about this "Multiverse" that he's heard whispers of, beyond the boundaries of his world...










Dependent on Earth: They call it EARTHbending for a reason. Haru is powerless without a source of earth nearby ... clay, mud, dirt, rock, or some other earth-derived material. He is unable to bend wood or metal, and if these substances are all that's around him, he's going to be without his earthbending abilities. These two substances can also be used to restrain him, since he cannot bend them.

Hands And Movement: Haru's particular earthbending style relies much on his hands for the forms to channel qi into the movement of earth. Even the non-bending martial arts side of the style he uses concentrates on strong hand techniques, so if his hands are disabled, Haru cannot earthbend. His earthbending also requires that he move in the specific forms of his style, so if he's bound, he cannot earthbend either (this is a weakness he shares with a great many other benders of other elements, too).

Stubborn: There's a certain amount of bullheadedness that any earthbender has to have. Once an earthbender's made up his or her mind, it's EXTREMELY difficult to change it. Earthbenders figuratively become the "immovable objects" that their earthbending tries to emulate. This can prove to be a huge disadvantage when he's convinced a cause is hopeless. Because while it's near impossible to stop him once he's got his mind set on a course of action, it's also just as hard to get him to act when he feels like it'll do no good. Which can lead him to leave friends in danger if he doesn't think he can help.

Deliberate: Earth is a slow, careful medium, and its practitioners tend to emulate their element. Haru's ability to make good decisions suffers if he can't think on his options beforehand. This may cause him to appear indecisive and/or weak because of this inability to decide quickly on a course of action.


Title Date Scene Summary
This Wardrobe Is a Menace! November 25th, 2014 Thranduil learns that some fashion choices are very, very bad for fighting zombies. Thankfully Haru is there to run interference.
Not Of This Multiverse October 10th, 2014 Welcome to the Multiverse, Dragon Emperor. Its going to be a rough ride.
Yar-Har-Fiddle-De-De September 9th, 2014 Xau'ra introduces the lot of adventurers to Limsa Lominsa
Mysterious Assailant August 26th, 2014 The Union investigates the attack on Nanoha's mother. Nanoha, and her Confederate allies, investigate as well.
A little sun and sand and hopefully no lectures. August 16th, 2014 Impromptu ICE CREAM PARTY at Tony's.... and he didn't get any.
A Little Sun and Sand and Hopefully No Lectures August 16th, 2014 Impromptu ICE CREAM PARTY at Tony's.... and he didn't get any.
Mu - Reforge August 13th, 2014 It is time to end it. A group of Unionites set out to the shrine in the Earth Kingdom, their aim? Restore their friend and subdue a hungry spirit who threatens to consume her.
Mu - Horrors of the Heart August 11th, 2014 With the location of the shrine secured, the Unionites head out in order to do what they can in order to return Toph to her normal self.
Mu - Sins of the Fathers August 7th, 2014 Following a lead Haru found, the rest of the people concerned for Toph head to a remote Earth Kingdom village in order to find out just what has happened to the young earthbending master.
Sandbending 101 July 16th, 2014 It's time for Haru to learn further from his strict master, and Toph has a special introductory lesson for sandbending planned. Meanwhile, Tony observes some of this while he is working.
The Kinslayer July 13th, 2014 A distress call goes out over the broadband about a ship being attacked near the Space Ways. This attacker must either be very brave or very foolish.
CAT-4:Insurrector July 6th, 2014 Category-4 Kaiju 'Insurrector' launches an attack on Los Angeles. Striker Eureka and Union forces are sent to bring it down - however, Lute has other ideas!
A Mage, An Earthbender, And A Dragon Walk Into A Bar... June 30th, 2014 Pretty much exactly what the title says. Hijinks ensue.


Title Date Scene Summary
Spirits, Dolls, Cabbages and Kings (Haru) August 8th, 2014 While unable to locate the shrine that may hold the key to returning Toph to normal, Haru does the only thing he can think of... make tribute to a spirit.



Toph Beifong: In Haru's mind, undoubtedly the greatest earthbender that ever lived. Who else can metalbend, after all? She's been educating him in the ways of earthbending, since Haru himself leans more towards the "crane" of Tiger and Crane stance. For this reason, Toph has taken to calling him "Birdie".


None Yet


Thranduil: Haru's... not exactly sure what to think about this guy. He's kinda rude. But then, he's also a king, and all he's noticed from people in power is corruption. At least he's not as bad as the Fire Nation. And Haru hopes he's all right!


  • "Haru" in Japanese means the season "spring" (春), which correlates with spring being the dominant season for earthbenders.
  • Several stories exist surrounding the origin of Haru's mustache. One states that a bored artist scribbled it on a storyboard; another states that Michael DiMartino did so, and then forgot to remove it when the storyboard was given to the animators.