Hastur (Dropped)

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Hastur (Scenesys ID: 176)
"And now I give you the gift of insight and inspiration."
Full Name: The Unspeakable One; Him Who Is Not to be Named; Assatur; Xastur; H'aaztre; Kaiwan
Gender: Female (?)
Species: Great Old One
Theme: (OFC) Cthulhu Mythos-1R
Function: The King In Yellow
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (5-Lookout)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: 30 Actual Age: Billions of years
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Laura Bailey
Height: 5'10" Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Lavender Eye Color: Crimson
Theme Song:


Hastur, the Great Old One known as the King in Yellow and the Last King of the cursed city of Carcosa. His summoning ceremony to bring him out of his exile in Carcosa was interrupted at the last moment by a paranormal investigator, binding him to the investigator and in the process locking him into the form of a human woman and sealing off much of his (or now her) power. She still has her own cult fully under control thanks to the power of the Yellow Sign, and her personal minions, the Byakhee, serve her unquestioningly. She is a lover of art of any kind, and actively seeks out literature, music, paintings, and performances of other worlds and cultures to broaden her knowledge of the field. In general she is surprisingly friendly and outgoing, but she has no personal connection to the world around her and views it all as an elaborate show for her enjoyment, open for her to watch, twist, manipulate, or destroy as it suits her. She has a deep-seated hatred for her half-brother, Cthulhu, and many of the other Great Old Ones due to their exile of her for thousands of years, and she is perfectly willing to aid in their downfall. Though not always directly, because that wouldn't be as interesting.










THE ELDER SIGN: Just as with all supernatural beings from her universe, Hastur is repelled by any object with the Elder Sign drawn on it. If the symbol touches her, it will severely weaken her for as long as it remains in contact. The Byakhee also fall under these effects from the sign.

INCOMPREHENSIBLE: While Hastur is one of the more 'human' Great Old Ones, her mind is still something beyond that of a normal human. As such, it can be very difficult to understand her concept of logic or reasoning, and she can often get frustrated trying to explain what she perceives as simple concepts. Because of this, it can be hard to engage in normal conversation with her, and it's very likely that she can unintentionally terrify, offend, or irritate her conversational partners due to a clash of knowledge.

BONDAGE: Due to her interrupted summoning ceremony, Hastur is locked in her current form, and much of her power is sealed off. She still has a great deal of it left over, but not enough to completely prevent the possibility of being defeated by mortals.

THE YELLOW SIGN: Unfortunately, to be effective in giving Hastur control over someone, the Yellow Sign has to be almost perfectly represented and remain in contact with that person somehow. If it is distorted or misrepresented in any way, such as erasing parts of a drawing of it, the power Hastur has over whoever it affects will be completely removed. Her usual way of manipulating people, therefore, is to have them wear a medallion with the Yellow Sign engraved on it, but if they simply don't wear that medallion then they will be completely out of her control.


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