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Hata no Kokoro (Scenesys ID: 654)
"All the world's a stage, and you reeaaalllly make me wanna break out the tomatoes."
Full Name: Hata no Kokoro
Gender: Female
Species: Menreiki
Theme: (FC) Touhou-1
Function: The Masked Deadpan
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Young! Actual Age: Uuuhh~. Young-ish?
Still Aging? Nope. Voice Actor: Ryo Hirohashi
Height: Runt. :< Weight: Youkai! Swish swish~.
Hair Color: Pink. Eye Color: Vacant silver.
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZOnG5vAj60


In any other world, the story of a mask begins and ends with the occasion it is worn for. In Gensokyo, though, things are never quite so simple. Hata no Kokoro is the phantasmal essence of sixty six facades that were created for use in classical Japanese plays. As they were left to rest in displays and storerooms, each gradually developed their own consciousness, all of which eventually coalesced to become a single entity. Having been born from all these different experiences, thoughts, and feelings, Kokoro has a very loose concept of self and an even more acute inhibition with regards to emotional expression; she has rightly been described by others as a 'poker face' in reference to how little she typically allows her feelings to show. Perhaps it's ironic, then, that her chief capability lies in empathizing with others and, at times, manipulating the very things she so seldom demonstrates on her own countenance. Though this could be a destructive power if used improperly, it is usually kept in check by Kokoro's own carefree, childish disposition and her propensity to act in ways that diminish others' pain. Still, this doesn't keep her from having goals of her own: to learn how to express her feelings without the aid of her masks, and to explore the Multiverse that has recently made itself known.










YOUKAI: Youkai are typically feared and hated by humans in Kokoro's world, and should she be recognized as one in any variant of Gensokyo aside from her own, it is extremely unlikely that she would be accepted or trusted in the least. Not only this, but Youkai are extremely sensitive to the superstition of people in the world they are visiting. While this could be a boon in a rustic realm or a world where spirits are prevalent, Kokoro would be weakened severely in a purely secular, scientific universe. Likewise, her powers may have less impact on people who are personally atheistic, and she would not be able to survive at all if forced to remain in a world devoid of faith for a prolonged period.

DISHEARTENING: Kokoro literally cannot express a certain emotion without having the associated mask. In cases where a situation prompts a feeling she cannot respond with, this will often elicit a response of extreme internal distress. Sometimes merely lacking the mask will make her feel 'incomplete' and similarly restless until she again has it in her immediate possession, and in many such cases her overall behavior will become either erratic, violent, or both.

POKER FACE: Expressionlessness has its benefits and its drawbacks. In this case, Kokoro is as likely to be misunderstood by her friends as she is capable of concealing her emotions from foes, and can generally be a fairly awkward person to talk to. She also has a tendency to come off as either callous or overly serious where, in reality, she may care very much or be far more lax than she lets on.

BRAIN DRAIN: Particularly when absorbing negative feelings such as anger or fear, Kokoro can suffer considerably for her attempts to take emotions from others. For example, if she were to absorb the sadness of a friend, she might become despondent until those feelings should naturally run their course and leave her.

WEAK SELF CONCEPT: As might be expected of a being whose consciousness spawned from a large collection of masks, Kokoro is almost comically out of touch with her individual feelings, thoughts, and opinions. It is much more common for her to attach herself to the powerful convictions of others and support them for no philosophically reasoned purpose of her own than it is for her to so much as express a preference for the taste of a certain food over another. While she often has such feelings hidden away somewhere beyond her own awareness, it would take some doing to help her recognize them. The only time she is likely to express an opinion is when a person has done something to make her exceptionally distressed or happy that even she cannot manage to ignore.

KIDDISH: Extremely, in spite of appearances. Though Kokoro can often predict the ramifications of her actions, it's exceedingly rare that she will place any especial philosophical weight to circumstances in the way others do. This can make her a bit more capricious and carefree in general, though she is still extremely sensitive to situations that make people unduly sad or stressed, and will typically respond in a morally correct manner due to her emotional sensitivity. Still, she will sometimes make light of situations others may perceive as morbid or otherwise not conduct herself in the most 'mature' manner.

WAYWARD MASKS: When Kokoro's masks get away from her, they have a nasty tendency to get into trouble on their own. This could be something as benign as stealing an apple from a store stall or as phenomenally horrible as one of them disrupting the sleep of an extremely powerful monster, but in every case the repercussions usually come back to haunt Kokoro.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Trip In The Forest February 26th, 2015 Psyber takes some of his employees to find and recruit a phoenix.
Who Doesn't Love Fashion January 31st, 2015 Tomoyo has to dress up 65 masks, a task that is easier than it sounds!
The Ascent January 21st, 2015 Helgen is overrun by an undead army preparing to assault Skyrim. Heroes answer the call, and come face to face with the Lich King's greatest creation: Sindragosa, Queen of the Frostbrood.
The Mount Anthor Mystery January 8th, 2015 Rumors lead adventurers to Skyrim's Mount Anthor, where it is said unusual undead have awoken to cause havoc. They find a trapped dragon, and the realization that this incident may be part of something bigger.
Winter in the Village December 22nd, 2014 A play is held in Gensokyo to herald the coming of the New Year, and Hata no Kokoro is (re)introduced to the Multiverse!

Her friend, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, likewise returns after a long absence to poke fun at the several guests.

Miraculously, neither Sanae nor Faruja pass out religious pamphlets for the duration! Yaaay~


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.

The Noh

As was stated in her profile, Kokoro's masks are based on the Japanese Noh that were -- and still are -- used in plays that have been performed for centuries. Though Kokoro will typically only use those mentioned in her assets in scenes, there may be instances in which some of the other 66 are used in social or other situations of low-action. In those instances, the following resource is used for reference regarding what emotion/reaction each mask represents, and how they might behave if they were to be spoofed:


For visual references of her more prevalent masks, see Kokoro's +desc on the MUSH.


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