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The year is 2002. At the turn of the millenium, over two million people in London were killed by the raging vampire now known only as 'Incognito'.

In the aftermath of the devastation, the Hellsing Organization reformulated its activities and aims. Sir Integra Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing seized control of the Order of Protestant Knights, and made their existence - and their mission - public to the world. With the government mostly dead or reeling, she seized control of the country, and instituted martial law. An act which saw Walter Dornez leave her in shame.

Now, the government has been restored, peace has been restored, but the Hellsing Organization maintains practical control. Martial law and strict curfews have seen the vampire menace mostly eradicated from the nation, but there is discontent. The near-fascist rule that Integra presides over has seen civil liberties curtailed and public dissent crushed. A Resistance has formed. Headed by a man who calls himself Alucard, after the vampire of old who so frustrated Integra's ancestors...

But Integra's grip will not weaken; how can it, when she has seen the result of weakness first hand? So one must ask, who is the monster... the vampire hunted so cruelly? Or the one who does the hunting?

(This is Hellsing but radically altered! The Hellsing Family never found Alucard, who is presumably living it up in Transylvania. Walter has taken the name and uses it to infuriate Integra and try to provoke the real Alucard into showing himself. Seras is a Commander in Hellsing and a far colder, far more bitter woman after nearly dying in Cheddar Village. Other FCs are also available for adaptation, primarily based on the OVA, and bearing in mind that almost all the vampires are, well, very dead.)