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Higeki (Scenesys ID: 797)
"All legends come to an end. I am merely the pen that commits the tale to history."
Full Name: Higeki no Ken
Gender: Neuter
Species: Cursed Artifact
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Sword of Tragedy
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: --
Other Information
Physical Age: Unclear Actual Age: 700+
Still Aging? Unclear Voice Actor: --
Height: 110cm Weight: 3kg
Hair Color: -- Eye Color: --
Theme Song: Crimson Helm, Begone!


A weapon forged from the body of an ancient evil, originally for the purpose of slaying evil. The Higeki no Ken, or "Sword of Tragedy" is a sentient magical artifact corrupted by decades of use as a tool for slaughter. Higeki itself is a very calm, patient individual with a desire to forge epic tales involving the people who decide to use it. However, it is also a malevolent and unsympathetic being that sees its wielders as mere tools, a means to an end. It grants its wielders mystical abilities and superhuman strength to achieve that end, all empowered by its own thirst for blood. The very act of drawing the sword can spread a hate-filled miasma that lingers for days. As an artifact of almost pure evil, the Higeki no Ken can be weakened by divine and sealing arts, and those of extraordinary resolve may overpower its influence to wield it without consequence. It is said that, long ago, the Sword of Tragedy was once a shining beacon of protection. Now, that beacon conceals a yawning chasm, drawing the unaware into unspeakable tragedy.










STAINED SPIRIT: Higeki is undeniably a thing of evil. Divine powers, prayers, exorcisms, and sealing magic are all extremely painful for the sword and, to a lesser extent, its wielder. The effects of divine magic on its wielder are proportional to how corrupted the wielder has become. Higeki also cannot spread its enmity across blessed ground or within divinely protected structures. Exorcism and purification of the land can also be used to clear the hateful miasma if it's already been spread, which takes more effort or time the longer Higeki was present to produce it.

BLOOD BINGE: The cursed sword's power feeds on blood. The more blood consumed by Higeki, the stronger it becomes and the more effective its attacks become. However, if its foe does not have any blood or is somehow able to prevent the sword from feeding, it is unable to scale up its abilities in this fashion until it finds a source.

ENCROACHING EYES: If Higeki's Wielder is slain, arrested, or otherwise ceases to be useful, it will abandon them. It is usually able to simply wisk itself away, but cannot do this if it is the subject of anyone's attention. This includes being looked at, being held, or even being monitored through a live camera feed. It must either wait or find a way to break this attention in order to disappear and search for a new host.

DISARMED DEPOWERMENT: Higeki's wielder is granted all of their power and abilities through their connection with Higeki itself. If the wielder is separated from the weapon, most notably the scabbard, they lose these powers over just a few moments and become incredibly vulnerable until they can get the weapon back.

WILLFUL WIELDER: Higeki can only exert its influence over those of weak will, which excludes any Elite-status characters. It is able to sense if it can or cannot manipulate someone, and in cases where it knows it cannot, it will refuse to leave the scabbard or channel any of its power if somehow forced out. To the willful, Higeki appears to be a simple sword, possibly rusted into its sheath.

WRETCHED RESOLVE: While Higeki will remain dormant for those who have sufficient will to resist its manipulations, its own ability can be forced back on it by one of especially strong will even among Elites. This exceptional resolve can be used to force Higeki not only to be drawn, but even channel its supernatural powers. Such a person will not be given any of Higeki's Gifts, but can still utilize its other powers. If forcibly wielded in this fashion, Higeki does not spread its hateful miasma. Higeki absolutely hates these situations and will take the first opportunity it gets to wisk itself away.


Title Date Scene Summary
Declaration of War August 26th, 2015 The Black Blade Syndicate engages open warfare against the Cyberia Police. Whose side are you on?
Gang Warfare June 14th, 2015 A gang war breaks out between Las Locos and the Black Blade Syndicate in Cyberia, and a familiar sword resurfaces
A Miko in Halloween Town June 4th, 2015 The first multiversal wielder of Higeki follows her instincts to Fall, on a mission to slay monsters.


Title Date Scene Summary
Corporate Ascension (Higeki) June 4th, 2015 The dawn of a new age for the Britaine Corporation starts with a younger, more ruthless CEO.
Another Legend (Higeki) May 27th, 2015 The lonely shrine maiden of the Korimara Forest Shrine seeks revenge against demons who attacked her family years ago. She finds that revenge in the ruins of the abandoned shrine.


  • Name: Rachel "Chell" Britaine
    • Occupation: Teenaged Tycoon
    • Compatability: Moderate-High
    • Notes: The only daughter of her family, owners of a major corporation in her own world. Spoiled by luxury and inherently cruel, her first act with Higeki was to kill her father and take control of his company. Compared to most corporate presidents she has a much more hands-on approach, and runs the Britaine Corporation more like a criminal organization.
    • Fate: June 4, 2015 - Present -- Current wielder of Higeki
  • Name: Korimara Saeko
    • Occupation: Shrine Maiden
    • Compatability: Low-Moderate
    • Notes: A shrine maiden native to Azuma. Prior to picking up Higeki, she tended the Korimara Forest Shrine at the foot of Suzaku. Motivated by a desire for revenge against monsters for destroying her family as a child.
    • Fate: May 27, 2015 - June 4, 2015 -- Defeated and Redeemed by Bahamut, currently alive