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Himei (Scenesys ID: 331)
"I want to live!"
Full Name: Himei Shoutan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Sailor Nothing-1
Function: Magical Girl
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevalier)
Groups: Heaven or Hell, and Mobile Section Six
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Eliza Dushku
Height: 5'1" Weight: 112 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song: "Hero" by Superchick


Shoutan Himei is basically just a normal High School girl. She is also a /former/ Sailor Salvation, who was charged with defeating Yamiko( basically, magically-spawned evil twins of humans) when they appeared. She lost her job, but not her powers, due to a loss of control during a battle. Sailors in Himei's universe usually work alone, and it's an extremely high-stress job where she sees a lot of unsavory things. This has lead her to hate doing the task, but she still feels compelled to fight, because she just doesn't want to see people hurt. She's a very mopey, quiet, withdrawn girl, but she has a basically good heart. With her title stripped, her Sailor identity changed as well. Since she felt like it was purposeless, her Sailor identity became 'Sailor Nothing,' but with the defeat of the Dark Queen, she has realized that Hope is far more important than nihilism, and has taken up the mantle of Sailor Hope, struggling to reconcile her desire to bring hope to the Multiverse with her still-present jadedness.










Transformation: Without Transforming into Sailor Hope, Himei is a normal, petite teenage girl, albeit one who has a wiry strength and an unnatural amount of experience with fighting. If prevented from transforming somehow, she has no access to magical attacks or Empowerment. This is also required for her Disguise Field.

Magical Locket: The source of Himei's Transformation and related powers comes from an enchanted locket, which is a soft white color normally, but turns to a clear crystal when transformed. She cannot transform without it, but her actual power comes from herself, so the power cannot be stolen... although her transformation will be prevented if she does not have the locket.

Dusty: Dusty is a psychological anchor to Himei, and she is very protective of him. While holding him hostage is a bad idea, since she'll put all her power into stopping the villain who does so, threatening him can also be a fairly reliable way of controlling her.

Tamehito: While Tamehito is rarely present, when he is present he is Himei's soul, externalized. Killing him is as simple as killing a bird, and will instantly kill Himei.

Empowerment: Using her most powerful mode of Empowerment (the Aura Flare) is enormously draining. While she can usually finish the fight before collapsing, recovery times after using the Aura Flare are lengthened by one day. In addition, only supernatural evil qualifies: vampires, Abyssal Exalts, demon-empowered sorts, etc. Her magical attacks and her Aura Flare do not work against creatures that are not somehow evil by nature or powered by an evil force, even if the creature itself is 'evil' in intent or demeanor.

Tainted Aura: Even though Himei herself may not be evil, the lingering exposure from her time in Malfeas has settled into her body and soul. Himei will often seem like an 'evil being' when powers that can detect such things are used upon her, though she is in no way more vulnerable to Holy or anti-evil powers.

Infernal Monster: When using Infernal Monster Style to its fullest extent, Himei is unable to focus her powers into holy-aligned attacks, and is in fact vulnerable to certain holy effects. In addition, some supernatural detection abilities will be able to find her easily, though the readings they give will indicate 'extreme danger.' This makes using the ability at full power a risky venture.

  • Scar of the Hope-Bringer: A mark laid on all of those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor, Viridian Sunrise, in the year A.U. 20, and greatly assisted in the renewal of Earth-766 in A.U. 21. It takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark with a portion cut out of it that makes it appear similar to a rising sun. The tremendous act of a universe's renewal has dimmed it, and in turn dimmed the knowledge and memories of those who died in Annu.
The scar, while faded, cannot be removed even with total obliteration and regeneration of the subject. It still bestows a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's campaign, but those memories are less fresh and insistent. If the Scar of the World Slayer is an open wound, the Scar of the Hope-Bringer has begun to scab over.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Punishing Typhoon April 12th, 2017 A factory for making slave workers is being assaulted by a strange new heroine. Ish.
On the History of the Multiverse April 5th, 2015 Nathan Hall expounds on some Multiversal history to interested listeners.
Broken Bird March 30th, 2015 A small group of people try to heal Wrathborn.
Finish the Fight March 29th, 2015 The Union and Confederacy make a push to finally seal the Lord of Cowardice for good.
The Persistence of Fate March 13th, 2015 The group encounters a witch on the newly-unified Madoka's world and makes first contact with the puella magi of Higurekawa.
Totally Mundane Meeting March 6th, 2015 The Union and the Confederates operating on Terra Majora begin a tentative alliance.
New Blood: The Secret of Eveningstar March 1st, 2015 A Shajem has been found under Eveningstar. Binding it proves to be complicated.
Reunion March 1st, 2015 Four years in the making.
Secret Dream: Genesis February 23rd, 2015 Opening the Gate in Elliana's dreamscape, it turns out to instead be Wrathborn's memories.
Final Dream: Abandonment February 22nd, 2015 Delving into an empty temple in Elliana's nightmares, the group finds a hidden nightmare.
Penultimate Dream: City of Sorrow February 19th, 2015 Visiting Elliana's nightmares again, a small group investigates her early life in Heaven's Victory
Vegeta Dates The Multiverse February 18th, 2015 Vegeta goes on a date with a bunch of people!
The Third Dream January 13th, 2015 For the third time, the Union dives into Fairchild's dreams.
Maelstrom: Tower of Babel November 17th, 2014 Sir Gawain and a few allies go to help with what seems to be just a day off doing construction for Caster of White's Wardenclyffe Tower, when Berserker of White and his Master make an unexpected visit.
NODE: City of Cycles - First Contact November 2nd, 2014 Users explore Homura's Node for the first time, a mirror of Mitakihara.
Halloween 2014 October 31st, 2014 Once again, nothing happens in Boston worth noting.
Don't You Wish You Had A Banana September 25th, 2014 The Confederacy and the Union both respond to incidents in Uminari... and discover things are more dire than they thought
NODE: Kingdom of Wright - The Wright Stuff July 27th, 2014 Ariel and her friends make their way into Ariel's Node to confront Hazel.
NODE: City of Cycles - Creation July 25th, 2014 Homura's node is created, under the safe eye of many friends.
New Blood: The Second Dream July 21st, 2014 The second dive into Elliana's dreams relives one of her worst memories.
New Blood: The First Dream July 3rd, 2014 Uncertain of Elliana's motivations, the Union organizes another foray into her dreams. Elliana sends Mordred with them to safeguard her secrets.
NODE: Sea of Life - The Hunt for Pures June 17th, 2014 Eleanor Lamb and a swath of Heaven or Hell invaded Eleanor's Abstractum Node to fight and defeat the Pure, Allan Bishop.
End of an Age: Awakenings February 18th, 2013 The Union hears of an important figure in Garou lore being found... and in danger from an ancient foe long thought defeated. They rush to the scene to help... but what price must be paid to defeat it? (NOTE: Some Radio chatter has been included from Laine's perspective, which may say 'you' instead of giving her name)


Title Date Scene Summary
Fractured Lens (Nathan) March 29th, 2015 Nathan suffers a betrayal and considers his options.


Komachi Aki - Himei's oldest friend and from the same world, Aki is also a Sailor now. Himei is not sure what to think, for she treasures Aki's friendship and fears for her life, especially with her inexperience. Himei is also becoming aware that Aki may have feelings for her that could become awkward.

Homura Akemi - Probably Himei's closest Multiversal friend, Homura's long and wearying experience allows Himei to relate to her, and the two have a similar jaded and pragmatic view of life. Himei admires Homura and feels she can understand her better than most.

Psyber - Present at Himei's Unification, Psyber is one of her closer friends in the Multiverse. They have an odd relationship, entirely platonic but Himei, at least, trusts him implicitly.

Subaru - As one of the first people Himei met here, Himei is grateful to Subaru and respects her a great deal, though she does not speak to her often.

Ellestaria - Ellestaria taught Himei a great deal about power and how to use it, and as Himei worked with the Atlantean more, she realized that the aloof exterior sheltered a hurt, lonely girl with a good heart. Ever since, she has helped Ellestaria in whatever way she could, and trusted the woman's judgement even when it seemed suspect to others.

Jack - As Himei was nearly killed by a version of Jack the Ripper once, her initial relationship with the new one was a bit rocky to say the least. Jack's fawning trust and, more importantly, the fact that her perceptiveness and protectiveness toward Himei saved her life more than once, has won her over. Himei now thinks of Jack like her wayward child, to be guided and taught.

Kimiko Shinobu - Kimiko is very distant at times, but has saved Himei's life more than once. Himei feels endebted to her, and also admires her somewhat. At the same time, she fears that the self-sacrificing Puella Magi will go too far one day.

Kaminagi Setsuko - Respect and curiosity, Himei feels that she should learn more about the demigoddess soon, as she can sense a protective loneliness of some sort about her.

Kiyoko Saito - Inexperienced and all too innocent, Himei often finds herself facepalming at Kiyoko's antics. Over time, this has grown to grudging affection and respect for her nontraditional yet (usually) effective methods. Himei has gained new respect and appreciation after Kiyoko's performance when Himei herself was lost in Malfeas, and the attempts Kiyoko made to get her back.

Staren - Kid has a good heart and is pretty sharp, to boot. Just really needs to not be so argumentive.

Emerald Blade - Frightening, powerful, and ruthless in her own way, Himei nonetheless has a certain understanding for Emerald Blade, as she can see that the woman does not do evil for evil's sake. She regrets having to fight her.

Mir - Himei knows just enough about Mir to know that she was hurt badly in the past, and has reacted by lashing out at humanity. She pities Mir, but knows that Mir is out of her league to deal with.

Sakura Haruno - Initially Himei didn't know Sakura at all, but in time she grew to see that Sakura was a troubled young woman who nonetheless goes out of her way to help others, yet knows when to use force when necessary. She values Sakura's friendship, though oddly they rarely talk about it. It is something of a silent understanding.

Elliana Fairchild - In her head she understands why Elliana did what she did, but the betrayal still angers and hurts her. Most of all, it is anger that Elliana didn't trust her and her friends. She no longer desires vengeance above all else, but she will seek out Elliana if given the chance, just to set the record straight.

Lloyd Irving - Initially Himei felt respect and amusement for Lloyd, but during the Suicide Mission the two became quite a bit closer. She now has conflicting feelings, given Lloyd's apparent interest in her, but her own lingering crush on her high school crush. For now, she is considering him a close friend, but not ruling out something more some day.

Hope's Light - Being a mother was unexpected. Being a grandmother when she got out of Malfeas was downright shocking. Still, Himei has to admit that Hope is a good kid, wise beyond her years, and she's very protective of the girl.

Nathan Hall - It's ironic that Himei doesn't know Nathan all that well, personally. They often find themselves working together, though, so Himei has a very professional level of trust for her commanding officer. They work together very smoothly.

Fate T. Harlaown - Fate has provided quite a lot of advice on how to handle adopted children, and Himei is happy to have her counsel. The elder Magical Girl is viewed as something like a mentor in this respect.

Laine - Having already proven to Laine that she was willing to give her life for the Garou, Himei doesn't feel she needs to say more about it. Laine's shared bond of the trials of Annu, and the wolf's broken history, give Himei reason enough to protect her.

Ash - Ash was one of the first friends Himei made here, and though they have not worked together overly much since then, he's provided some good advice on several occasions. On top of that, he went through some major trouble to track her down and contact her when she really needed it. She'd like to return the favor sometime.

Mordred - Mordred worries Himei. As much as she has some bravado when facing the knight, Himei knows that Mordred is both stronger and more skilled than she is, and only Himei's no-holds-barred style and natural magical abilities let her have any kind of chance against Mordred. She is even more worried about what Mordred may do to Jack. Fortunately, even if Himei doesn't trust Mordred, Himei trusts Mordred's Master to keep her word and not target her specifically.


Pre-Unification - Himei's career as Sailor Salvation started at age 11, when she accepted the offer of Magnificent Kamen. What followed was a soul-sapping, horrible life where she was little more than a punching bag to the horrors of the Yamiko, dark clones of everyday people… some of whom were her friends. While she could often destroy them with her powers, it also often came at the cost of injury, or seeing the utterly horrifying things that the dark side of humanity could do. Eventually she was so listless and jaded that she was fired from the role… but her powers could not be revoked, only channeled into a different form. She became Sailor Nothing, avatar of apathy and despair, but she continued to fight as it was all she had.

Unification - Shortly after becoming Sailor Nothing, Unification occurred. Himei fought with Psyber and Mobile Section Six, encountered incredible beings, and even met a young magical girl by the name of Nanoha, along with her foe(who became a friend) Fate. She remained at low activity, however, mostly policing her own world until…

The Mitakihara Affair - When Homura Akemi and Madoka Kaname's world Unified, Himei was there to check it out… and encountered a world where being a Magical Girl was possibly even worse than in her own. What's more, something seemed to be resetting time periodically, forcing her and others to watch the same girls die for nothing, repeatedly. Though it hurt her she persevered, and was eventually witness to - and part of - the creation of a new Hope for that universe, and an alteration of the rules that made the world a little better. Seeing this gave her some hope that her own situation could be bettered.

Senior Ally - During the course of the year-long Mitakihara Affair, Himei began participating in more Union actions, including target battles and the attempted capture of the Three Tailed Beast. She also encountered her 'replacement' in her own world, Kiyoko Saito, and took her in as an apprentice, as well as ended up bonded with Jack the Ripper's spirit. All of this earned her several promotions into the Senior Ally(now called the Reserves) track, and very soon she often found herself in charge. A very uncomfortable feeling.

The Yamiko Crisis - Eventually, shortly before the end of the Mitakihara Affair, the Yamiko of Himei's world learned of the Multiverse. Replacing Kiyoko with an evil version, the Yamiko Kiyoko demonstrated the hidden cunning of the original and made several Yamiko in the Union, always careful to cover her tracks. It took months to hunt down every Yamiko, but this tightened Himei's resolve to find a permanent solution to her world's problem.

Suicide Mission - Right before a solution could be found to the Yamiko issue once and for all, the crisis of Viridian Sunrise reaching some sort of apotheosis occurred. A rapid response was needed, and a desperate gamble to dive into Viridian's soul was devised. This would likely result in no survivors. It was a difficult choice, but Himei resolved that her own problems would never be solved if she let this one go, so she volunteered along with over two dozen others. Once inside, however, they found an entire universe of people, many of whom were friendly and innocent. Without a way back, and with the universe inside now aware of their purpose, the strike force was forced to battle through the soul universe and destroy its foundation, leaving Himei responsible for the deaths of uncounted innocents. This is exactly the opposite of what she signed up for, and though she knows she had little choice in the matter, it has weighed her heart massively.

The Dark Queen Falls - Despite the despair she was feeling, Himei soon resumed her campaign against the Yamiko. Using information gathered during the Yamiko Crisis, she lead a team into the Yamiko's world to kill the Dark Generals and confront the Dark Queen herself, who was finally defeated. This eliminated Yamiko from the world and lead to Himei's transformation into Sailor Hope.

Sailor Hope - Since becoming Sailor Hope, Himei has mostly concentrated on a leadership role, though she has participated in some action. Most notably, she participated in the recovery of General Irving's powers and the defeat of his old foe, Mithos.

Eater-of-Souls - When the Wyrm aspect known as Eater-of-Souls appeared in Laine's world, Himei was one of those who responded to the call. Laine knew of a ritual to put it to sleep, but it required a sacrifice. Himei gave herself to the Eater-of-Souls, whereupon she vanished from all contact and was presumed dead.

Malfeas - Instead of being killed, Himei was shunted into Malfeas, the lair of the Wyrm and a pit of corruption and entropy. She survived alone there for two months, roughly, before being rescued. It is an experience that was very hard on her, both mentally and physically, but she is heartened by the phenomenal effort taken to retrieve her.

Abstractum - Through no fault of her own, Himei acquired one of the Abstractum that was making waves throughout the Multiverse. This has drawn her into another battle for reality itself, something she complains about quite often, but has started to gear up her activity to deal with.


Scan data, as of 05/21/14:

NAME: White Rose
FORM: Wand/Wings
SHIFT: 0/?
GATE CAPACITY: 2 Cartridges
PERSONALITY: Supportive, enthusiastic, heroic. Tending towards practical idealism with focus on simple solutions. Encouraging User activity.
SHADOW: Unknown

  • STRIKE: 2
  • BARRIER: 1
  • DASH: 1



Chromatic resonance counts, as of 05/21/14: 2 RED, 0 BLUE, 0 GREEN.

Purchases Cartridges Given Cartridges Received Combos
  • Wings Form (4 red)
  • 3x Lv1 Boost Catridges (3 blue)
  • Blue Wing Upgrade (3 green)

Total Red Spent: 4
Total Blue Spent: 3
Total Green Spent: 3

  • Psyber (Lv1)
  • Homura (Lv1)
  • Ariel (Lv1)
  • Homura (RED/Lv1)
  • Psyber (RED/Lv2)
  • Ellestaria (BLUE/Lv1)