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In the late 1980s, as computer technologies began growing in the market, Skaianet became a world leader in the creation of data-based spatial manipulation technologies, fueled by the incredible patented discoveries they made as a result of the interpretation of the Frog Ruins, an ancient temple on a volcanic island located off the coast of Australia. It was from them that they discovered the secrets of creating ~ATH, a life-based programming language, and the development of the Sylladex, a high-tech personally-imbued inventory system that was quickly disseminated to the entire world.

They also created an "immersive simulation" game called Sburb from that code, a program that could allow the players to affect the real world environments of their co-players. A seemingly innocent piece of software, Sburb is, in reality, the mechanism by which a universe sacrifices a populated planet to create a new universe. Now, Sburb has created a variety of new game sessions, and a small group of dedicated friends must traverse the dangerous environment of the game, coerced out of their dying home by an impending meteor apocalypse. They must fight the dark monarchs and the armies of Derse, as well as their own personal Denizens, to stop the Reckoning that threatens to destroy even this land, and, in the process, hopefully create an entirely new universe. They're not alone, though: They have their Sprites, their friends, and the light army of Prospit to help, and all the weapons they could need through the incredible power of alchemization.

But the game is delicate, and Sburb was never designed to work with the influences the Multiverse can bring to bear. Like a game that's been glitched or hacked, it may be even harder to finish the game now that so many other worlds can access its paradox space...