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There was once a game named Sburb. It was put forward as a game that allowed the players to play in the real world, immersing them in a world of their own making. However, what it really was turned out to be something with a bit more gravity. Sburb was the mechanism by which this world reproduced, destroying a planet to spawn a new universe.

Yet, in this world and session, something went horribly wrong. Now where once was a universe, there lies what appears to be black hole surrounded by a space in which the rules of spacetime are merely a suggestion. Reports of monstrous creatures led by four mysterious figures seeking to expand the nothingness that lies within are rampant, and rumors about what is in the center of this space have spread.

The players of the session that created this have been cast to the winds of the multiverse, thrown far, far away for their own survival. What they do now is up to them, but it remains to be seen what will come of the spreading darkness...