Ika Musume

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Ika Musume (Scenesys ID: 840)
In order to protect the sea, I will squidvade the human world!
Full Name: Ika Musume
Gender: Female
Species: Squid
Theme: (FC) Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Function: Invader!
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age:
Still Aging? Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


She comes from the ocean depths to invade the world of the surface! After being fed up with the disrespect for and damage to the ocean that humans have committed, one squid decided that she would take over their rotten world. She just didn't expect there to be so many of them! Possessing all the powers of a squid, she is able to tentacles for amazing feats of strength and dexterity. Although she claims to be here to invade, Ika Musume is completely clueless about the world beyond the ocean, or about dealing with humans in general. Though naive, she is determined to follow through with her task of taking over the world... once she finishes paying off the debt she's accumulated by accidentally breaking the wall of the Lemon Beach House cafe.









  • CRUSHING DEBT: Upon first setting foot on land, Ika Musume accidentally smashed a hole through the wall of the Lemon Beach House cafe. Ever since, she's been working there as a waitress in order to pay for the damages. Somehow, whenever she manages to come close to clearing her debt, she either breaks something else or forgets about it and spends every last dime on her favorite food.
  • PREDATOR: Ika Musume's favorite food is shrimp. She can be easily distracted by it, especially the promise of being able to eat it, and she often spends most of whatever money she manages to earn on it.
  • PREY: Ika Musume is sometimes considered delicious by animals like dogs. She also has natural predators in the ocean in the form of killer whales.
  • CETAPHOBIA: Ika Musume is deathly afraid of her kind's natural predator: orcas. This extends to anything that even resembles an orca, including harmless pool floaties.
  • ACCENT: Although she can learn any language with ease, Ika Musume is unable to prevent words like 'squid,' 'ink,' or 'tentacle,' from slipping into her speech. This can get more pronounced if she's excited. She doesn't seem to think anything of it, however, and will be confused if anyone tries to ask about it.
  • HAT: If Ika Musume's 'hat' is ever removed, she'll die. Or so she claims. It's actually a part of her head, not something that can be taken on or off.
  • COMMON SENSE: Ika Musume has excellent common sense... for a squid who has lived all her life in the ocean. Outside of the sea, however, things don't work the same, and humans aren't the same as squids, so things that most people would consider common sense can sometimes be truly alien to her.
  • I'M NOT A SQUIDDIAN: Ika Musume is a squid, not an alien. For some reason, a group of four American scientists (Cindy Campbell and the Three Stooges, Harris, Clark, and Martin) seem convinced she's an alien and keep trying to capture her for study.
  • NAIVE: Ika Musume is quite naive about the world and humanity in general, so she'll often believe things she's told, unless they really don't make sense.
  • ALL YOU HUMANS LOOK THE SAME TO ME: Although she's fairly good at recognizing the people she knows, Ika Musume is very bad at telling the difference between humans she doesn't know. Additionally, anyone wearing a hat with fins like her own will be immediately identified as a fellow squid.
  • CHIZURU AIZAWA: Owner of the Lemon Beach House cafe. Ika Musume sees Chizuru as her greatest threat in this world, ever since Chizuru defeated her in combat by slicing off her tentacles bare-handed. Should Chizuru's eyes ever open, Ika Musume gets extremely nervous.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT A2 Ika Musume vs Cortex October 3rd, 2015 Ika Musume and Cortex compete in the WMAT 2015 quarter-finals!
WMAT A1 Ika Musume vs Mokuba September 14th, 2015 Ika Musume vs. Mokuba in bracket A2 of WMAT 2015!
WMAT AQ1 Fuki vs Mantigora vs Ika Musume August 15th, 2015 A three way fight between Fuki, Mantigora and Ika Musume. The results aren't squidding you!


Title Date Scene Summary
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