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Isa Reichert (Scenesys ID: 335)
"If I die today, I drag you to Hell with me!"
Full Name: REDACTED, Windborne Talon
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Lunar Exalt/Eagle)
Theme: (OC) Exalted: Modern-1
Function: Jet Jockey
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Patricia Drake
Height: 5'10" Weight: 16 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: Ace Combat Zero - Zero


This pragmatic woman is captain of a classified division of her government, tasked with dispatching supernatural threats. She is a hard woman, forged by the fires of trial and war, and to her there's no such thing as a job half-done. Though not heartless, life hasn't been kind to her, and she can give the impression of something less than human. Suppressing her emotions has become a survival skill. At times she may seem abrasive and cold, though to her allies she is much more affable. Having Exalted as the creature named "Windborne Talon," Isa enjoys a number of advantages unique to her station. With supernatural strength and stamina and the ability to shapeshift at will, she is a force to be reckoned with... as long as she can overcome her own personal demons.









  • Allergic to Stupidity: Although her training has imparted a certain ability to endure, Isa has trouble dealing with stupid people. Thanks to her coarse nature, Isa has no trouble telling off the stupid people around her, and telling them exactly what they can do with their attitude. She'll dig her heels in if she's being ordered by people she perceives as stupid, or given orders she perceives as stupid; particularly if they seem hazardous to her health. She's remarkably stubborn on this front, and it does have the potential to cause friction up and down the Confederate chain of command.
  • Celestial Exalt: As a Lunar Exalt in her government's employ, Isa is in a precarious position. Tensions run high against her kind in many places, domestic and foreign, and she has to be careful about who she reveals her nature to. Many variants of Creation regard Celestial Exalts as dangerous monsters to be put down like rabid animals. It's also possible countries of her own world have adopted this stance.
    • Lunar Tell: Every Lunar has a feature unique to the individual that identifies them as a Lunar Exalt, visible no matter what form they take. Non-Elites can't see this tell, mentally glossing it over, but Elites can see them if the Lunar doesn't consciously try to hide them. Moonsilver tattoos are included in this. Isa's tell is a literal eagle's eye, with the iris, lens, and pupil appearing visibly non-human and behaving in non-human ways when she visually focuses on things. The more perceptive the Elite, the harder Isa has to work to hide this.
    • Solar Bond: Though she can draw some strength from her bond to the Solar Exaltation to which she's bound, the reality is that a Solar Bond is more a flaw than a feature. This Solar Exalt can issue an order to her, and it would be impossible for Isa to resist. Her fate is also entwined with them, like it or not. She can forget about them for a while, but they'll always find their way back into her life again. The memory of them tugs insistently at her, whether in a positive or negative manner. (+info Isa/Mechanics-2)
    • The Great Curse: All Exalted suffer from a fatal flaw inherent to their being. Isa can accrue Limit, a supernatural stress, through resisting unnatural mental influence or acting against her base motivations and nature. When this Limit reaches threshold, Isa suffers a Limit Break called "Curse of the Raging Bull." This curse compels her to become extremely combative, fighting for any reason and driving her to exert her dominance over anyone she perceives as challenging her authority. She'll react with overpowering violence until the offending party rolls over, submits, and grovels sufficiently to appease her. (+info Isa/Mechanics-2)
  • Depth Perception: Isa was wounded years ago and lost the use of her right eye. Too proud and stubborn for cybernetic implants, she'll never see again on that side, and has learned how to work without her eye. There are some things she can do by compensating with supernatural talent or outside technology, but not well, such as using firearms. There are some things she'll never be able to do well unaided. In this manner, it may be possible to trick or trap her by using local terrain against her.
  • Fire: When Isa lost her eye, she did so by the fire that disfigured her face and body. While she isn't phobic, she can be held at bay by fire. She'll keep her distance if she's threatened with it, and if she's forced to work in it, she'll be notably more tense and prone to tunnel vision just to get finished and get away from it. This could be used against her by an enterprising enemy.
  • Lone Wolf: Isa's survived trauma that should have broken most people. She'll address slights to her deeds with her fists, and she's learned not to put too much stock in sympathy. Her methods are brutal but efficient, and it's hard for her to have empathy for others, sometimes. Thanks to all of this, her somewhat bristly nature doesn't endear her to the more sympathetic-minded of the Multiverse, easily leading to arguments and disagreements.


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Alternate Versions

Raisa Marskaya

This version of the character was applied for from the source material of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, a trilogy of fantasy novels set in an Earth-like alternate world. Characters in this alternate world are accompanied throughout their lives by daemons, which are aspects of the character's inner self, externalised as an animal. She was an aeronaut, piloting a hot-air balloon along with her daemon. Incidentally, her daemon was a skua.


Name: Raisa Marskaya
Faction: Unaffiliated
Function: Footloose Aeronaut
Series: His Dark Materials-1
Rank: X None
Quote: "You have extra cargo? Then you can pay extra. What? Too expensive? Then you can find someone else. Maybe you take your life in your hand, though. ...Da, is what I thought."
Profile: Once a military aeronaut and soldier of Muscovy, Raisa was content to follow orders until she almost lost her life in a zeppelin accident. Dismissed from service for her injuries, she has since turned to a free-wheeling existence, living each day like it might be her last, and loving every minute of it. Though extremely rough around the edges and completely unconcerned at thieving from others, at the end of the day Raisa is still compelled by her conscience to do the right thing. She travels wherever she wants in her balloon, hiring herself out for expeditions, exploration, and the occasional skulduggery to cover the cost of maintaining her equipment. On discovering the Multiverse, it's become a grand adventure to her. There are entire new worlds to see, and plenty of new clients to swindle--er, serve. What could possibly go wrong?


Ex-Soldier: Though once a disciplined soldier of Muscovy, Raisa was discharged when a zeppelin accident left her in less than perfect health. She still has her skills, though. With training in melee combat and firearms, as well as survival skills, she can still be formidable in battle, not to mention tough as nails.


Armaments: Explorers like the Muscovite never know what they're going to run into. It pays to carry a big stick, and Raisa has several. Her favourite weapon is a rifle of Muscovy make, and while slow and somewhat unreliable, the sight of it is usually threatening enough. She also has a pistol for a sidearm; when the going gets tough and she really needs to fight, she also has a heavy officer's scimitar from her days in the military.

Equipment: Raisa likes to be prepared for anything. She tends to carry around a lot of stuff in her balloon's cargo area, ranging from rations to scientific equipment to weaponry to spare parts. One never knows quite what she's going to pull out of her basket of tricks... or how she'll use it.

Hot-Air Balloon: Raisa has a hot-air balloon, bought from the last of her stipend as a soldier when she was dismissed. She uses it to ferry people and cargo, for a fee, and it can be useful for scoping out locations from on high. It isn't very fast or fancy, but in her capable hands it's pretty reliable and dependable. Usually. As long as the winds behave.


Kyriakos: The physical manifestation of Raisa's soul. Kyriakos takes the form of a skua, an aggressive seabird. He might not be pretty to look at, but this scrappy bird is tough as the harsh northern climates he comes from, and he's dependable when it comes down to it. As an independent entity from Raisa, he can act as her ears, eyes, and as a second opinion as the need arises.Dropped