Ivar (Tales of Xillia-1R) (Dropped)

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"I am the only one ordained to serve Lady Milla!"
Full Name: Ivar
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (NPC) Tales of Xillia-1
Function: Milla's Handmaid
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Other Information
Physical Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Orion Acaba
Height: 165cm Weight:  ??
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF73LnDqrNo

Spoofing Rights

Milla Maxwell (Dropped).


Ivar is the guardian of Nia Khera, the first human settlement of Rieze Maxia two thousand years ago, whose population is all descended from the Genesis Sage Kresnik and her disciples. Though barely older than Milla and raised alongside her (a change from canon, where he is slightly younger), he became very protective of her and made it his mission and duty to protect the human incarnation of Lord Maxwell. An excellent cook, decent swordsman and dedicated handmaid, Ivar's major fault is his pride and ego, believing himself the only one fit to protect Milla, when in truth he isn't all that strong. Somewhat simple-minded, he can communicate with and supposedly control simple beasts, but mainly uses these skills to maintain the peace between humans and animals within Nia Khera.



All The Powers: Yes, all of them.


The Best At Everything: It's true.


I Have Half A Chicken Left Over: Food!


Animals: Aww yeah I command the strongest monsters ever.


The Truth: Everything above is completely false, also Milla ate that leftover chicken.


30 as an NPC, could possibly go up to 32 if apped as a PC.