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Jack (Scenesys ID: 416)
"If Mother is happy, we are happy."
Full Name: Jack Angelica Shoutan. AKA: Jack The Ripper
Gender: Female
Species: Heroic Spirit
Theme: (FC) Fate/Apocrypha-1
Function: Legendary Serial Killer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (LC-Last Chancer)
Groups: Last Chancers, Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: Young teen. Actual Age: 130+
Still Aging? Nope nope Voice Actor:
Height: Short Weight: NOPE NOPE!
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Ice blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


The scourge of Whitechapel and perpetrator of a rash of serial murders that left London's women in fear for years, Jack the Ripper went down in history as an enigma. Never captured and forever anonymous. For years to come investigators tried piecing the clues together, pointed fingers at possible suspects. Only now, summoned as one of the seven Servants of the Grail War does Jack's true identity come to light: an unstable girl, abandoned in life by her prostitute mother and serving as a living embodiment of the resentment of London's orphaned populace. Seemingly childish in nature, but so much more. She is a creature of duality, living in the darkness with an almost innocent and shy demeanor, yet cold, methodical, and ruthless when driven. Frighteningly proficient in the knowledge to kill and heal, Jack's true strength comes in striking from the shadows, thus earning her position in the Grail War as the Servant: Assassin.










Abandonment Issues: Jack has issues when it comes to abandonment. Left over from her life as a human, she hates being alone or feeling as though abandoned. This manifests in easily formed attachments that rapidly turn into obsessions. Regardless of the sex of her Master she will seek their approval and adoration as a means to fill the gap left by being abandoned by her mother, and is willing to perform heinous deeds in hope for the praise of her Master. ... Or 'Mother' as she sees female Masters.

Master-Servant Bond: Jack is reliant upon her bond to her master. Her master provides her with mana that sustains her existence. If her master is slain or the contract is broken, she can still continue to exist for a time, especially due to Independent Action. However without a steady supply of mana she will inevitably starve and fade away. She can prolong her existence by slaying humans and absorbing the mana expelled in their death by eating hearts and drinking blood. However this is not very efficient and will eventually result in a cost greater than the gain. If Jack loses her master, she may contract with another eligible Magus, but she had best do so fast.

Creature of Duality: Jack's personality is full of complete opposites, that lead to some strange effects. She thinks and plans around rational thought, logic and tactics, but succumbs very easily to wild emotions when pressured. She can be genuinely as sweet as she is entirely cruel, lucid one moment, utterly sociopathically cold the next. But most of all, she replies in turn to the way people treat her: responding cruelly to ill will, while quite soft when shown kindness.

Beloved Child: Over her time gaining the acceptance and love of her surrogate family, Himei Shoutan, Kiyoko Saito, Hope's Living Light, Homura Akemi, and the Union at large, Jack feels that she has an obligation to protect those she loves, and will go to great lengths and personal expenses and injury to do so. In the event someone Jack Is close to is imperiled, she will unthinkingly lay her life on the line without thought to consequence nor the price to be paid.

Mother's Promise: Since the day she was Summoned, Himei Shoutan made Jack swear a promise that she would never kill a person unless they were a direct threat to her continued existence, or Himei's. Jack keeps this promise religiously, and despite her skillset being fine-tuned for precision murder, she will not kill someone unless in the case of dire self-defense or defense of a loved one, and as such has a bad habit of leaving mangled and crippled, but still living victims in her wake. Monsters or demons or other such inhuman creatures do not apply to this.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Lizard in Whitechapel March 2nd, 2015 Yari and Jack have it out in a back alley.
Assassinate an Assassin November 5th, 2014 Kimiko visits Jack, asking for tips on how to hunt an Assassin class Servant
On a School Night October 16th, 2014 An Exalt and a Servant have a random encounter at the Bar.
We Now Pronounce You Master And Servant August 8th, 2014 A failed summoning results in an orphaned Servant and the hurry to find her a new Master.
End of an Age: Awakenings February 18th, 2013 The Union hears of an important figure in Garou lore being found... and in danger from an ancient foe long thought defeated. They rush to the scene to help... but what price must be paid to defeat it? (NOTE: Some Radio chatter has been included from Laine's perspective, which may say 'you' instead of giving her name)


Title Date Scene Summary
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