Jai-006 (Dropped)

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Jai-006 (Scenesys ID: 806)
"We don't play by the rules. We make our own."
Full Name: Jai-006
Gender: Male
Species: Augmented Human
Theme: (FC) Halo: Reach-1
Function: Special Forces
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: 30s Actual Age: 43
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 7'3" / 6'5" / 7'1" Weight: -Redacted-
Hair Color: Dark Eye Color: Deep Navy Blue
Theme Song: Imagine Dragons: Who we are


The Gray Team are the UNSC's Legendary Gray Ghosts. They are the three-man wrecking ball team of the UNSC and ONI that do it all with great enjoyment as they crush enemy forces from deep within enemy lines. The team consist of Jai-006, the "leader" who is the hardest to get along with, but a softy when it comes to his teammates. Adriana-111, the female scout who loves munitions, is conversationally savvy, and holds Jai-006's leash. Then there is Mike-120, the prodigy child of technology and their engineer. He has a mind that can rival a supercomputer, but the heart of a playful trickster. They all share some serious flaws that stems from their training and many years of taking down Covenant aliens, as they cannot stand anything non-human or always abide by lawful orders. For Jai-006 in particular, the only good non-human is a dead one, even if told otherwise. Their chaotic adaptivity, individualism, and lack of regard for the rules can have them at odds with their own superiors and fellow SPARTAN-IIs. They also know because of their reputation that if they are ever get caught with their pants down, no one is going to come for them. After all they are the Gray Team, the Ghosts that never die, but bring death in their wake instead.










OUTSIDERS: Jai-006 is very untrusting of anyone outside of his team, and while Adriana-111 has the ability to warm him up to others, he has a tendency to come off cold, intimidating, and very curt. His lack of trust beyond his team and other SPARTAN-IIs means he is less likely to listen to outside advice and he will not take outside help easily.

WAR MACHINES: Jai-006 and his Gray Team are trained killers. They kill with no empathy or remorse and enjoy in thrill of the hunt. Taking pride when they take down their target successfully and even admiring their own handy work. This puts them at odds with most of humanity as they do not see the immorality in the action. Jai-006 is willing to even sacrifice someone's life outside of his team for the greater good and success of the mission, because there is nothing more important than the mission completion.

LAWLESS: Jai-006 and the rest of Gray Team tend to ignore the rules laid down by governing bodies and/or organizations. They may even ignore their superiors. This can put them at odds with many individuals and the wrong set of people.

WHAT T IN TEAM: Jai-006 may be the leader of the Gray Team, but they do not always work as a team outside themselves. They are horrible at teamwork and bad about not conveying what they are planning on doing with anyone who isn't part of their group. This can leave anybody they are forced to work with in the dark and lead to unintented chaos.

JUST HUMAN: Jai-006 and his team may be SPARTAN-IIs, but they are still human beings; Even if extremely tough human beings. Their pride and arrogance can blind them to the fact that they can still be knocked unconscious in or out of their armor. That they still bleed, bruise, and can be injured while out of their armor like any other person. This could put them in dangerous situations given their reputation and the rest of the Multiverse. (-2 PL with no armor for all of Gray Team)

ANTI-ALIEN: To Jai-006 and his team, in different degrees, believe in the motto that the only good alien is a dead alien. He would rather shoot one then ask questions and he typically will not even engage in a conversation if he can avoid it. If they are in trouble, he'll turn his back on them within reason to let them rot. Non-humans will have a harder time getting Jai-006's respect and given the mass populace of the Multiverse, he could be making enemies faster then he will friends.

LEGENDARY GHOSTS: The Gray team are legends in their universe. They are the ones who can go behind enemy lines, go silent, and come back alive against impossible odds. No matter the length of time, they always seem to return home with a successful mission. However it is because of this reputation, the Gray Team also knows that if they are ever captured, injured, or get trapped with no way to communicate out -- they will be on their own.


Title Date Scene Summary
Adamastor Rising August 15th, 2015 The Banished Pantheon's summoned monster arises in Dark Astoria.
Mercury Curiosity July 14th, 2015 Royce leads a group of Elites to Project MORDRED's world. They are greeted with open arms, but before they can secure the Sword of Storms, one of MORDRED's servitor robots grabs the artifact, activating it.

The Elites stop the robot, secure the artifact, but the trail, once again, has gone cold.

Operation: Foxhole June 23rd, 2015 Spartans and allies vs. the Covenant!
Tour of Ark-32 June 21st, 2015 The Autobots invite the Union to a party on the Ark. Pancakes and cream soda were had.
EoT: Upgrades June 14th, 2015 A Life Gear in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government! Shirou, Golden, Miko, Kiko, and Madeleine gather to confront the agent of the Epoch Saints!
Who's Space Is This Anyways June 8th, 2015 The Gray Team needs to blow off some steam, but it seems some knock offs have claimed the pad they want to spar on. Time to show them who is boss around here.


Title Date Scene Summary
Welcome Home SPARTANs (Jai-006) June 8th, 2015 The Gray Team comes home, but ONI wants to be sure that they are the same Gray Team who left.