Jazz (Dropped)

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Jazz (Scenesys ID: 762)
"I'm as real has it gets and I dun ever miss. So ya ready to dance?"
Full Name: Jazz
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: (FC) Transformers-2
Function: Special Ops
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20s Actual Age: 5,000,000 +
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 25-30 ft / 6'0"-6'4" Weight: -
Hair Color: - Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars


Jazz is a sentient robotic lifeform from the planet of Cybertron known as a Cybertronian. He serves Optimus Prime as a Special Operations Officer of the Autobots and as a Cybertronian, Jazz has the ability to easily shift between robot to his sports car vehicular form and back again. He is equipped with a grappling hook, sensors, subsonic light defense system, and a Holomatter Avatar in order to interact easier with the Multiverse. Jazz is known for being a cool, laid back Autobot who doesn't let too much get under his metal alloy skin, but when something does, he won't back down from the fight easily. Jazz does have his dark secrets that he keeps locked down deep and they rarely ever come to the surface to see. He also spends far too much time in his Avatar form due to his culture love, but when its time to rock and roll, Jazz is the kind of Autobot you know you can depend upon to get the job done.










EASILY DISTRACTED: Jazz is easily distracted by the strangest of sounds and things out of place when they happen around him, or near by. He has a very strong desire to go investigate into the unknown in order to sedate his curiosity, leading him sometimes into more trouble than what he was hoping for.

SECOND LIFE: Jazz's Holomatter Generator aids him in interacting with the smaller populations of the Multiverse, but it comes with some dangerous consequences. The Avatar's physical look is only as good as Jazz's culture and racial knowledge of the individuals he is attempting to mimic, this can leave to noticeable flaws the lower his knowledge is of the race. While Jazz can attempt to hide his heavy accent or change the way his voice may sound as the Avatar, an individual with a trained ear might hear past his deception and figure out who he is. The Avatar is linked to Jazz's conscious mind, which allows any damage that the Avatar takes to be shared by the Autobot. This can lead to crippling impairments and possibly even being knocked out cold if he doesn't sever the link between himself and the Avatar quickly. The Holomatter Generator can also be removed if someone knows Cybertronian Biology. Removing or damaging the generator will disable Jazz's ability to create an avatar.

LIFE IS PRECIOUS: Jazz will do about anything to protect an innocent life, including almost put himself in danger for them, but if someone just goes out of there way to harm innocents or people who can't defend themselves that have no reason to die, it is a quick way to get on his bad side and continued endangerment of life with eventually get that person on his list.

THE LIST: Jazz has a list he keeps up for those who have done such horrible acts, that he rather now see them gone for good and not be allowed to continue to roam around. This list is connected to a very dark behavior in Jazz that he tries to keep sealed away, but for those who get put on The List, they will find him doing whatever it takes to end their lives, or at least make it a living nightmare.

PASSIONATE: Jazz is very passionate and expressive individual beneath his calm and cool exterior, completely dedicated to what he cares about. He's also not afraid to let people know how he feels, what he is thinking, and can talk your ear off for days if you let him. He has no problem making jokes in the midst of battle and even humming a song while taking a shot. This passion though can drive him into making sometimes some very poor life choices by following his "heart" instead of his "head". When something bad happens on his watch, it can easily weigh him down for a time until he can bounce back.

NAILS ON CHALKBOARD: Jazz is very sensitive to sounds that are higher than what the human ear can perceive. When these pitches are hit, it can easily cause Jazz to grit his teeth in pain to a state of paralyzed agony, which he will remain after a short duration once the sound stops.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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