Jedah Dohma

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Jedah Dohma (Scenesys ID: 990)
And that, students, is why you always add acid to water, and not the other way around
Full Name: Jedah Dohma
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Theme: (OFC) Darkstalkers-1
Function: Combatant/Researcher
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A-Ally)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Early 30s. Actual Age: roughly 4000
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Height: 7'1 Weight: Varies from 24-2200 lbs (typically 185)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Red
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An aristocratic demon from the world of Makai, Jedah dreamed of reviving his decaying world into a utopian demonic society. However, he died after being betrayed by another demon before that could take place. After his resurrection, he sought his goal again only to unify before it was obtained. After several years of serving the Confederacy as an Elite, He became a xenobiologist with the help of the Illustrated Primer on Dark Science, an interactive textbook on super science.. He is a strong melee combatant, with razor sharp wings, the ability to extend his limbs and claws, and recover from wounds very quickly. Jedah is also brilliant, able to modify life forms to suit his needs, whether through gene therapy, in vitro succession, or other superscience techniques with help from his Primer.










Demon: Two fold weakness. One, at the very least, holy symbols give him a headache. Direct contact with holiness can cause him great pain and severe burns that heal at a slower rate. Also, many heroes with divine heritage will almost certainly have an irrational loathing of Him. In fact, demons are one of the most hated species/stereotypes in the multiverse for heroes, as they are often non-sentient killers. While Jedah is a killer, he is not mindless or without reason.

Pride: Jedah is a noble. That means he conducts himself in a certain way that can be seen as arrogance, and although he gives and receives help, some situations will make him very uncomfortable. Probably receiving a present at Christmas or his birthday (as if anyone wouldeven know when that is) would be a little awkward, especially if it was something he never used or had no interest in. He might be seen as being too formal, and may feel insulted if disrespected by a peer or someone of lower standing.

Bloodlust: When in battle, especially if he's losing a lot of his own blood (or shedding a lot of the opponent's blood), he can flip out and get lost in bloodlust. He'll cackle maniacally, say word salads in italian, and go all-out in combat, often sacrificing basic defense for the sadistic glee of doing the most harm possible. However, this only last a few minutes, often leaving toward the end of the battle in his right mind.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Digi-Virus July 1st, 2016 Ferham assists Jedah with the creation of a bioweapon to use against Gaonoir. But what consequences will it have...?
A blissful evening May 24th, 2016 Felicia meets an old friend/foe at a bar in the Makai... a musical number ensues?!
White Noise And Black Static May 19th, 2016 Post-Battle of Avatar World. Sanary has been badly corrupted by her link to Drowned Ophelia - so the obvious answer is to drown her. Rise, Sandere! Blessed by the power and madness of the Sea of Black Tears.


Title Date Scene Summary
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RP Hooks:

Scientist/Researcher: Looking to cook up a monster of the week? Need a rare chemical or mineral for your plot? Want to upgrade using super-science?

Sparring partner: Okay, so he's a litlte more bloodthirsty than most, but still. He would love to fight you, your mother, your dog, your mother's cousin's dog! (not really, but you get the idea)

Diplomacy: Trying to get that new world to give you all its resources? Let an aristocrat show you how to cheat, cajole, and manipulate your figurehead for personal gain!

Others: Trying to prevent any of these.