Jericho Hawke

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Jericho Hawke (Scenesys ID: 270)
"A man isn't judged by his words, but by his actions. You can talk pretty all you want, but unless you can back it up, you ain't worth a damn thing."
Full Name: Jericho Hawke
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Assassin's Creed: El Dorado-1R
Function: Gunslinger Assassin
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (22 - Last Chancer)
Groups: Last Chancers
Other Information
Physical Age: Late 20s Actual Age: 27
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Karl Urban
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: - In Time by Mark Collie


A former American soldier, Jericho Hawke found himself on the wrong side of a Templar land owner in his native home of Massachusetts. After killing him, Jericho was forced to flee out west, where he could start over. And start over he did, only to once again place himself on the wrong side of the law. But this law was corrupt, long ago infiltrated by the Templar Order in an attempt to shape the direction of the West. Again finding himself on the wrong side of powerful men, this time something happened that kept him from running. He was recruited by the Assassins to help them prevent the Templars from locating the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. He's been working with them for a few years now, mixing his natural gun fighting abilities with the deadly tactics taught by the Assassin Order, and has gathered a reputation as being one of the most dangerous men in the West. Hounded by bounty hunters and chased by Templars, Jericho has managed to flourish. A master survivalist, he is skilled with any type of weapons he can get his hands on, from his side arms and hidden blades to the tomahawk gifted to him by his mentor; deep down, however, Jericho is afraid that he is still the brutal, flawed man who fled his home.










Dead Eye: Jericho lost vision in his left eye after taking a knife to the face in a bar fight. He does his best to not let it limit him, and he has learned to adapt to the lack of full depth perception when it comes to engaging targets, but he has an easily exploitable weak point.

Explosive Temper: While Jericho is not very quick to anger, when he does get angry, he will explode upon the target of his wrath with the kind of fury rarely seen. His temper has gotten him into many unfortunate situations in the past, and how he wound up in the west to begin with.

Vices: Jericho loves to drink, he loves to gamble. He's a smoker, too, and he'll often mix all three of them, or any other vice else for that matter. He has a tendency to indulge in his vices, no matter how harmful they might be to him.

Outlaw: While Jericho considers himself to be a good guy, when everything is controlled by your sworn enemies, you tend to get branded as a criminal. With the Templars in control of the law and the government, Jericho is a wanted man. He has to be careful when he enters cities, and stay always on the lookout, in case bounty hunters come after him.

Old School: When the most advanced piece of technology in your time is the steam powered locomotive, it's easy to be impressed, or even scared, by some of the things running around the Multiverse. When it comes to weapons, Jericho can handle it, but computers, cell phones and even aircraft are things he has a hard time wrapping his head around.

The Assassin's Creed: Stay your blade from the flesh of an Innocent. Hide in Plain Sight. Never compromise the Brotherhood. Rules to live by for any Assassin and Jericho takes it very seriously. Violating the Creed would put him in a bad place mentally, not to mention the punishment he would suffer from his fellow Assassins.

Marked: The tea that granted Jericho with his spirit animal power also left him permanently scarred by it's effects. Dark red markings on his face, arms and legs which were left as a result of the poison in the tea that he ingested.


Title Date Scene Summary
Halloween Poker Night 2014 October 31st, 2014 Halloween Poker Night 2014. The poses below will look a bit sparse, as there was a TON of radio action! Expect radio stuff to be added later. I also had to cut out the pretty ASCII card art, because it wasn't playing nice with wiki code. :(
WMAT B3 Jericho Hawke vs. Ariah July 18th, 2014 WMAT Round 3 fight between Jericho Hawke and Ariah!
WMAT B2 Jericho Hawke vs. The Masked Knight July 13th, 2014 Jericho Hawke faces off against the Masked Knight (Lucatiel), who appears to have brought a sword to a gunfight.
WMAT B1 Mako Mankanshoku vs. Jericho Hawke June 23rd, 2014 The Honnouji Fight Club President takes on the Drifter With Nothing Left To Lose in this bracket B, round 1 match of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Mako Mankanshoku versus Jericho Hawke, live at Yunzabit Heights!

Toph's Pizza Party March 12th, 2014 Toph turns 13 and has her first true birthday party at the Bar and Grill.


Title Date Scene Summary
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