Jim Raynor (Dropped)

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Jim Raynor (Scenesys ID: -1)
"Shut up, Arcturus. If I wanted your damn opinion, I would've beaten it out of ya'. And in case you forgot, you're the reason she became what she is in the first place!"
Full Name: James Eugene Raynor
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) StarCraft: Brood War-1R
Function: Marshal
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 30 Actual Age: 37
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height:  ???? Weight:  ????
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


James Raynor is perhaps one of the most infamous Terrans alive in the Koprulu Sector. A formal back woods marshal who became an officer in the Sons of Korhal. Then helped to over throw the Confederate Government. Betrayed by Arcturus he broke away taking a small army of troops with him. He later befriended the Protoss and helped to slay the Overmind. In time once again he was pulled into larger things namely the Brood Wars. An hunted man by the Terran Dominion, Jim and his surviving troops now lurk in the void of space plotting their next move against the monster they were tricked into getting into power. Raynor has proven himself to be a dynamic leader and he is well liked and respected by the troops under his command. Despite his often sarcastic demeanor, Jim is fiercely loyal to his troops and committed to bringing down both Kerriagan and Terran Dominion. When he's off duty he tends to kick back and just enjoy the simple things he did before his life got interesting. Jim's an able warrior on foot he's armed with a heavy powered armor which can take large amounts of punishment as well as a Custom Vulture. He's adept at survival in wilderness and tracking.










Into the Bottle: Raynor's been drinking heavily and is a borderline alcoholic now. Things have been bad in his world, really bad and it's driven him to drink. It's not rendered him incompetent but it's a danger that if he indulges too damn much it could become even worse for him leading to major hindrance.

Vendetta: Mengsk - Raynor is hell-bent set to bring Mengsk down, this could distract him from other objectives, and goals as he's got Mengsk in his crosshairs and is heavily gunning to bring the man and his corrupt government down around his head. After all he also had his part in making Kerrigan into the monster she is now.

Wanted Man: James Raynor's a wanted man in his home sector. While he has many friends beyond or even in his home world? There are those who want James captured or just plain dead. More than willing to back or even aid against dealing with Raynor. It is just a matter to fine these people and contact them. (want to make Raynors life more miserable? Just send me a page or @mail and I can set something up)

Middle Name: It annoys the heck out of him, seriously it's one of those names that only exists to let you know when your in trouble with your mother.

It Has Always Been About Saving Lives: Raynor will put saving innocent people ahead of a lot of personal issues. He'll even work with an enemy to do so with some rare exceptions. This clearly could be abused by someone who knew this and intended to back stab Raynor. Not that he'd be blindly trusting mind you.


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Bay of Pigs Medallion BY: Nanoha ON: Mar 02 2010

For the successful invasion of Cuba in order to deal with a major military threat (and bring democracy).

Sburb Achievements BY: Lord English ON: Nov 03 2013

The Syndicate of Independent Worlds based in Afterus has recovered a set of data from Skaianet of Earth-413 and forwarded it to all involved parties of Session 412. The data therein contains their "achievements" from assisting the players of Sburb, and may be found at: http://multiverse-crisis.wikidot.com/homestuck-outcome

THE HERO: Help to kill the Black King. WHO'S THIS GUY?: Be present only at the Reckoning.Dropped