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Jinx (Scenesys ID: 39)
"Guns don't kill people. I mean, until you shoot them. Then they kill everything!"
Full Name: Jinx
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) League of Legends-1
Function: Loose Cannon
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? yes Voice Actor: Sarah Anne Williams
Height: 5'4" Weight: 100lbs
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: GET JINXED!


Piltover used to be such a nice city, until a new brand of criminal arrived. JINX turned the city upside down in her initial rampage, directly challenging its police force in a series of high-stakes heists and fights, goading and taunting them all the way. The death and destruction caught the eye of both the Confederacy and the Institute of War, and got her the job with both groups. Capricious, volatile and perhaps a little bit crazy, Jinx's demeanor hides a cunning mind for tactics and invention, if she can be called on to concentrate properly. More than anything though, she loves the thrill of battle and crime, and rushes headlong into fights once they start. Armed with a rather extensive array of weapons, the young lady wants nothing more than to leave her mark on the Multiverse.










PROTECT THE CARRY - While in battle, Jinx will gravitate towards others on her team to try and use their presence to take some of the heat off. She's not there to get shot, dangit, she's there to blow things up! Besides, getting hit and shot is never really in the plan anyways, and that stuff gets awfully dull awfully fast.

MAD MAD MAD - Jinx is a special brand of crazy. She's a battle-happy gun-nut who loves to blow stuff up and piss off the cops. She loves nothing more than getting into the action right away now now now and boredom is a very dangerous thing when Jinx is involved. This can and does leave her in bad positions when precise planning and stealth is involved. In fact, just toss out any idea of stealth at all when it comes to Jinx. That's boring, you're boring.

CHEESE IT - Jinx has a malicious hatred for any sort of law enforcement, and loves nothing more than to antagonize the police. Calling her heists, vandalism, petty theft, grand theft, assaulting officers, spray painting giant rude signs across multiple buildings calling out STUPID FAT HANDS, GOD YOU'RE SLOW, SUCH A LOSER. In fact, police presence in the middle of a fight will entirely draw her attention, causing showy displays of villainy and possible gunfire.

SUMMONERS CODE - Jinx is beholden to the Institute of War, and despite the leeway they grant her in helping protect their interests with the Confederacy, Jinx is required to fight in the Fields of Honor from time to time. This can leave her missing for days at a time while a conflict of some sort or another is handled back home. She is also bound to a code of decency while representing the Institute, and repeated and continued toxicity and negative behavior towards her teammates in the Confederacy could mean suspension and restriction of support from the Institute.


Title Date Scene Summary
Rockin' Sixteen March 12th, 2017 Toph turns sixteen. Of course there will be party!
Not so Trigger Happy today February 4th, 2017 Two bitter rivals walk into a bar...
The Easy Way To Meguca October 15th, 2016 A raid on a magical research facility turns into a pilot for a new anime! STAR GUARDIAN! TRANSFORM!
We All Scream For Ice Cream October 14th, 2015 A bunch of Unionites go to an ice cream shop and absolutely nothing horrible happens.
LEVE: A Corrupted Sample October 3rd, 2015 Bertram leads a motley crew to rescue poor Xiao who's a little under the weather.
WMAT 2015 Exhibition: Jinx vs. Toph September 27th, 2015 Jinx and Toph battle it out to see who is the best Sassy Combat Type Person
Cocktails and Yordles ft. Jinx, Teemo and Sanary June 3rd, 2015 Oh god who let Teemo into the feds aaaaaaaa
Facing ELO Hell April 25th, 2015 Jinx is stuck in ELO Hell and it's making her exceptionally depressed and angry. Souji applies his own logic to suggest a way to fix the problem.
INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE March 19th, 2015 Alexis Maaka has finally found the team necessary to get her little warpath going, and the Izunagi Zaibatsu gets its first kick in the teeth in decades from a serious enemy force.
Mission: Field Equipment Recovery March 3rd, 2015 A perfectly normal mission to Odin in order to recover the remains of a field camp that went dark. Welcome to Odin.
In Defense Of Love February 23rd, 2015 The DEFENDER OF LOVE moves in to strike a blow for romance across the Multiverse! However, things don't go quite as planned. Will Lute be shown the error of his ways, or will the DEFENDER OF LOVE encounter a stumbling block in their efforts?
Industrial Flight and Magitech February 20th, 2015 The Starfleet Flotilla and its constituent members come to visit Souji Mirasame to negotiate the addition of some heavy lifting to their techno-adventure commune. Capitalism intensifies.
Kohai Beverage Consumption ft. Jinx and Sanary February 15th, 2015 Jinx get to meet Sanary and chat a little bit before business calls
Sault Ste. Marie Raid January 23rd, 2015 Acquire guns, deal with gangsters, profit.
Time Space Administration Bureau, Magic 101 January 19th, 2015 Zephyr teaches a class on Magic at Alexander Academy. Explaining what she knows herself to the students.
Who Is Logan Trieste January 19th, 2015 The Confederacy makes an attack on Pewter Museum, so that Lute and his allies can capture the Griseous Mirror's glass.
When Watching Sports Gets Real January 15th, 2015 Jinx uses watching some games of the League as an excuse to hang out with Souji. Feels ensue.
A Snowdown Date ft Jinx and Souji December 25th, 2014 Jinx and Souji engage in the age old tradition of awkward first dates thanks to the meddling of Helena
Duel of the Marksmen December 14th, 2014 Jinx and Ezreal greet each other the only way they know how. BATTOL
The Aftermath of Combat ft. Jinx and Sona December 14th, 2014 Jinx and Sona talk League stuff and catch up after the fight with Ezreal
Rank C Dungeon Qualification Trial: Sky Ruins December 11th, 2014 All of Galianda is watching as the first Dungeon License Qualification Trial open to extraversals is held. Three teams compete in a devious and unusual dungeon in order to win the right to explore dangerous areas of Galianda.
No Need For Carrots October 4th, 2014 But we want them anyway! Ryoko and Jinx try to hold up a space freighter transporting space carrots in space. Hi-Jinx ensue. OH THE PUN.
INTRO: Here Comes Vi! August 19th, 2014 INTRO: Jinx has plans to steal a bigass laser rifle from a facility in Urbania. Vi shows up to stop her. BATTLE ENSUES
Jinx's Grumpy Hour in Medical feat. Ferham July 30th, 2014 Jinx recovers after her tournament fight with Ahri, Ferham visits.
1 v 1 on the Murderbridge - Ahri V. Jinx! July 28th, 2014 Jinx and Ahri turn to a duel on the Howling Abyss to show off what each can do to a Multiversal public!
WMAT C3 Procyana vs. Artorias July 23rd, 2014 WMAT C3 battle between Artorias and Procyana!
FISHING FOR BIRDBRAINS July 18th, 2014 Jinx and Anivia go fishing and have a nice chat about being Champs.
WMAT Battle Rondo Exhibition July 14th, 2014 Tora takes on Victoria in a special Battle Rondo/WMAT cross-promotional exhibition match!
Champion's Reunion July 13th, 2014 Jinx and Ahri have a Reunion before the Cannon's fight against Corvo
WMAT B2 Corvo vs. Jinx July 13th, 2014 Corvo and Jinx slug it out between Gunlady and NINJA
Manehattan Murders Part 2 July 6th, 2014 Manehattan murderer strikes again! Or does she? Join Fancy Pants and Detective Gum Shoe in a riveting and altogether mindboggling mystery--the death of Prince Blueblood, former member of the House Moon and Star and Lord of House Whitegold.
WMAT C1 Arthur Lowell vs. Dark Matter June 27th, 2014 WMAT C-BRACKET'S COSMIC CLASH!
WMAT B1 Jinx vs. Allan Bodily June 25th, 2014 WMAT first round Bracket B action between Allan Bodily and Jinx of Zaun. SO MUCH BLOOD!
Confederate War Council 062414 June 24th, 2014 The Confederacy meets to discuss current activities and future plans.
WMAT B1 Mako Mankanshoku vs. Jericho Hawke June 23rd, 2014 The Honnouji Fight Club President takes on the Drifter With Nothing Left To Lose in this bracket B, round 1 match of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Mako Mankanshoku versus Jericho Hawke, live at Yunzabit Heights!

Innsmouth Beach Party! June 22nd, 2014 Ruri Hadou has decided to reward Ariel and Al by sending them and a few allies to the expensive Innsmouth Resort! Nothing bad will happen, surely!
Manehattan Murder Most Foul! June 21st, 2014 The Multiverse's keenest minds are called by House Moon and Star to discretely look into the killings of a squad of royal guard.
Manehattan Madness June 20th, 2014 A familiar clown shows up in a Manehattan park and silliness ensues!
BSZ Target Fight - Ezio v Jinx June 18th, 2014 ONE ON ONE ELITE COMBAT ACTION


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