JoJo's Bizarre Sequence Break! (Josuke Higashikata)

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JoJo's Bizarre Sequence Break! (Josuke Higashikata)
Date of Cutscene: 12 July 2017
Location: Morioh
Synopsis: After telling the Jonathan Joestar of another world the dangers that could lie ahead for him, Josuke wants to learn more so he can try to build a plan around saving his ancestor.
Thanks to: Jonathan Joestar
Cast of Characters: 1119
Tinyplot: N/A

        « Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! »

        The phone buzzed as Josuke listened to the ringing on the other end. "...C'mon, pick up..." he muttered quietly. His house was dark, as his mother had gone to bed. He hadn't wanted to worry his mother, so he'd waited until she'd gone to bed before making the call. He really should be in bed himself, but this was important.

        Finally he heard the 'click' of the phone being picked up, and a familiar, if sleepy, voice. "...Hello?"

        Relieved, Josuke sighed. "Jotaro! Sorry for calling so late."

        The voice on the other end of the phone was instantly more alert. "...Josuke. What's wrong?"

        Josuke drew a breath, hesitating. "I... need a favor." Jotaro remained silent. "I need some more information about Dio, and the Stone Mask," he replied, words rushed. "I need to know everything the Speedwagon Foundation can tell me about the mask, and where it went after Dio used it to become a vampire."

        Jotaro paused. "...Why this, all of a sudden?"

        Again, Josuke hesitated. "...I ran into a parallel world out there. It's a lot like our world, but it's... not as far along, timeline-wise. Its Jonathan Joestar is still alive..." Again, silence on the other end for a long moment, long enough for Josuke to prompt, "...Jotaro?"

        "...I heard," the older man replied. "What do you want to do?"

        Josuke flopped across the couch and propped his socked feet on the opposite arm. "I want to get what information I can. Because... I don't want him to end up like he did in our world. In his world, Dio's gone missing, and so has the mask. I want to get all the information I can, try to save him, and keep Dio from coming back the second time."

        Jotaro didn't speak for a short moment. Then he pointed out, "If you do, you may not develop a Stand. Or me. Or Gramps. You may not even be born. What if it affects this world too? You might disappear in this world."

        Josuke gave a choked-sounding grunt. "I... thought about that..." He frowned, despite that he knew Jotaro couldn't see him. "His world's already been changed, just by it showing up here. So's ours. But... Dio won't ever kill anyone in his world again, either," he pointed out. "Isn't that worth it?" Voice quiet, he continued, "When Dio dies in Mr. Joestar's world, I don't want him to ever come back. Even if... even if that means I won't exist."

        Josuke tended to wear his heart on his sleeve when dealing with his family and close friends. And here, Jotaro could hear the conviction in his voice. And he knew Josuke wasn't going to be swayed from this, even if it might affect his existence in his own world. Jotaro could also hear something else in his voice too. Fear. Not knowing if he'd be changing himself as he knew himself... or whether he'd be erasing himself from existence, either in THIS world or in another world. But he was still willing to chance it, if it would save others.

        "I already told Mr. Joestar about it," Josuke continued. "Well, what I knew anyway, that Dio stole his body. There are people that work with him that are willing to help make sure it doesn't happen in his world. We'll be saving all those people's lives. Dio won't be back, so you won't have to kill him in that world, when the time comes."

        "...Good grief," Jotaro muttered. "You have a plan?"

        "I think so," Josuke confirmed. "I need to know everything I can about that mask, though."

        Jotaro grunted an affirmative sound. Then he noted, "I'm going back to bed. I'm still at the Morioh Grand Hotel. Go there tomorrow, around noon."

        Josuke smiled, the nervousness was starting to lift, and he was feeling more confident about this. "Right. Tomorrow about noon, then." Pause. "...And thanks. This means a lot to me. Good night, Jotaro." Jotaro just grunted, and then the line went dead in Josuke's ear.

        Pressing the button to end the call on his end, Josuke sighed. Mostly in relief. He stood and put the phone back on the cradle. With the news out, and with getting what information he could about the Stone Mask that Dio used to turn himself into a vampire, they should be able to find Dio, and then end him forever. His feelings were mixed about this... but he was sure it was the right thing to do. And that was more important than anything else.