Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-1

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Superficially the same as Earth in the real world, barring the presence of several sorts of supernatural powers. From meso-american pre-human monsters, to vampires, to of course the stands wielded by humans and occasionally animals, a large number of supernatural undertones exist for those aware of where to look for them. The series follows the Joestar bloodline, from Jonathan in Britain and his rival Dio Brando, to the empowerment of both with supernatural arts and monstrous vampirism respectively. The second part involves Jonathan's grandson Joseph inheriting an untrained form of the supernatural art, "Hamon" and gets caught up in a conflict with the indirect creators of vampirism the, "Pillar Men". The third part involves the return of Dio Brando, this time having awakened a manifestation of his own power called a, "Stand" and consequently endangering Joeseph's daughter and the protagonist of this part's mother as she is too peaceable to control her own stand despite Joseph and his grandson both being able to use theirs. Hence, the conflict revolves around Joseph, Jotaro (His grandson) and three others attempting to destroy Dio for good to save Joseph's daughter, Holly. Along the way, many other stands come into play being used by minions of Dio Brando.