Jonothon Starsmore (Dropped)

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Jonothon Starsmore (Scenesys ID: 27)
"Nobody wants to be alone...not even we monsters."
Full Name: Jonothon Evan Starsmore
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Mutant)
Theme: (FC) Marvel Universe-2R
Function: My Face Asplode
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'9" Weight: ~140 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:
“Monster”—Imagine Dragons


From well-to-do British rocker to the "monster" he thinks he is now. Jonothon "Jono" Starsmore has had a crazy life. His powers manifested explosively, crippling his then-girlfriend Gayle, and blowing away Jono's lower jaw and much of his chest. His parents hid his condition until he was contacted by Xavier's Institute, and he decided to go. Once there, he took the name "Chamber". Chamber is a living furnace of biokinetic energy that resembles fire that doesn't burn. He lacks a mouth and internal organs, so he can neither eat nor breathe -- neither does he have a heartbeat, even though blood still pumps through his extremities. Jono is telepathic, but only enough to let him "speak". Due to Gayle's being crippled, his parents basically throwing him away, and his need to hide from the world, he tends to lead a solitary existence. He avoids crowds for fear that he'll "explode" again, and because he can't go out without everything between his nose and his waist covered. Otherwise the fire's on full display. That fire inside him is now the only thing keeping him alive.










Emotional Issues: Putting it mildly; it's less that he has emotional "issues" and more that he has "complete anthologies". Between a lousy sense of self-esteem, being scared of his own powers and the damage they could possibly cause, having no drive to learn finer control over his powers due to the aforementioned fear of them, thinking he's a monster, and several other emotional problems, he's remarkably easy to manipulate if you know what you're doing.

Gayle Edgerton: Gayle was Jono's first serious girlfriend, the one who he happened to cripple when his powers manifested. If she were to come to him asking for help -- or someone using her image -- he's likely to drop his guard instantly...and give her whatever she asks for.

Obvious Mutation: When his powers first made themselves known, they did so explosively, blowing away his lower jaw, the front of his throat, and most of his chest. On top of that, a biokinetic furnace burns in the cavity of his chest. Chamber has to keep everything south of his nose and north of his waist wrapped up, or he has no hope of passing as a normal human.

Missing Senses: Directly resulting from the former, Jono has no mouth. Thus he cannot eat, and has no ability to smell or taste. This means more than just he can't taste the results of someone's cooking or can't smell someone's stench. It also means that he's going to be unprepared for events that have scent cues -- like the formation of a thunderstorm, since he can't smell the ozone or the rain...or a gas explosion, since he can't smell the sulphur-scent.

Contents Under Pressure: The state of Chamber's biokinetic fire is directly connected to his mental state. Put simply, Jono is an explosion waiting to happen. Or rather, he is if he doesn't work out his tension. He can channel it into positive activities, such as sports and gym. If he doesn't do this, he risks another explosion like the one his powers first manifested in. To say nothing of what happens if he's extremely surprised.

Beacon: To anybody who can sense either mutants or psionics, Jono's going to light up like a Christmas tree. There is absolutely no way he can hide this. Suppressing his mutant signature would result in his biokinetic energy weakening (which could kill him, or leave him unable to defend himself if he needs to); suppressing his psionic signature would render him unable to "speak" via his telepathy.

Off Switch: Jono's powers are psychokinetic in nature. This means that very powerful telepaths could potentially reach in and "shut him off". This would take considerable effort and would probably harm the telepath as well, but it can be done. If this were to be accomplished, it would "shut off" his fire, thus turning off the source of power that keeps him alive. This would, of course, kill him permanently.

Recharge Required: Much like a battery, Chamber's biokinetic energy has a finite limit (OOC: no blasts for 1R after an uber; 2R for an epic). He can only use a full-strength blast three or four times before he has to "recharge". This takes about an hour if he wants to wait until he's at full power, though he can recharge enough within a few moments to deliver weaker blasts. It doesn't hurt him on a physical level to deplete his energy in such a way, but until he recharges, he'll be stuck with physical offense/defense. And a human fist isn't much against a giant metal monstrosity, or someone whose skin has the density of reinforced concrete.

Vulnerability: Chamber may be immune to life-draining effects, but psionic draining is another matter. Any form of powers that can affect energy, particularly biokinetic or psychokinetic energy -- including some paranormal devices/powers -- are particularly damaging to him, and run the risk of killing him if his energy is drained far enough.


Title Date Scene Summary
Crashed Space Whale April 3rd, 2015 XCOM Shoots down a Medium-size signal. Elites help secure the crash site before the aliens can demolish any useful tech.
The Dungeon of Mystery January 12th, 2015 A mysterious dungeon between worlds awaits exploration and adventure. What secrets await within? Our intrepid explorers endeavor to find out!
Prelude: Upon The Flames Of Rebirth January 8th, 2015 When fate is altered and warnings not heard by all. A new era awakens and demons of old pasts made new. This is the Prelude and the beginning of a new, dark, dawn.
Metal Encounter! January 3rd, 2015 Dex faces a new and formidable foe, who severely underestimate his allies.
Meeting of Models December 27th, 2014 Tomoyo's call for Elites to act in her commercial is answered! Much discussion about functional fashion ensues.
Operation Morbid Chant December 16th, 2014 Aliens invade Munich in Germany. XCOM + others go wreck face.
Little Lost Lamb December 13th, 2014 Alicia Testarossa goes for a joyride... and attracts the Mariage.
Heartless in the Boondocks November 18th, 2014 Heartless attack a remote rural community in Afterus! Oh no! (Intro scene for Aqua, Roxas and Xion.)
Poison Pool Party November 16th, 2014 A ruined city on a ruined world turns out to be less empty than it seems at first glance, as Union, Confederate, and Unaffiliated forces investigate a mysterious explosion.
What A Jackal November 13th, 2014 Some Jackals are causing issues near the roadway to Aleport, so some request to handle the problem has been sent out to the Outsiders and Adventures alike for aid.
Fire In The Hole November 10th, 2014 The Ala Mhigo Resistance has got their hands one some military grade explosives and they have a plan that could shake the very foundation of the once great city they all call home.
Head Asplode November 5th, 2014 Ferham meets a mutant.
No Need For Carrots October 4th, 2014 But we want them anyway! Ryoko and Jinx try to hold up a space freighter transporting space carrots in space. Hi-Jinx ensue. OH THE PUN.
Welcome to Creepyville October 1st, 2014 A distress signal is heard and help is sent to a town in the middle of nowhere. It is one of those 'everything is OK til you look at it and then get creeped out' situations that got worse after knowing what was going on.
Completely Random Scene OF DESTINY October 1st, 2014 Fox Metroids, E-tanks, & Pinkie Pies. Also a Random MtG game breaks out.
Pirates Be Problems September 28th, 2014 Pirates decide to show their displeasure for some new Maelstrom ships in progress.
Best Day Ever August 24th, 2014 Jonothon Starsmore gets chased by a crazy taxi driver, trapped on an alien ship, stranded on a dead planet, and almost eaten by giant mechanical bugs. BEST DAY EVER!
Shopping is Magic! August 23rd, 2014 Astore, a man made of energy, and a Shinki. Oh and bag of holding used as a footbag! Musn't forget that, very important!
Trouble On The Rise August 17th, 2014 The Ala Mhigan Resistance has called out for help from the outsiders of their world. For their youths have gone missing and they fear for the worst. For here in this land, there are far greater things to fear then the warmth of the hot sun.
Attack on Alexandria August 10th, 2014 The Seaport Princess Darwin spearheads an attack on the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt, with the sole goal of absolute destruction.
Hangin' At the Bar & Grill August 9th, 2014 It's the perfect setup for a "walk into a bar" joke, predictably. Social conversation happens!
Drifter July 11th, 2014 Serenity and crew encounter something odd while cruising through the Void.
Doom Comes To The Rookery July 3rd, 2014 Doctor Victor Von Doom decides it's time for the Feds to take the Rookery back.
Violet and Jonothan Digital World Meeting June 28th, 2014 Dr. Violet Hunter and Jonothon Starsmore meet in the Digimon MMO, to discuss the Digimon Emperor.
Defense of PA-N51 June 27th, 2014 The very generous but mysterious "League of Rule Companies" submits an urgent, last-minute contract and gets a wide variety of Elites answering the call.
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
Digimon MMO! Let's Go! June 25th, 2014 The first scene in the Digimon MMO of the Digimon-1 universe, introducing several people to the concept of Digimon for the first time.
Samson and Delilah June 22nd, 2014 Cameron goes bad. A Multiversal team responds to stop her, and the aftermath of it puts John and Sarah in conflict with each other.
They are the Borg June 17th, 2014 Kotone and Roll check out what sounds like actions of the aliens that XCOM are fighting. It turns out to be something far more personally horrifying to Kotone. It's the Borg...


Title Date Scene Summary
Silly (Jonothon Starsmore) December 16th, 2014 Jono reflects on the silliness of trying to give a gift to basically the god of gifting people. But does it anyway.
A Little Acceptance Goes A Long Way (Jonothon Starsmore) September 28th, 2014 Despite the fact that Jono's fiery face hasn't garnered a lot of Elite horror or revulsion, it's never really sunk in that the rest of the Multiverse doesn't automatically hate him for being dangerous to be around. The get-together after the "Pirates Be Problems" incident might have chipped away a little of that.

Info Files


OOC: Chamber's accent is probably not being played with 100% consistency. This is a mistake I'm aware is PROBABLY happening. However, please be assured that this is not something I'm doing purposely. The difficulty lies in the fact that I happen to be a born-and-raised American, and my only exposure to the British accent is British comedies.

Add to this that Chamber's accent was SUPPOSED to be played not completely accurately. He was originally designed to be, essentially, John Lennon as seen through the eyes of an American, as a mutant. So the accent is overplayed in some areas, and downplayed in others.

Additionally, I strive to maintain readability and pose flow over authenticity of the sound of his accent. While he might actually be SAYING 'Wotz yer naime?', it's much easier to type 'What's your name?' It can also be read by others much better.



  • Rynn and Arokh: "Hard ter tell who's in charge wi' this pair. An' I never thought I'd see an actual dragon. Well, besides Lockheed. But 'e's tiny."
  • John Connor and Cameron: "Glad ter hear everythin's been good with you lot. Lemme know if yer need help."
  • Karian: "I don't think I've ever seen anybody stand around an' 'ave a normal conversation while he was bleedin' from 'is face. Too bad about your eye..."
  • Marrik: "Thanks. Sorry if I scared yer. Still figurin' all this 'mutant' stuff out yet."
  • Toph: "..." Blink. "...'Fly boy'?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "First time I've ever seen a flyin' horse really. But I think by now the Multiverse's got me where I jus' shrug an' go 'whatever'. Glad yer wasn't hurt though."


  • The Rookery: "When I met Rynn and Arokh I said I never thought I'd see an actual dragon. I take it back. This place is full of dragons 'a ev'ry description. Now I don't think I'll ever see a dragon I 'aven't seen 'ere."Dropped