Josuke Higashikata

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Josuke Higashikata (Scenesys ID: 1119)
"This is <great>!"
Full Name: Josuke Higashikata
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age: Late teens Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Yuuki Ono (JP)/Billy Kametz (EN)
Height: 6' Weight: 181 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: - Diamond Is Unbreakable ~Main Theme~


Josuke Higashikata is not what one might expect of the usually hotheaded, ill-fated Joestar line. An illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar with Tomoko Higashikata, Josuke is unfailingly kind, generally honest, slow to anger, and unendingly agreeable to others. But he displays the Joestar cunning, and can come up with unorthodox solutions to many situations. His kindness, his most defining trait, is reflected in Crazy Diamond, his Stand—a personification of his “life energy”, and representation of his psyche. Crazy Diamond, besides being incredibly fast and strong, has the ability to fix/heal whatever it touches... but it’s not perfect. Josuke himself is far from perfect, either. Despite the power of his Stand, it can’t fix everything... like himself. Though he usually tries to do the right thing, Josuke does seem to have a weakness for money, and is not above using his Stand’s powers or his intelligence to steal from even his family and close friends. He also seems to have a streak of overconfidence, likely inherited from his father. And whatever you do, don’t ever insult his hair!



He can't build nuclear reactors from pipe cleaners and duct tape but he can use ordinary items in conjunction with his Stand in unorthodox ways to solve problems, as well as pick up on subtle clues in the environment and in someone's speech that others may miss.
*Quantum Solution: Josuke's capable of using whatever is around him to come up with solutions to problems.
*Mind Reading: Easily picking up on body language, verbal and non-verbal cues that indicate whether someone is lying, hiding something, or telling the truth.

Crazy Diamond
Josuke's "Stand", a physical manifestation of fighting spirit, life force, and/or psyche. Can't manifest more than a few arms' length from Josuke. Does not have its own personality, but may rescue Josuke from sudden hazards if he's aware of them.
Attack List - Melee: Crazy Diamond can damage reinforced steel with punches and strike at insanely fast speeds. Josuke can also charge his Stand with Hamon.
Attack List - Ranged: Crazy Diamond can accurately fire rifle bullets as if it were using an actual rifle, or use smaller pellet-like objects as projectiles. If they're wood, Josuke can charge these with Hamon.
Damage Reduction: Mundane attacks are little danger to Crazy Diamond; Elite attacks damage it far less than they would damage Josuke.


Crazy Diamond's signature ability is to revert an object or person to a previous state in their history. Can't use this on himself or anything on his person.
*Destruction: Revert an object back to components, or purposely warp an object/person beyond repair.
Healing - Other: Revert a person to being not injured. This can't cure disease or bring back the dead.
Repair: So long as all pieces of the object still exist somewhere, revert broken inanimate objects to repaired state. Small objects take a few seconds, larger objects may take up to a minute.

Hamon Training
A breathing technique employed by Tibetan monks; Josuke can use this to create a form of energy inside himself that can either heal or harm.
Bane - Undead: Hamon energy tends to have devastating effects on undead flesh.
Healing - Self: Given time (and quiet) to meditate Josuke can focus his body's metabolism to heal his own injuries.
Cure - Other: By flooding a living body with Hamon he can purge it of disease/negative status.
Attack List - Melee: Attack List - Ranged: Healing - Other: If Josuke can hit it, he can attack it with Hamon; he can charge wooden objects with Hamon and fire them as per normal for his Stand; he can use Hamon energy to heal biological beings.


Stand Attributes
Intangibility: Stands have limited ability to phase through solid objects. However, Crazy Diamond may only phase through barriers that Josuke himself can see the other side of.
Mobility: Josuke often uses his Stand to maneuver around obstacles via throwing himself.

Stand Invisibility
Stands/effects are generally invisible to those with average senses and/or willpower. Can also be detected by motion sensors, EM sensors, sophisticated cameras, air currents, etc.
Invisibility: Defeated by PCs and any dedicated detection abilities/devices.

Enhanced Condition
Superhumanity: Josuke's physical abilities are close to "human peak".
Agelessness: Regular practice of Hamon breathing slows (but does not stop) his aging.

Speedwagon Foundation
The Speedwagon Foundation are experts in medical research, environmental conservation, and have much information about Stands and their users.
Conveniences: SPW can provide rescue, medical assistance, mundane combat expertise, limited protective gear, and (in-theme) information.


Forgiveness Before Permission <Trouble>: Crazy Diamond’s ability to instantly fix/heal broken things/injured people causes Josuke to not worry about it when his plans cause property damage or physical injury, because he can generally just fix whatever—or whoever—he breaks. His fine control over Crazy Diamond’s abilities and the Stand’s great power—and his own overconfidence and tendency to get in over his head—tends to leave him bewildered when people get upset at him when he does these things. Needless to say, he’s liable to get yelled at the first time he does something like... oh, say, punch through a hostage to disarm the captor, even if he does “just fix it”.

Delinquent <Significant>: Josuke has little regard for the law, particularly where helping someone who needs it is concerned. Though it’s not all just because he places doing what’s right over adherence to laws. He would think nothing of using his Stand to steal money and small things such as candies from even his own family, start fights with friends over feeling cheated out of money, or break a wall to take a shortcut through a city—or a house!

What Did You Say About My Hair?! <Significant>: Josuke is super-touchy about insults to his unusual hairstyle, and tends to become rude and violent when this happens. What he defines as an insult is saying the pompadour/regent is out of style, calling the style ugly/stupid, acting as though it’s a detriment to his appearance, touching his hair with intent to mess it up (this does not include noogies, he knows those are generally meant to be fond), indicating that birds should use it as a nest, etc. Essentially negative comments that are offered with intent to be insulting are what triggers this. It's difficult to reason with him in this state, and he won’t stop until he feels the slight has been avenged... or until he gets his butt kicked!

Softhearted <Significant>: While he’s not simple or naive, and he doesn’t exactly leap to the defense of fair maidens, Josuke does have a desire to help those in need and to generally do the right thing. This is responsible for the majority of the trouble he gets into. He’ll even heal his enemies. It hardly needs to be said why that is a bad idea.

Stand Damage <Minor>: A Stand is a manifestation of its user’s own life force. Thusly, damage inflicted on Crazy Diamond will appear on Josuke (bruises, severed limbs, etc.). Josuke will be knocked unconscious if Crazy Diamond is defeated, and he can be killed if enough damage is done to his Stand. Status effects inflicted onto Crazy Diamond, such as poison or dizziness, will also carry over to Josuke.

Greedy <Minor>: Josuke has more “flexible” morals where money is concerned. He isn’t a spendthrift; most of the money he has goes into his savings account for an emergency. But his apparent willingness to help himself to the cash of even close friends and family is definitely something that one could object to. And it could end up making his allies lose trust in, or respect for, him.

Mood Powers <Minor>: Crazy Diamond’s restoration ability may not be able to work properly if Josuke is angry, upset, or heavily distracted. This can lead him to improperly heal an ally’s injuries at a critical moment, botch the restoration of an important object when it's needed the most, or just to ruin a hat or article of clothing.

Phobia <Minor>: Reptiles in general make Josuke uneasy, and he’s downright afraid of turtles. In his own world, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. But in the Multiverse, where human-sized reptiles can totally be a reality, this phobia just might rear its ugly head and make things difficult for him.


Title Date Scene Summary
Mystery On A Brimsteel Express December 9th, 2018 How do you pull a Wild West 'Train Robbery' and still be the 'good guys'? Like this! (and a few plot twists)
Gentle Days Vanish One By One November 20th, 2018 Wherein our intrepid heroes follow the strange hallucinations and save a holy guardian beast.
Hamon wholewheat August 28th, 2018 Yang asks for help healing lingering wounds from the fight with the Saint of Glass. Josuke answers the call.
Escape From Facinaturu August 5th, 2018 Elites from multiple factions as well those unaligned try to rescue Asellus and White Rose from the tyranny of Chateau Aiguille, run by Mystic Lord Orlouge.
And the Abyss May 27th, 2018 A briefing and planning grouping, preparing for the endgame.
The Dark Lady: Wavering Heroes May 10th, 2018 Tomoe and her party confront some more of the heroes who have started to question their own existence and just what is actually going on.
Zergling Rush May 7th, 2018 Pending
Dark Lady: Hunt 2 April 13th, 2018 Pending
MDCC: Arcade February 26th, 2018 Social scene set in the Emerald City of Adventure, Arcade, featuring the resident Drive Core Controller-- Alea.
Revisiting the Lot February 24th, 2018 Josuke returns to Windknight's Lot to see how things are coming along. He scares the hell out of poor Anco with his restoration abilities, finds Jonathan in the castle, and offers further assistance in making the castle livable. Jonathan also asks an uncomfortable question!
MDCC: Alert Amethyst February 14th, 2018 Enter the Amethyst Drive and assist the local DCC against the viral tyrant lizard, Cacophodon.

Meet Saltavi, Cantio, and the city of Cadenza.

Part 1 of a series of scenes to help introduce the ROM theme.

MDCC: Cadenza February 13th, 2018 Social scene in the Amethyst City of Songs. Meeting Saltavi, Cantio, and the city of Cadenza.
New Years Revelation December 31st, 2017 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
Fragments: Venus December 28th, 2017 The trail of Fragments--and troubling Corpus developments--leads to Venus.
Fragments: Earth December 23rd, 2017 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
The Dark Lady PT 2: Little Trouble In a Little Villiage December 12th, 2017 Tomoe and company go to confronting the 'heroes' for the first time and accidentally end up kidnapping the local barmaid who looks a hell of a lot like she's Tomoe's sister.
The Dark Lady December 6th, 2017 Tomoe gets a strange quest where she has to play the villain and she needs to recruit some generals to help her out.
Operation Quicksilver: Interdiction November 26th, 2017 An ambush of an Abyssal Fleet nearly goes wrong.

Thankfully, it doesn't.

Wrench in the Works-3 November 11th, 2017 The Elites enter the inhospitable Reaches to search for the hideout of
Wrench in the Works-2 November 3rd, 2017 Eye and his allies investigate an apartment complex for Autochthon's Chosen. Their search for the saboteur yields a face and a name, but his motive and precise whereabouts will take further searching to find.
The Root of Civilization October 3rd, 2017 Paladins descend into an underground Mesoamerican city to bring the fight to the Urban Breath.
A-Mei-Zing Pursuit September 14th, 2017 The Paladins request aid in the pursuit of a criminal speedster Eekay, and recieve help in a world where 80% of the population have superpowers!
Urban Lungs September 12th, 2017 Elites descend into sealed tunnels below the city where the Urban Breath pervades the very air, aiming to rip it's influence out from the roots.
Unraveling August 1st, 2017 On the eve of the Urca hunt, a member of the Walrus crew comes forward with some troubling information.
Talent Acquisition July 24th, 2017 Captain Flint is spoiled for choice when it comes to hired help. He and Gates hold a meeting for interested parties, to discuss strategy, and, more importantly, payment.
Expedition Exposition July 9th, 2017 Catching up on recent events.
Dark Castle of the Forest July 7th, 2017 How the whole Dark Lady chain, started. Tomoe rushed off to do what was intended by Cardinal to be a group quest, and things go bad, very bad.
The Land of 77 Rings July 4th, 2017 A small group descends upon the isolated town of Windknight's Lot in search of the missing Jonathan Joestar.
Money is the Root July 2nd, 2017 Cultists for the Urban Breath hijack several money transport trucks to spread tainted currency through the city.
Just a day at the beach... With Gaige June 20th, 2017 Gaige and Ferham go to beach city and meet Steven Universe! Things get OFF THE HOOK! And Gaige causes more property damage, which Josuke fixes.
Undead Reckoning June 20th, 2017 Frontier Ghost Town in the most literal way possible.
High Impact Grimm Explosions June 2nd, 2017 Grimm attack.

Elites respond.

Grid-Lock May 23rd, 2017 A group of viruses make a daring raid on a laboratory in Locus.

A band of Elites come to assist the local Goddess in uprooting them.

Things don't go exactly according to plan.

P:WtWM - Janine's Birthday (summerized) May 20th, 2017 A summary of what happened in the original scene, lost in the server crash.


Title Date Scene Summary
Yo-Ho Blah (Josuke Higashikata) August 15th, 2017 Josuke is exhausted after assisting with the defense and salvage of the cargo of the Urca de Lima. He is handed off to Jotaro at some point after he passes out, and wakes up on the way back home. Conversation ensues, and Josuke is given more homework!
JoJo's Bizarre Sequence Break! (Josuke Higashikata) July 12th, 2017 After telling the Jonathan Joestar of another world the dangers that could lie ahead for him, Josuke wants to learn more so he can try to build a plan around saving his ancestor.

Stand Parameters

Crazy Diamond's official parameters as they appeared in the anime. Mouseover where italicized for more info about a stat.

  • Destructive power (破壊力 -- Hakairyoku): A
  • Speed (スピード -- Supīdo): A
  • Range (射程距離 -- Shatei Kyori): D
  • Durability (持続力 -- Jizoku-ryoku): B
  • Precision (精密動作性 -- Seimitsu Dōsa-sei): B
  • Development Potential (成長性 -- Seichō-sei): C

Random Trivia

  • Given Araki's art style changed around the middle of Part 4 ("Diamond Is Unbreakable", the part Josuke stars in), it's probably pertinent to note the character build/look I tend towards. It's this one.
  • Josuke is an oddity amongst the series protagonists in that he doesn't actually LIKE the nickname "Jojo". It was given to him by a group of punks he met on his first day of high school, since the second character of his name (the character that reads 'suke') can also be read as 'jo' (hence 'jo' + 'jo'). however, no one who's really his friend calls him "Jojo", defaulting instead to "Josuke", his proper first name.