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Honnouji Academy, a high school set within Tokyo Bay, itself within a post-apocalyptic Japan.

The school is dominated by its powerful and authoritarian student council, which is led by Satsuki Kiryuuin. The council members, along with other high ranking students and club members, wear Goku Uniforms that grant superhuman abilities, which they use to oppress the school's other students and faculty.

Ryuko Matoi, a recent transfer student who wields a blade shaped like one half a scissor, transfers to the school, looking for the one who holds her weapon's other half — the person who killed her father.

The Theme In A Nutshell


Honnouji Academy, and indeed, the world of KILL la KILL-1, exists on an Earth in the not-so-distant future, that had recently experienced an unknown event, that has made many places inhospitable.

Honnouji itself is an artificial island, built in the middle of Tokyo Bay, and takes up nearly all of it. The city of Tokyo is all but owned by REVOCS, a clothing manufacturing company that also provides all of the funding for Honnouji Academy itself. The CEO of REVOCS is Ragyo Kiryuuin, and she is also the Academy's board of directors chair. Thus, her daughter, the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, rules the school and city with an iron fist, with little to oppose her.

The Kiryuuin Conglomerate owns 90% of all clothing manufacturing and production outlets the world over.

Students at Honnouji Academy are devided into several classes, based on academic and extracurricular performance. These are seperate from the year of their actual education. Each class also has seperate classrooms. Starless Students are those with average or below ability and grades. They are forced to live in the slums at the bottom of Honnouji, called Honnou Town. One-Star Students are those with above-average grades and abilities. They are allowed to live in the One-Star district, a modern collection of condos and apartments. Two-Star Students are those who have risen through the school's ranks, and are club presidents. They are given very expensive living arrangements and large stipends.

Three-Star Students are a special case. Only four exist, currently.

Duty Name Goku Uniform
Non-Athletic Club Chairman Nonon Jakuzure Symphony Regalia
Information Committee Chairman Houka Inumuta Probe Regalia
Athletic Club Chairman Uzu Sanageyama Blade Regalia
Diciplinary Council Committee Chairman Ira Gamagoori Shackle/Scourge Regalia

These four students form the Elite Four, and are considered to be the hand of Satsuki Kiryuuin herself, acting only on her direct orders.

Club Name Former Rank Current Rank FC/OC
Baking Club Hanoko Tetsuyama ★★ ★★ OC
Chess Club Getsu Katashiro ★★ OC
Folk Dancing Club Maimu Okurahama ★★ FC
Occult Club Tenka Fendoji ★★ OC
Lacrosse Club Oriko Junkeri ★★ ★★ OC
Airsoft Club Taruta Soichiro ★★ OC
Baseball Club Masaya Kiruna ★★ OC

Mostly made up of original characters and run as NPC boss encounters. These are the Club Presidents that have been faced by the Fight Club.


Term Definition
Goku Uniform Specialized combat clothing, made of Life Fibers. They come in One, Two, and Three-Star variants. They greatly enhance the capabilities of anyone who wears them. One Star variants are fairly generic. Two Star uniforms are potentially Elite-level and can be tailored to their user and their club. Three Star uniforms are likely just as specialized, though they haven't been seen in combat, yet.
Life Fibers Special fibers, woven into clothing. They drastically enhance the powers of anyone who wears them. Goku Uniforms and Kamui are made using them, though the former can only be made of 30% at the most.
Kamui Literally meaning God's Clothes, they are outfits made entirely of Life Fibers, and they enhance the wearer's abilities to superhuman levels.

Changes From Canon

Several two-star students have been stripped of rank, only a couple have kept theirs. A few are OC's.

Mako has kept her two-star uniform, and lives in one-star housing with Ryuko and her family.

Ryuko, as a result of training for the 2014 WMAT, has unlocked her Senjin and Shippu forms for Senketsu much sooner.

Current Cast

Name Type Current PL Player
Ryuko Matoi FC 26, Aura Flare 32 Rally
Mako Mankanshoku FC 10, Aura Flare 31 Private!
Satsuki Kiryuin FC 30, Aura Flare 33 Private!