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Kaede (Scenesys ID: 312)
"Come on, Master! We're gonna be late! You don't want to make everyone wait, do you!?"
Full Name: Kaede
Gender: Female
Species: Shinki
Theme: (OC) Busou Shinki-1
Function: Type Eagle
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age: N/A Actual Age: 6 months
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: None
Height: 15cm(6 Inches) Weight: Varies
Hair Color: Slate Grey Eye Color: Rose Pink
Theme Song: None


When Sakura Kinomoto saved the life of Union Steel's Chief Operations Officer, the last thing she expected was a reward! After risking herself to defend the COO from a rival company's hired thugs, Sakura was given the gift of a valuable and rare Raptias model Shinki who was originally destined for a tournament in America. Sakura quickly named her Kaede, or Maple. One of Union Steel's top-of-the-line Shinki models, the Raptias is inspired by a premier bird of prey. Much like her inspiration, Kaede can be as headstrong, arrogant, and aloof as she is loyal to her Master -- and dedication is this Shinki's middle name! Though her loyalty to Sakura will likely get Kaede into trouble in more ways than one, she's begun adopting some of Sakura's cheerful nature as a contrast to her baseline persona. Small, delicate, and difficult to repair due to the cost and rarity of her components, this Shinki is determined to prove herself as both a valuable friend and fearsome foe, no matter who she has to fight.










TINY: Most shinki are a mere 15 centimeters (or 6 inches) tall. Many things that larger creatures would shrug off become dangerous hazards to such a small being. Cooking can be especially dangerous to an inexperienced or clumsy shinki. So too can unexpected pitfalls, such as not paying attention when walking along a surface and suddenly finding the edge. Linked to this is the scale of combat. Many strikes that would only wound a larger being can encompass a Shinki's entire body.

SHINKI: While Kaede is a synthetic being, a robot, there are many things that can still affect her. Computer viruses can cause symptoms similar to sickness, and overindulging in Nitro Jelly Cans is capable of rendering her into a state similar to a drunken stupor. Parts can and will also be damaged and require replacing after combat outside of a Virtualizer.

JILL OF ALL TRADES: But a master of none. While not exactly a flaw, being an all-rounder has its disadvantages. While she can fill any role, Kaede will always be outclassed by a specialized unit in that same role. For example, she wouldn't be able to match an Artille at range, nor a Strarf in melee, and while an agile flier, would find herself hard pressed against an Arnval or Asuka.

RARE: Raptias model Shinki are a very rare breed, probably due to the limited runs of manufacture they undergo. This can make parts hard to acquire at times. This adds +1 day to healing times regardless of damage sustained.

MASTER: If Sakura Kinomoto is threatened directly, Kaede will not rest until the threat is passed and her Master is safe. Even going so far as to put herself between a threat and the girl.


Title Date Scene Summary
Sakura and the Purple Pentacle November 7th, 2015 Thirty minutes ago, Sakura Kinomoto disappeared chasing a mysterious man. Two minutes ago, Jean announced that every multiversal in world 865 would die. We've only got less than an hour to save the world...
The Time, Part 2 July 27th, 2015 Sakura and Kaiba have a Duel over The Time, while the rest try to save Tomoyo and take the card outside of Kaiba's challenge.
Battle Rondo:Ulaire vs Kaede May 11th, 2015 Kaede and Ulaire fight in the first round of the Battle Rondo!
Davina vs Goliathia February 27th, 2015 Kaede and Audrey face off over a disagreement on the Broadband.
Starry Catch-Ups December 6th, 2014 Tomoyo pays Sakura and Kaede a surprise visit to catch up!
Tinker Ranger Captor Spy September 3rd, 2014 Poor little Kaede has a couple of visitors...
Target: Caverns of Prophecy September 1st, 2014 Kaede decides to go do some snooping around and finds herself dealing with some Garlean Troopers over the Caverns Of Prophecy.


Title Date Scene Summary
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