Kanade Tachibana (Dropped)

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Kanade Tachibana (Scenesys ID: 512)
"Sometimes it feels like I'm the bad guy... but I know that, in the end, people will be happier if they can let go."
Full Name: Kanade Tachibana
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Angel Beats-1R
Function: Schoolgirl Shinigami
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: Unknown (Likely 16-20)
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa
Height: 4'11 (150 cm) Weight: Slender
Hair Color: White silver Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDSpyC6tx0A


Tachibana Kanade, known as angel by those of her world, is a girl with a demeanor to match her nickname: her words are soft, and she carries with her a sort of serenity that can seem unnatural at times. Unfortunately, though, she can be subtle to a fault, and her mild manner can often be misconstrued as emotionlessness or stoicism. Where she comes from, this has gone so far as to make others view her as an oppressive taskmaster of God, when in reality she serves no higher power. Her only real allegiance is to the happiness of others, which she pursues by making sure that the 'Afterlife School' runs as it should. By extension, this means leading all of the students to their 'graduation', or the moment when they are ready to move on. But not everyone is content to fade away and lose their memories. When others reject the promise of new life, Kanade is able to make use of a mysterious computer program - the Angel Player - to give her access to swords, wings, and even powerful clones of herself with which to keep things in check. However, throughout the years there has been no one to thank her for what she does, and success has only meant renewed loneliness. This has fostered a rather stubborn distance toward others that she has yet to shake.










DISTANT: Kanade's goal to help others comes at a rather high personal cost: almost complete isolation. Whenever she became friends with anyone, she was only able to watch as they found fulfillment and passed on, leaving her all alone in the afterlife. While this stark reality did not sway her from her self-given mission, it has made her extremely reserved and somewhat jaded. Consequentially, she is slow to form relationships with others and can be quite guarded in what she shares with them.

TACITURN: Kanade is quiet and rarely puts much feeling behind her words. This often makes her seem as though she is completely lacking in emotional investment or 'robotic', when in reality her way of expressing herself is simply less 'loud' than it can be for others. Still, this can frequently lead to misunderstandings between her and others, and most of the time they only make her feel worse.

ONLY IN SELF DEFENSE: Not only did Kanade design her abilities to be almost purely defensive, but she has never killed someone in an environment where they will not simply come back to life hours later. She will never attack first, and during a fight, she will always hold back so that she doesn't end up taking the lives of anyone else. And if she ever did accidentally kill someone? The emotional backlash would be considerable, even if she is somewhat desensitized to the actual act of killing by now.

VOICE ACTIVATED: Nearly all of Kanade's abilities are voice activated. Consequentially, if she is ever prevented from speaking somehow, she will be unable to use most of her powers. Also, Kanade has a relatively small and predictable repertoire of skills. If someone were to fight her on multiple occasions or otherwise become acquainted with her capabilities, they would be easily capable of predicting her next attack based on its name.

HACKED!: The Angel Player is the source of Kanade's power, and if anyone gained access to it, they would be able to alter her skill set in extremely damaging ways. This would effectively sabotage her and prevent her from fighting until she was able to fix and reorganize things in the program itself, making this a significant vulnerability on her part. (Consent and relevant skills/knowledge are usually required to exploit this.)

HARMONICS: In the Multiverse at large, Kanade can usually only create a single clone, and her clones cannot create clones of themselves. Also, if her clones do turn against her in the middle of a fight and she re-absorbs them, this is a significant strain on her psyche. Violent re-absorption can weaken her skills and strikes at the least, and go so far as to knock her out completely at the most. (Using two or more clones requires consent.)

DISTORTION: In the Multiverse at large, Kanade's distance from the Angel Player limits what this ability is capable of doing. For one, it is not able to manifest itself around her entire body, but only in front of her. Also, if she was attacked by a canon, powerful magic, or bullets from several different sources, it's extremely likely that it would just stop working. At those times, she will either block whatever is left with hand sonic if that is logically feasible, get out of the way, or get trashed. Finally, this ability is strictly defensive - if Kanade decides to start using abilities like 'Delay' and actively tries to strike at her opponent, it will simply cease to function. (In her homeworld, Distortion is able to take a bit more punishment, but it still can only guard her front.)


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