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Kathryn Janeway (Scenesys ID: 348)
"It's never easy, but if we turn our backs on our principles, we stop being human."
Full Name: Kathryn Elizabeth Janeway
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Star Trek-1R
Function: Starfleet Captain
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (6-Lieutenant)
Groups: Users.net
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 30s Actual Age: 31
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Kate Mulgrew
Height: 5'6" Weight: Average
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: Thomas Bergersen - Merchant Prince


In Earth's distant future, one final frontier remains to humanity. Deep space beckons the courage and the curious, with many a brave man or woman taking to the stars to discover their mysteries. Among them is Kathryn Janeway, the Indiana-born captain of the U.S.S. Voyager. She has the same qualities many storied captains before her had borne: Courage, composure, and compassion. Morally upstanding, she puts others before herself, and will always strive to take responsibility for her crew and bring them home safe. Despite this, she sometimes takes her duties too seriously, and can be led by the nose where the safety of her crew is concerned. Now, in the uncharted depths of the Multiverse, she attempts to boldly go where no one has gone before, exploring the ever-shifting regions overlooked by Union and Confederacy alike for the good of the Federation.









  • The Crew: The experience of being stranded seventy thousand light years from known space is a transformative experience, and one that forged strong bonds between the captain and crew of the USS Voyager. While not necessarily possessive of them, Janeway is nonetheless very protective of the people that serve under her, and she considers herself responsible for their safety. Though she's well aware of this fault, it could nonetheless be a simple matter for more enterprising opponents to somehow use them against her.
  • The Drive: With a healthy work ethic and a strong moral code, Janeway has an unfortunate habit of working herself into exhaustion if she feels the situation warrants it (and she often does in critical scenarios). Her sense of responsibility means that she tends to have very little regard for herself when it comes to the well-being of her crew, or the completion of a mission, especially if she feels she's close to whatever goal may be at hand. She's often somewhat careful not to run herself down to the point of incapacitation, but at the same time, she's not always running at one hundred percent, either.
  • The Infection: After a failed assimilation attempt, Janeway has developed an intense aversion to the Borg. She fears and detests them or those who function like them, and these feelings can easily be twisted and used against her. Her experiences in The Maw scarred her both literally and figuratively, and the thought of being plunged back into that nightmare (or one similar to it) may make her both desperate and irrational.
  • The Morals: Janeway's strong moral fiber prevents her from acting in certain ways, even if it might be more advantageous for her to cut corners or behave selfishly. She takes her duties as a starship captain very seriously, and she believes that if the situation should ever come to it, it's her duty to go down with her ship or sacrifice herself to save her crew. This extends to include her comrades in the Union.
  • The Ship: Though it is an excellent resource, the USS Voyager can also be a liability in some situations. It can be large, unwieldy, and many of its useful systems are either integrated into the ship, or are simply unable to be removed. Though Multiversal technology has helped improve some of its defenses, Voyager can also be susceptible to certain forms of electromagnetic interference.
    • Bio-Neural Circuitry: The experimental augmentations to Voyager's computer systems include the use of synthetic neural cells and tissue, which allow it to function at a much more efficient level than more conventional isolinear circuitry. Unfortunately, this also makes it highly vulnerable, and the ship's computer can be affected by conditions like viruses.
    • Deflector Dish: A critical component of Voyager, the navigational deflectors are force fields made to protect Voyager from space dust, asteroids, and other natural hazards. Added to that the fact that many of Voyager's primary systems are routed through the deflector dish, it can be an extreme vulnerability when targeted.
    • Shields: If someone knows the exact frequencies of Voyager's shield systems, it is possible to compromise them by adjusting the frequency modulation of weapons to punch right through them as though they weren't even there. This can be difficult to do, since Voyager's systems have been augmented with Union technology, but it isn't outside the realm of possibility.
  • The Coffee: God help you if Janeway runs out.


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Info Files

Voyager (Assets)

Voyager is equipped with numerous assets, both standard and new technology, which set it apart from older Starfleet vessels. Improvements include more efficient engines, bio-neural circuitry to augment its computer systems, and an Emergency Medical Hologram protocol to assist with the crew.

It also has a number of other features:

New and experimental technology allows Voyager's computers and subcomputer systems using "bio-neural gel paks," which simulate neural tissue to process information faster and more efficiently than more traditional isolinear circuitry. While they do allow for faster and greater quantities of simultaneous calculations, their biological components are a vulnerability.
Defensive Systems
Intrepid-class defense systems are robust, able to protect Voyager from interstellar threats despite its exploratory purpose. Its primary means of defense is the use of force fields to absorb or deflect damage. Power can also be routed from other systems to temporarily strengthen its defenses.
Voyager is outfitted with a complement of two holographic environment simulators for crew training, exercise, and recreation. They can simulate just about anything, going so far as to offer convincing solidity to their technological illusions.
Sick Bay
Voyager's infirmary is a small but well-equipped facility designed for treating organic and limited cybernetic ailments. Its Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) is a fully-capable physician, more skilled than most stock EMH protocols. It cannot treat rare or extreme ailments, though, and it cannot match the skill of trained Union Elite healers.
Tactical Analysis
The sophisticated suite of sensors, scanning equipment, and analytical processes aboard Voyager are designed to keep its crew informed of situations. They can offer a broad spectrum of information in combat and non-combat situations, scanning objects and localized regions in tremendous detail. (Consent is required to detect hidden player characters or cloaked ships under player character control.)
Using a combination of Starfleet and Union technology, Voyager's transporter bays can send crew members to remote locations or receive them. The bays have also been outfitted with a secondary secure transporter bay that can send or receive crew members and small amounts of cargo directly to or from Njorun Station. (Consent is required to transport into player-owned or otherwise secure locations.)
Weapons Systems
Though a science vessel, Voyager's weapons are nonetheless capable of answering hostile force that might threaten it when no other options are available. Its primary weapons are phasers, which are directed energy weapons on a large scale. It also uses photon torpedoes, whose tubes are also capable of launching probes. (Consent is required to gather information on PC-affiliated targets.)

Voyager (Crew)

As captain of the U.S.S. Voyager, Janeway has a complement of one hundred fifty Starfleet and Maquis crew members under her command. Though the starship and its crew belong to both Starfleet and Union command structures, they are personally loyal to Janeway. (Well, most of them, anyway.)

Some of the more notable senior officers are as follows:

Executive Officer
Commander Chakotay PL 31
Once a Maquis rebel captain, Chakotay now serves Janeway as her first officer. Fiercely loyal to Janeway and well-balanced, his calm, stoic exterior helps temper her more spitfire tendencies. As first officer, he implements her orders, prepares and issues duty rosters, and commands Voyager in Janeway's absence.
Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok PL 31
A Vulcan and chief officer of Voyager's security complement. Tuvok is a longtime friend of Janeway's, whom she trusts to adjust her moral compass every so often. Logical to the extreme, he solves scenarios with clinical detachment.
Lieutenant Tom Paris PL 27
An unapologetic skirt-chaser, Tom was a Starfleer dropout, former Maquis rebel, and has finally come to serve in Voyager's crew at Janeway's direct request. He describes himself as Starfleet's best pilot, and his duties mainly consist of piloting Voyager.
Chief Engineer
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres PL 29
Half human and half Klingon, B'Elanna is sometimes possessed of a fierce temper, but there are no finer engineers aboard Voyager. She heads the engineering department, and though they have been at odds in the past, her cleverness has earned Janeway's respect and trust.
Operations Officer
Ensign Harry Kim PL 26
Among the most junior of the crew, Harry is a skillful and solid officer despite his occasional uncertainty. He serves as the operations officer, and his duties include overseeing internal systems, communications, and sensors. he also coordinates resource scheduling, and Voyager's system usage and hardware.
Chief Medical Officer
The Doctor PL 20
Originally an Emergency Medical Hologram projection, the Doctor has become the chief medical officer out of necessity when the original was killed. He has since grown to become much more than just a hologram, gaining individuality and self-awareness. He tends the ship's wounded and well-being, serving up a fair portion of sarcasm on the side.
Ambassador/Chef/Morale Officer
Neelix PL 22
The enthusiastic Talaxian, Neelix, serves as Voyager's morale officer, ambassador, and chef; filling a variety of roles when he was picked up shortly after Voyager's displacement. Though not a member of Starfleet, he is nonetheless a member of Voyager's crew.
Kes PL 22
Serving as Voyager's nurse, Kes is a telepathic Ocampa, short-lived but long-sighted. Gentle and patient, she is often a voice of reason, focusing on humane solutions to problems that might arise. A voracious reader and quick learner, she studies medicine under the Emergency Medical Hologram.

Voyager (Layout)

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Intrepid-class Starship
Length: 344m / 1130ft
Weight: 5,000,000 metric tons (approximate)
Crew Complement: 150

The U.S.S. Voyager came to be at Starfleet's Earth Station McKinley as the second constructed in the prestigious Intrepid-class line, after the eponymous U.S.S. Intrepid. It measures 344 meters from end to end, and weighs approximately half a million metric tons. Its hulls are constructed from duranium-tritanium alloys, and it boasts fifteen decks and a crew complement of about one hundred fifty. It can function independently for up to three years without needing refueling.

Though primarily a long-range science vessel, Voyager is also outfitted with phaser arrays and photon torpedo launchers. Its defenses consist of standard Starfleet shielding technology, and of course, the abilities of its crew and captain.

Voyager's fifteen decks are broken down as follows, although this is not a comprehensive listing:

Deck 1 Deck 2
Aft Bridge Airlock
Conference Rooms
Crew Quarters
Escape Pod Access
Main Bridge
Observation Lounge
Upper Sensor Platform
Crew Quarters
Escape Pod Access
Labs & Storage
Officers' Mess Hall
Officers' & VIP Quarters
Sensor Gear
Deck 3 Deck 4
Captain's Quarters
Crew Quarters
Escape Pod Access
Officers' & VIP Quarters
Photon Torpedo Trackers
Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers
Crew Quarters
Escape Pod Access
Phaser Maintenance
Sensor Gear
Transporter Rooms 1-2
Deck 5 Deck 6
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Crew Quarters
Escape Pod Access
Sensor Gear
Auxiliary Computer Core
Auxiliary Deflector
Consumables Resupply Connector
Crew Quarters
Deuterium Processing
Escape Pod Access
Holodecks 1-2
Deck 7 Deck 8
Auxiliary Computer Core
Crew Quarters
Deuterium Tankage
Escape Pod Access
RCS Thruster Access
Upper Cargo Bays 1-2
Warp Engine Core Injector Access
Aft Work Storage Pod
Crew Quarters
Deuterium Processing
Deuterium Tankaage
Lower Cargo Bays 1-2
ODN/EPS Main Trunks
Port/Starboard/Fwd. Docking Ports
Warp Engine Core
Deck 9 Deck 10
AeroWing Shuttle Dock
Cargo Loading Doors
Upper Main Shuttle Bay
Warp Engine Core
Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers
Main Computer Core
Main Navigational Deflector
Main Shuttle Bay
Reserve Warp Core Engine
Deck 11 Deck 12
Chief Engineer's Office
Main Computer Core
Main Engineering
Main Navigational Deflector
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Warp Core Reaction Chamber
Antimatter Tankage
Main Deflector
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Warp Engine Core
Deck 13 Deck 14
Aft Tractor Beam Emitter
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Secondary ODN/EPS Trunks
Warp Engine Core
Antimatter Processing
Ground Hover Footpad Systems
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Deck 15
Antimatter Loading Port
Ground Hover Footpads
Forward Tractor Beam Emitter


Characters' names are followed by the date on which they were initially met, along with a short description of Janeway's thoughts on them. Links to character pages are also included, where applicable. Characters are listed by date; within that category, by alphabetical order. Characters who have scened with Janeway more than once are entitled to be listed in this section. If you feel a character of yours have been omitted by mistake, please @mail Kathryn Janeway on the MUSH.


Ashton Ketchum (13 May AU21)
Ash is a Pokemon trainer and long-time Union member. Janeway first stumbled across him, or vice versa, when he happened to find his way onto her bridge while Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant. Using Union and Starfleet connections, he was able to return Janeway and her crew back to known space, for which she is eternally grateful; from there she also joined the Union. She considers Ash a competent and capable individual, though he has no directional sense whatsoever, and has no inherent problems taking orders from a kid maybe half her age. He seems to know what he's doing.
She hopes.
Nozomi Houken (14 May AU21)
An innocent-seeming schoolgirl and the user of covert military magitechnology. Nozomi is a shy girl who hardly seems to fit the role that life has dealt her. Along with the marvel of magitech designated "TIGER," she regularly puts her life on the line to protect her version of Japan from supernatural threats. Nozomi was also present to rescue Janeway when she was abducted by the Borg, in spite of great terror on Nozomi's part; a fact that Janeway will be eternally grateful for, and humbled by. Janeway has a great deal of fondness for the girl, protective of her and filling the non-existent role of mother figure for Nozomi. She recognises that Nozomi has more potential than she acknowledges, and she tries to encourage her best qualities when she has the opportunity. At the same time, Janeway is fiercely protective of her, and will answer any threats or injury to the girl, physical or psychological, with all appropriate force.
Aelin Taurus (23 May AU21)
A mechanic and partial cyborg, Janeway met Aelin when the latter helped out with engineering duties during the rescue of a transport ship. She is respectful of Aelin's honed skill with spanner and smarts, able to improvise and do work while under incredible pressure. That the mechanic has a perennially grumpy streak doesn't bother her too much; after all, Janeway's own Chief Engineer is half-Klingon. It's an endearing quality. Aelin has also helped through many missions since the first, and Janeway's respect for her and what she can do has only grown.
Alicia T. Harlaown (23 May AU21)
Like Aelin, Janeway met with Alicia when the TSAB operative volunteered to help a rescue mission gone south. Though young, Janeway has a healthy respect for Alicia and what she can do, and her help was both greatly appreciated and needed during the rescue mission. Magic is still something Janeway tries not to think too hard about, but she does respect the people who can use it, much like one without technical knowledge of music would appreciate the skills of a virtuoso violinist.
Caro Ru Lushe (23 May AU21)
A fellow TSAB operative like Alicia, Caro was also present to help during the Confederate-sabotaged rescue mission. Similarly young like Alicia, that means nothing to Janeway, who recognises and respects her skill over her apparent age. Her knack for using barriers helped contain damage on the transport ship that would have been catastrophic otherwise, and without her, Janeway acknowledges that the mission probably would have been a disaster.
Jim Raynor (Dropped) (23 May AU21)
Jim Raynor was also there during the rescue mission, lending his forces to help take some of the heat off of Voyager when Gigan was setting up to put very large holes in it. She's thankful for his assistance.
Jeanette Thompson (26 May AU21)
After the battle with Gigan, Janeway met with Jeanette in Njorun Station's drydock facilities. Janeway and Jeanette have a little common ground with their shared Union service, and get along reasonably well. Jeanette has since served alongside Janeway with several missions, including notable participation in Janeway's rescue when the captain was captured by the Borg; a good turn that Janeway will never forget.
Adelaide Flowers (03 Jun AU21)
Part of the rescue team who infiltrated a Borg holding to rescue Janeway from the Collective, Adelaide is a former sailor from her own world's Navy, turned into something supernatural by Psyber in an effort to save her life. Janeway has an appreciation for Adelaide's way of deftly handling superior officers with wit and sarcasm, finding it an amusing change of pace from the usual deference she expects from her crew. She and Adelaide have since developed a rapport and rivalry, with Janeway regularly challenging the former sailor to a game of pool in Chez Sandrine, Tom Paris' holodeck program popular among the crew. They've also been known to swap real, genuine coffee from time to time.
Vita (03 Jun AU21)
Another operative of TSAB, and another person whose skills Janeway has the utmost respect for. Vita participated in the mission to retrieve Janeway from Borg custody, for which she is eternally grateful. Although she doesn't have a very firm grasp of how Vita does what she does, there's no denying that Vita gets results when she puts her mind to it, and even Janeway has to have a healthy admiration for that kind of can-do attitude.


Gigan (23 May AU21)
A giant monster who attacked a ship in distress during a rescue mission. Janeway isn't sure what to think about Gigan, other than to regard him very carefully, for he did a great deal of damage to the starship without putting in a tremendous amount of effort. His sheer size makes him a threat, and his willingness to put holes in the ship without regard for the lives of the crew are a source of vexation for Janeway. She's put him on her mental radar, and has every intention of answering any call from him with due force.
Neo Roanoke (23 May AU21)
Captain of the Girty Lue, and one of the few people in the Multiverse whom Janeway has a genuine animosity towards. Captain Roanoke and his ship showed up during her rescue of a transport ship in a quiet area of space, attempting to seize the cargo for themselves and doing a little damage to both the transport and Voyager at the same time. He's since become a thorn in Janeway's side, and attacked Voyager when it was disabled in the Delta Quadrant, forcing Janeway to bluff self-destructing her own ship to keep it out of his hands. His reckless attack could have breached the warp core, putting every single one of her crew members in danger, and it's a detail she won't soon forget.


Abstractum.Net.ARIA (13 June AU21)
Janeway acquired a strange device known as an "Abstractum" in June of AU21. Initially curious about what seemed to be an example of alien technology floating along in the void, she had the crate containing the Abstractum device beamed into the transporter room to have a closer look. It activated while it was being poked and prodded, identifying itself as "Aria," and has since then been a major component of Voyager's systems, interfacing directly with the ship to augment critical systems. Normally, it takes the form of a phaser rifle and matching tactical headset, allowing Janeway to monitor the ship directly and make adjustments to its systems through Aria. Aria's cheerful disregard of duty is a fact that Janeway frequently laments, though when the pressure's on, Aria is always there to deliver; a fact Janeway is eternally grateful for. The ship would have been destroyed without Aria's help during many critical missions.
Courier Six (26 May AU21)
A courier from the realm of New Vegas, Johnny Tallbranch is a deliveryman of sorts who has had several occasions to drop parcels on the collective lap of Voyager's crew. Janeway appreciates that he's good at what he does, but at the same time, she's always a little bit irked to receive something from him bound for Starfleet; mostly because it usually involves being chased halfway across known space by Cardassians or space pirates who want to acquire that cargo for themselves. She gets along reasonably well with him, though, and despite his seemingly carefree nature, he's proven himself dependable when it counts.
Cas (03 Jun AU21)
Though not formally part of the Union, Cas is nonetheless a member of Heaven or Hell, which often works in tandem with the Union. Cas volunteered to help when Janeway was abducted by the Borg, and was part of the rescue team that retrieved her, for which Janeway will be eternally grateful. She looks on Cas with a kind of sympathy, knowing that the girl's own cripping shyness can't be easy to deal with. She's gone out of her way to make Cas feel genuinely welcome aboard the ship, at least to the best of her abilities.

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