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Keiko (Scenesys ID: 387)
"You never know what you'll find. All you gotta do is pick a direction and start walking."
Full Name: Keiko Kakihara
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Pokemon-6R
Function: Fusion Pokémon Trainer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Groups: Syndicate Network
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? Unclear Voice Actor: Hana Kanazawa
Height: 162cm Weight: 59kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Pink
Theme Song: You're Not Alone Mystery Girl, Again


A Pokémon trainer from the Sinnoh region, Kakihara Keiko has spent her entire teenage life as a nomadic explorer. She's crawled, waded, climbed, and run across every region of the Pokémon islands as well as several places beyond them, never satisfied and always searching for that next scenic vista or hidden ruin. As a trainer of Pokémon, she's uniquely equipped to this sort of lifestyle, utilizing the abilities of her companions both in battle and in traveling. She also possesses a unique piece of technology: The Fusion Controller. Using this device and a few specially designed pokéballs, Keiko is capable of temporarily merging with Pokémon. When Fused, Keiko gains access to the powers and abilities of the Pokémon. Though Fusion has some pretty high risks, she feels that it is the truest expression of the bond that exists between Trainer and Pokémon.









  • Fusion Failure - The weaker the link with the Pokémon, the greater chance that a Fusion attempt will fail. Even strong links have a small chance of failure. This fouls the Fusion and wastes the charge, forcing the Fusion Control into a dormant and unusable state. As a result, Keiko will be unable to Fuse for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the severity of the failure. Only Keiko's starter Pokémon has a link strong enough to never fail.
  • Link Shock - A side effect of Keiko's mental link to her Pokémon, sufficient injury to her Pokémon can backlash hard enough that she blacks out. Normally, this may take several Pokémon being injured to hit her hard enough. If she is Fused when she suffers a hard enough link shock, it forcibly breaks the Fusion and knocks them both unconscious even if the rest of her team is healthy. (+1 day heal time if knocked out while Fused)
  • Pain Transmission - When Fused with a Pokémon, pain hits both Keiko and the Pokémon more intensely than just over the usual mental link. Physical injuries are a bit more complicated. If fused with Pokémon that Keiko has a strong bond with, they Pokémon consciously chooses to shoulder physical injuries, leaving Keiko herself simply exhausted when the Fusion ends. If it's a Pokémon who has a weak or nonexistent bond, the opposite occurs; she keeps the injuries when the Fusion ends while the Pokémon is simply exhausted. The same rule applies to things like poison. (Additional heal time based on which Pokémon was Fused with)
  • Wanderlust- Keiko loves to explore. She rarely stays in one place for long. This generally means she can be really hard to find, and takes her time going from place to place. She rarely uses mobility skills like Fly, preferring to travel by foot or bicycle and experience the journey.
  • Sought- The Fusion Controller and related Fusion Balls are not Keikos creations. The organization that designed this system lost the research data when she took it; and they want their prototypes back. Likewise, Team Rocket has an interest in the technology behind Fusion. All of this wouldn't be quite as much of a problem if Keiko's strong-willed independence didn't lead her to taking these dangerous groups on without seeking help. Her habit of being hard to find, mixed with the assorted high-powered organizations seeking her out, often leads to them finding her alone.
  • No Boys Allowed - Since she's a girl, Keiko can only Fuse with female Pokémon. 'Genderless' Pokémon are excluded from this restriction. This has caused her to release or give away many Pokémon, and as a result her collection is a lot smaller than those of other trainers her age.


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Core Team

Image Name Species Information Notes Affection
428.gif Mimi Lopunny Highly persistent, Brave nature Relies on a wide range of elemental attacks to make up for a lack in raw power. Keiko's starter Pokémon. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
429.gif Missy Mismagius Thoroughly cunning, Mischevious nature Extremely tricky fighter, adept at inflicting suffering and punishing mistakes. Known to turn transparent or phase through walls. ❤❤❤❤❤
380.gif Latias Latias Likes to fly, Naive nature Playful and evasive combatant. Prefers the support role. Attacks with powerful psychic and dragon abilities when pushed too far. ❤❤❤❤❤
303.gif Kuchi Mawile Happily eats anything, Quirky nature Always hungry. Fairly predictable. Relies on sheer, overwhelming power and perseverance rather than tactics to win. ❤❤❤❤❤
350f.gif Nagi Milotic Often dozes off, Gentle nature Variety of ice, dragon, and water attacks. Extremely heavy and difficult to move once she picks a place to be. Can make it rain. ❤❤❤❤❤
038.gif Perrine Ninetales Somewhat vain, Bold nature Front-loaded, focused firepower. Very little elemental variety, but manages clever coverage of her weaknesses. ❤❤❤❤

Stored Pokémon

Image Name Species Information Notes Affection
531.gif Aria Audino Playful and inattentive, Docile nature Very durable, but kind of spacey. Only comfortable in a supporting role, very inept in actual combat. Enjoys caring for others. ❤❤❤❤❤
282.gif Renee Gardevoir Often drops things, Modest nature Slow to act but determined once she gets going. High empathic sense and offensive power. Consent-based mind reader. ❤❤❤❤
169.gif Akuma Crobat Quick to flee, Lonely nature Only fights when cornered or commanded, uses poisons to wear down enemies. Not very independent. ❤❤❤❤
471.gif Izzy Glaceon Often lost in thought, Quiet nature May manipulate weather. Potent ice abilities but poor elemental variety. ❤❤❤
497.gif Vina Serperior Highly persistent, Rash nature Refuses to associate with any trainer who can't stand up to her glower. Relies on health-drain abilities and high defenses to wear down enemies. ❤❤❤
135.gif Danzi Jolteon Alert to strange sounds, Careful nature Very fast and high power but not very durable. If she can't end a fight quickly, it's a good chance she'll lose. ❤❤❤
510.gif Grace Liepard Likes to relax, Sassy nature Good at baiting opponents and then striking their exposed weaknesses. Highly independent and may refuse to follow orders. ❤❤❤
416.gif Vespa Vespiquen Hates to lose, Serious nature Slow and methodical swarm attacker. Poor attack variety, but very strong in her specialties. Never takes injuries for Keiko if Fused. ❤❤
478.gif Yurei Froslass Very finicky, Adamant nature Trick attacker. Relies on weather and status conditions to break apart strong enemies. Almost completely invisible in snowfall. ❤❤

(Note: Affection is important for the Fusion Failure and Pain Transmission flaws.)


Latias (Scenesys ID: 387)
-I was afraid at first. But you protected me. All of you did. You protected me. You taught me to be strong. You taught me that I could fight back.-
Full Name: Latias
Gender: Female
Species: Latias
Theme: (NPC) Pokemon-6
Function: Cloned Legendary Pokémon
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 1 Actual Age: 1
Still Aging? Unclear Voice Actor: Megumi Hayashibara
Height: 140cm Weight: 40kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: You're Not Alone

Latias is a clone of the famed legendary Pokémon from Hoenn and as a result, is much lower in power than the original Latias.

Created by an offshoot of Team Rocket called Dark Industry, the project was an attempt to resurrect Team Cipher's research into Shadow Pokemon as a venture to make money. Unfortunately, due to several budget cuts and general incompetence, the first legendary Pokémon successfully cloned by Dark Industry--Latias--resisted the shadow process. Before Dark Industry could try it again, Latias blew a hole through the facility and escaped.

Latias was later sighted in the Unova region's Dreamyard, where several Dark Industry agents were actively searching for her. Driven by blind panic, Latias exposed her hiding place when Ash's butterfree tried to communicate with her through psychic waves. This sparked an intense chase through the abandoned town until Latias was cornered via Ariados and Galvantula webbing. Keiko was the first human Latias actually saw leap to her defense, punching out an Agent that attempted to net her. While Ash, Alexis, Fiera Kitsun, Oresia, and Keiko mopped up the Rockets, Latias made her escape and promptly fled the Unova region. The Dark Industry Admin Carl was captured while trying to retreat.

A few days later, Dark Industry agents were sighted in Sootopolis, Hoenn, claiming to be surveyors. Keiko alerted Ash, who in turn brought Alexis, Fiera, Oresia, Yuuma Nakano, and Rainbow Dash to investigate. It soon became clear that they were using specialized optical equipment to search for Latias disguised as a human. It was also discovered that Latias had disguised herself as a dead ringer duplicate of Keiko--the first human Latias had seen helping her rather than pursuing her. After a low speed chase through Sootopolis' streets, Latias was again cornered, but with Ash, Rainbow Dash, and Keiko right behind her. Many Dark Industry agents were thrown off the chase by Fiera, Yuuma, and Oresia running interference. Dash and Ash dealt significant damage to a Dark Industry grunt's Lairon, which began to rage and evolved into Aggron. With Aggron still rampaging, Keiko barked a command to "hold it down", which Latias performed by lifting it using psychic power so Keiko could score the knockout with Sky Uppercut. Emboldened and cheerful at discovering her ability to contribute to fights, Latias thanked those present and then departed Hoenn at top speed.

A few days after Sootopolis, Latias approached Keiko and expressed a desire to show her something. Sensing its importance, Keiko called Alexis, who in turn brought Ash, Yuuma, Fiera, and Rainbow Dash to Ilex Forest in Johto. Latias led the group to the hidden facility where Latias was born. Here, they met the Dark Industry admins Autumn and Winston. An all-out brawl ensued, with Autumn's Victreebel attempting to recapture Latias while Winston ran interference. In the chaos, Keiko's pokéballs were scattered and the only one she could find was an empty fusion ball. She used this to capture Latias, freeing her from Victreebel's Wrap while the rest of the group contended with the Dark Industry Pokémon and the Admins themselves. When apparently defeated, Winston released his third Pokémon, Shadow Flygon.

Shadow Flygon immediately used Shadow Quake, leveling half of the building with Winston and Autumn in it. It then struggled against attacks from all sides. With Latias' permission, Keiko Fused with her and supported from the air while the rest of the party focused on wearing Shadow Flygon down. With coordination and teamwork, the corrupted Pokémon was brought down and Snagged. The Dark Industry admins, trapped inside the sinkhole that the lab fell into, had to be dug out for proper punishment and their abused Pokémon sent for rehabilitation.

In the aftermath, Keiko offered to release Latias back into the wild, stating that "Free things should remain free". However, Latias informed Keiko that she had nowhere to go; that she had no home and no Latios. Latias asked Keiko to become something for her to return to, which Keiko tearfully accepted. In this way, Keiko became the permanent trainer of Latias.


As Latias possesses the ability to conceal her appearance behind an illusion of a human being, she uses the alias "Latiko" while disguised. Since becoming Keiko's Pokémon, Latias has taken steps to differentiate her default disguise into a more unique appearance, to avoid confusing Keiko's friends.


  • Mimi is Keiko's starter Pokémon. She's trained Mimi from a Buneary to a Lopunny over the course of nine years.
  • Missy is Keiko's second Pokémon, captured in a cave full of zubats. Missy hates zubats. Missy also enjoys pretending she's an actual ghost, even though ghosts in Pokemon-6 are actually living things that just have really strange biology.
  • Kuchi and Renee were caught at the same time. These two Pokémonhave been friends with each other since long before Keiko found them. Pictured right: Renee as a Kirlia and Kuchi the day Keiko found them.
  • Nagi is one of Keiko's strongest Pokémon, however she is also a narcoleptic and often sleeps. Keiko jokes that Nagi's greatest power is the ability to take up space.
  • Perrine, Izzy, and Akuma were all caught in Kanto.
  • Danzi and Yurei were caught in Johto. It was in Johto that Izzy and Danzi both evolved into Glaceon and Jolteon.
  • Nagi, Kuchi, and Renee were caught in Hoenn.
  • Mimi, Missy, and Vespa were caught in Sinnoh.
  • Vina, Grace, and Aria were caught in Unova.
  • Latias joined Keiko in Johto most recently, following a Team Rocket attempt to revive Team Cipher's research through a group called Dark Industry.Dropped