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Keltonia is a medieval country that specializes in magic and produces many fine mages as well as powerful Magic Technology. The country was built on a previously destroyed nation that nobody can really find out what happened to, but many scholars theorize that Keltonia was once in a great war that ended with the ending of the previous civilization and the start of this one, but nobody can be sure. No records survived that incident thousands of years ago. However, the ruins are a plethora of magical knowledge that were inscribed on various walls and surviving tomes, one of which was the creation of sentient Summonable creatures collectively known as Summons. Summon companions are widespread as nearly every single person has one from the richest mage to the poorest pheasant.

The country enjoys it's temperate climate and relatively low crime rate, but does suffer from a society that has long treated Summons as second class citizens, especially when without their human companion. Any summon not with a human is considered suspicious and generally, Summons are not allowed many options should they want to split from their human partners.