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Kieron Hunter (Scenesys ID: -1)
"People think command is easy. You point, you click, people die. But a good commander remembers the faces as names pass over their desk. They have nightmares of the ones that didn't make it. And they can never feel right choosing between one mission-critical scientist and a few hundred innocent civilians."
Full Name: Kieron Hunter
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) XCOM: Enemy Unknown-1R
Function: Commander
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: XCOM
Other Information
Physical Age: 35 Actual Age: 31
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Alec Newman
Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: 'Breaking Ground' by Michael McCann


Kieron Hunter, originally a Captain in the Black Watch regiment, is the current Commander of the XCOM project, a covert organization tasked with repelling the alien invaders threatening the very survival of his world. Though an injury forced his discharge, he still fights the alien threat with the soldiers, engineers, scientists and other staff at his disposal, motivating them and seeking any aid he can get. A charismatic, determined leader who motivates the men and women he commands, some say there couldn't be a better commander. Yet the stresses of such command weighs heavily on him, and time will tell if he saves his world or crumbles under the extreme pressure.









  • Only Human
Kieron, his staff and his soldiers all share one common point: they're only human. If you cut them, they bleed. They make mistakes that can prove costly. They all get scared and panic. And they all are vulnerable against psionic attacks. Though they may be heroes in the eyes of the world, they are no super-humans. It takes a great deal of time for a critically injured soldier to recover, perhaps taking even months of intense surgery. Even their weapons (with the exception of explosives) are far less effective against armored vehicles such as tanks or giant robots.
  • Pressure
Being the commander of the last hope for humanity's very survival comes with a lot of pressure, pressure that weighs heavily on Kieron. He knows that even the slightest of mistakes or mis-steps can mean the deaths of a few million innocent civilians. And when the pressure finally gets to him, he crumbles. In times of extreme stress, Kieron can simply freeze up, becoming unable to perform his duties until he has a few hours to recover and leaving the squads under his command highly vulnerable. Of course, no amount of time can wash away his failure at a critical moment, which only adds to the pressure in the future.
  • Old Wound
During an encounter with the aliens, Kieron was hit by alien weaponry during a mission in Scotland, badly injuring his leg. Due to this injury, he now has to walk with a cane, which excludes him from combat duty and other demanding physical ability. Should he be directly involved in a combat situation without any form of backup (or used as a hostage), he is unable to effectively defend himself and effectively a non-combatant. While he can use a handgun in these situations, such a weapon is likely more of an annoyance against the threats that would target him.


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Although Kieron may only be in his mid-30s, he so far has proven his skill in command. Originally a soldier in the Brittish Army who joined at eighteen, his rise through the ranks landed him a position in the Black Watch regiment two years ago, though at the time the regiment wasn't very active due to the foundation of the Council of Nations. However, with the recent appearance of various alien phenomenon around the world, the Black Watch was recalled to Fort George near Inverness in order to bolster the morale and defence of the Brittish infantry. For most of that time, the battalion was mostly inactive, though other units were sent to investigate alien phenomenon, though the British Army in the region were suffering steady losses.

When contact was lost with Kinloss barracks in the Morayshire area, a handful of Black Watch soldiers were deployed to investigate. Kieron, a Lieutenant at the time, was in charge of the squad that handled that operation. Upon arrival, the team encountered sectoids and, finding their weaponry adn armor far outmatched, were nearly routed. Although Kieron was just as scared as his squad-mates during the mission, he kept it inside and tried his best to keep the squad intact and organized.. It was his refusal to back down from the alien threat that resulted in losing only four of the thirty-man squad. However, while pushing back the alien invaders, Kieron was critically wounded and unable to walk. Though the mission was an outstanding success in comparison to others, the records were immediately classified, the soldiers and staff forced to agree to a non-disclosure and Kieron himself was promoted to Captain then honorably discharged due to his injury.

It was during this time that the Council of Nations got wind of this success from the classified mission reports, and the British representative forwarded Kieron's name as one of the few who would prove beneficial to lead the XCOM project. Time wouldn't be on the Council's side in this matter, however, as the longer they took to decide, the less of the candidates survived repeated encounters with the aliens. In a snap decision, it was decided that Kieron would take the position as Commander. Within days, he was contacted and taken to London where the offer was put forward. Rather than face more time powerless to protect his home country, Kieron accepted immediately. All records of Kieron's past were immediately classified as he was relocated to Geneva, where the XCOM headquarters was finishing construction and awaiting his command.

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