Kingdom Hearts: Another Tale-1

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Kingdom Hearts: Another Tale-1 takes place in a multiversal setting of a scope smaller than the greater Multiverse, with worlds of all different kinds, from prehistoric and primitive to highly advanced spacefaring civilizations. Many different worlds that were once a single great world are scattered throughout the multiverse, and in the skies of each world the other worlds are each represented by a star. Some time ago, the stars in the sky began to wink out as the Heartless, feral beings of darkness and desire, overtook the worlds and consumed their Hearts and the Hearts of their inhabitants.

A young trio of the Destiny Islands, one of the consumed worlds, were rapidly thrust into a struggle to save all of the worlds that had been consumed. Two became tools of the sorceress Morganna and her mysterious benefactor, Ansem. The third, Sora, came to blows with his friend Riku and lost his Heart at the first battle of Hollow Bastion... as did a number of Arthur's knights. Many heroes across all the worlds came together to protect seven Princesses of Heart from the predations of Ansem, Morganna, and Riku.

In the end they were unable to protect their Princesses, and Riku was possessed by Ansem, who used the Princesses to forge a special Keyblade with which to open up the greatest well of power -- Kingdom Hearts. But he was defeated at the door of Kingdom Hearts, deep in the blackest darkness, and obliterated utterly by the light that issued from its unlocked gates. Unification occurred as the doors were shut and locked once more, the stars that had guttered out glimmering back into existence as abruptly as they had gone out.

(IMPORTANT: For the sake of playability, this themelist has replaced many of the Disney characters with those from Arthurian mythos. For example, King Arthur is a central figure and Keyblade Master apprenticed to Merlin, and his knights accompanied Sora for some time throughout this travels. If in doubt about who still exists, please ask. Chronologically it takes place between Kingdom Hearts I and II, though as is obvious it is pretty sharply AU.)