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Kirikou (Scenesys ID: 127)
"Who cares whether it was pretty? We won..."
Full Name: Kirikou (Kilik) Rung
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Soul Eater-1
Function: Soulja Boy
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'7 (but slouches) Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


Kirikou Rung (usually called Kilik or Kirik) was a student at Shibusen, fighting witches and killing humans who had devoured souls and were on the path to becoming demons. Quite the job description for a young teenager, but Kirikou was good at his job. The boy is one of the more powerful Soul Technician students of the academy, an expert at hand to hand fighting and the use of gauntlets which just happen to be living twins. Kirikou's an easygoing boy, competitive but outgoing. He's occasionally prone to anger but only for a good reason. He's willing enough as a soldier though still a bit naive, and he tends to glamorize the Confederacy enough to overlook the excesses of many of its members.









  • Glasses - Kirikou's short-sighted and needs glasses to see things clearly at range. It's not typically a big deal as he can see just fine in melee range whether or not he's wearing his glasses.
  • Melee specialist - Kirik has minimal ranged ability, at least when using his primary weapons (Fire and Thunder). His ranged attacks with them are very short ranged, so he's in real trouble in ranged combat. If he should use different weapons (he's skilled with a large variety) he'll lose considerable power as a mundane weapon, even guns, aren't going to be as effective for him as his chosen Weapons.
  • Must Be Nuts - The +power Squirrel Bait involves a poisonous substance in Kilik's body, and using it excessively is bad for his health, increasing recovery times and perhaps even damaging him.
  • Fire and Thunder - Even though they can transform into weapons, Fire and Thunder are still young children. They are vulnerable outside their weapon forms, and innocent at all times.

Kilik is responsible for them, and they can be used as hostages. He can't physically protect them at all times, of course. He has to sleep sometime after all, and has to consider threats such as assassination. They are also, as children, somewhat vulnerable to distraction. This is rarely a problem in combat, but it can happen easily in a less guarded moment.

  • Seven Sins - Kirik is not vulnerable to temptation by envy, pride, sloth or greed. He can be distressed by the sin of lust though he's quick to resist it. He has no success shaking off the sins of wrath and gluttony by himself, and a supernatural influence using these would find him vulnerable.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Warp Iris: Debate May 9th, 2017 A heated debate on the matter of what to do about the Warp Iris.
Punny Moments January 19th, 2017 The masters of pun meet at long last.
Little Girl Lost Part 1 January 4th, 2017 A ragtag group investigates the Ito Company on suspicion of slavery, and a lost little girl important to Yari Takane. What they find chills the blood.
Party Time December 24th, 2016 Yari Takane hosts an End of the Multiverse Party. No one dies. Boats sing and get drunk
Mission 4: The Hour When Demons Pursue November 5th, 2016 The struggle for the pieces of the Sessho-Seki, the legendary Killing Stone, has reached its climax. Three of the pieces have been found; the fourth is somewhere in Tokyo.

And so is Ouma's target for the Killing Stone's use.

Shinra needs all four pieces in order to neutralize Tamamo-no-Mae's ancient and deadly curse; Ouma just needs to bring them all together outside Shinra's control.

What forces will be unleashed in the streets of Tokyo, and who will carry the day?

Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea October 29th, 2016 The 1707 Houei earthquake was the most powerful quake recorded in Japanese history; seismologists refer to it as a 'megathrust' earthquake, with multiple sections of an undersea faultline erupting almost simultaneously. Between the earthquake itself and the ensuing tsunami, it affected most of the main islands of Japan, and is additionally suspected of triggering the last known eruption of Mt. Fuji.

But the legendary youkai Nurarihyon doesn't really care about ancient history. He's taken over a fairly luxurious estate in Wakayama, and a bunch of Ouma's members have been spotted in the area as well. They're looking for something, not just on land but underwater ... specifically, another fragment of the Killing Stone.

Of course Shinra is going to get involved - if only because Nurarihyon is a jerk who takes over people's houses, but they can't let Ouma get another piece of the Killing Stone, either. And naturally, both sides will likely want whatever help they can get from the Confederacy and the Union, respectively ...

Mission 2: The Forest of Death October 15th, 2016 Aokigahara, a dense forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji's northwest slopes, is either famous or infamous for the number of suicides which are carried out there. Some people go so far as to say that the forest is haunted by the spirits of those who die there - whether by taking their own lives, or as a result of murder.

And not all of the killers roaming Aokigahara are ghostly, or even of human origin. Ouma is scouring the Forest of Death for the second fragment of the Killing Stone, and they're calling in assistance from the Confederacy to boot; Shinra's agents can't deal with the combination alone, so they've requested Union support.

Who will find the second piece of the Killing Stone ... and who will fall in the search for it?

Mission 1: The Nine Tails' Curse October 8th, 2016 The Nasu region of Tochigi Prefecture is primarily known for two things. For most people, it's renowned for its natural sulfur hot springs, and that's what brings Reiji, Xiaomu, and some of their Union friends to the region - a hot-springs trip that's been long in the planning, and forestalled by many of the crises they've had to help deal with.

But Nasu is also where Tamamo-no-Mae was finally hunted down and killed ... and when her body became the Sessho-Seki, the Killing Stone, her curse lingered for many years, as the stone took the lives of those mortals who touched it. Eventually the Stone was destroyed and the curse lifted - but Ouma has discovered that there's still a piece of it there: the first piece they need if they're going to resurrect that ancient and deadly curse.

Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku October 1st, 2016 It's been over a year and a half since Tokyo-52605 Unified, and Ouma is finally reaching out to the Confederacy. An invitation has been sent by Ouma; in response, a number of Confederate representatives have gone to a meeting of Ouma's members, to make introductions and work out the beginnings of a working relationship ...
The Beifong Metalbending Academy August 22nd, 2016 It's the grand opening of the Beifong Metalbending Academy!
Solstice Celebrations December 22nd, 2015 Medusa brings a few Elites with her for celebrating the solstice along with the witches in her world.
WMAT C1 Lute vs Toph Beifong September 13th, 2015 Team Lute is in shambles as the Pokemon professor and the earthbending master face each other in the WMAT.
Grand Theft Icecream September 12th, 2015 Yari Takane and others visit Techno-Urbania to steal ice-cream trucks laden with illegal BTL chips in them. What results are disguises, crying children, and explosions.
WMAT B1 Richard Stadler vs Kirikou Rung September 7th, 2015 Kirikou and Richard face off in this year's WMAT B Bracket!
WMAT CQ1 Takamachi Nanoha vs Testarossa Fate August 21st, 2015 Takamachi Nanoha takes on Testarossa Fate in the WMAT qualifiers!
WMAT AQ1 Shigure vs Mokuba August 14th, 2015 Ship vs Card player.

Will the shells land true, or is the deck stacked in the boy's favour?

WMAT BQ1 Reina Kinney vs Franken Stein August 5th, 2015 Franken Stein and Reina Kinney face off in their qualifier match for Bracket B. Two shocking opponents have an especially charged match during a thunderstorm!
WMAT BQ1 Ysabel Thibault vs Kirikou Rung August 3rd, 2015 WMAT Bracket B starting qualifiers, where Ysabel and Kirikou face down to see who continues!
Like a Hurricane April 3rd, 2015 A casual and friendly interaction between Kyra and Audrey lures onlookers.
Reconstruction Blues March 15th, 2015 Yari Takane leads construction efforts in Freeport. Union, Confed, and Unaffiliated alike arrive to help out!
Like Clockwork March 14th, 2015 A clockmaker is identified as the host to a monster known as a Life Gear. Both the Confederacy and Union take action to stop him!
Birthday Beach Baloobas March 12th, 2015 Toph turns 14 and arranges a beach party!
Mission: Field Equipment Recovery March 3rd, 2015 A perfectly normal mission to Odin in order to recover the remains of a field camp that went dark. Welcome to Odin.
AWftF: The Fourth Dragon Ball February 25th, 2015 Heroes and villains come together in a ludicrous attempt to retrieve the fourth Dragon Ball.
Academy Tour February 11th, 2015 Alexander Academy hosts a few Confederate visitors.
Grand Theft Autobot January 31st, 2015 Kyra and Kirikou take a fancy car for a joyride. They wreck things. Oops.
Who is Logan Trieste Finale - Clash at Mount Battle January 27th, 2015 The Confederacy move to capture Giratina, and the Union attempts to stop them.
Shibusen Campus Tour January 17th, 2015 Kyra and Dominic are given a tour of Shibusen Academy and Death City by Kirikou.
The Unown Attack January 6th, 2015 A mass of the Pokemon known as Unown attack Celadon City. They are assumed to be the known Eldritch Horrors, but it seems that for some reason, they are looking for Lute.
Train Heist on the Great Ocean! Whamon and Musyamon appear! August 31st, 2014 Violet leads a Whamon and Musyamon to capture a Union supply train, along with the help of Kirikou. Allyn, Emiya Shirou, and Michael Knight respond to stop them.
Dirt versus Gloves - An Epic Battle August 30th, 2014 Rivals Kilik and Toph meet for a target battle... and decide to do it differently. Who really has the most guts here?
Drawing out the Beast August 6th, 2014 It's time to draw in the target, and Medusa isn't below using one of her allies as the bait.
An Unwilling Helper August 4th, 2014 The snake witch of the Confederacy calls a young meister to her office to prepare for a sinister plan to be set in motion.
Against School Policy July 28th, 2014 A new world merges, and a number of Elites - Fed, Union, and Unaffiliated alike - go to investigate. Shenanigans ensue!
Digimon Assault on Line Ark July 26th, 2014 Dr. Violet Hunter leads an assault to capture technology from Line Ark and its Power Plant, with the help of Kirikou and Kari-Shiba. White Glint defends her home, aided by Sagat and Fayt.
WMAT A2 Blackout vs. Aurora July 14th, 2014 The shinki Aurora vs. Blackout (OOC: Juno Eclipse) in the WMAT's Bracket B, Round II!
WMAT B1 Corvo Attano vs. Kirikou June 29th, 2014 First round B-bracket match for the 2014 WMAT competition
WMAT B1 Richard Stadler vs. Ms. Fortune June 28th, 2014 Richard Stadler and Ms. Fortune duke it out in the Yunzabit Heights Arena to see who will advanced to the next round! One of them explodes quite a bit. The other is very, very confused at all this exploding.
WMAT C1 Good Nanoha vs. Neuroi Girl June 25th, 2014 Good Nanoha from the Confederacy battles Evangeline the Neuroi for supremacy of the skies and an epic battle of stammering girls and beamspam!
Confederate War Council 062414 June 24th, 2014 The Confederacy meets to discuss current activities and future plans.
WMAT B1 Kirito vs. Sakura Kasugano June 22nd, 2014 Kirito fights Sakura Kasugano in the B Bracket! Swords against fists! Be there!
WMAT C1 Bowser vs. Toph Beifong June 21st, 2014 C bracket, round 1. Bowser faces Toph Beifong in a battle of rock and fire, complete with cheering from Feds and Union, family and friends. And also underlings in Bowser's case. Commentator: Mithos Yggdrasil and his two summon spirits Efreet and Gnome.
WMAT A1 Neal Cables vs. Yumi Musumi June 21st, 2014 Neal 'Psycho' Cables takes on Yumi 'The Deckmistress' Musumi in a wonderful battle of fire... fire... and /dragons/.
The Long and Winding Road: Finale June 18th, 2014 Beautiful Rose Petal, Promethean of the Galateid Lineage, has become human. This is the story of her transformation.
Toph's Pizza Party March 12th, 2014 Toph turns 13 and has her first true birthday party at the Bar and Grill.


Title Date Scene Summary
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