Krezentia Einjager

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Krezentia Einjager (Scenesys ID: 758)
My road'll never have an end. And even if it did, I'd just carve a new one and keep going! Try to stop me!
Full Name: Krezentia Einjager Sepperin
Gender: Female
Species: Artificial Magi
Theme: (OC) Rosenkreuzstilette-1R
Function: Super Iris Number 001
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: ~6-7 Actual Age: ~20
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Michika Kataoka
Height: 5'10" Weight:  ??
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


Krezentia Einjager Sepperin is the ultimate creation of Iris Sepperin, a perfect and then some copy of Spiritia Rosenburg, first created to fool her, and then to destroy her. Though she was never able to land a decisive finishing blow, the copy nonetheless proved herself a valuable asset to both her creator and the Confederacy at large over time, climbing the food chain until she reached the top, out of sheer lust for power. Brash, impulsive, unpredictable, sometimes difficult to control and generally extremely outspoken, Krezentia lives for the thrill of the next fight or rivalry, while harboring an eternal grudge for the death of her "adoptive father," Shu Shirakawa. She is ever on the lookout for new ways to gain power and presence, sometimes at great personal cost or risk, all in an attempt to prove herself to everyone. As the spearhead of Iris' forces, Krezentia is a powerful fighter, wielding the ability to copy attacks off of her allies and foes alike, and remnants of the Granzon's technology, granting the ability to manipulate gravity.



  • ARTIFICIAL MAGI: Krezentia is an advanced mesh between a human capable of magic (a Magi) and an android. Her body perfectly emulates that of a human being's, appearing and feeling like flesh and blood but with heightened senses and physical capabilities. If her body is completely destroyed, her mind usually backs itself up and a new body can be constructed with time, barring interference.
  • MAGIC: Her magic allows her to fire energy/plasma blasts out of her hands or feet, to charge them into larger shots, to form blades of energy, to rocket around, and to use basic telepathy. She can also teleport to pre-set locations (like Confed HQ or to mission deployments) so long as she is either authorized or no shielding is present. This form of teleportation only works at long range (useless for combat) and does not allow her to carry a passenger.
  • INTEGRATED SPELLS: Besides the generic energy blasts, Krezentia has the ability to shoot bolts of ice, water or wind, as well as to summon platforms that can be used to jump on.
  • MAGI-ABSORB: Krezentia has the ability to copy a single attack or technique from either a defeated opponent or a consenting individual, either via touch or through leftover energy in the air. These copied weapons run out of energy quickly (and thus require recharging if overused, which can take weeks), and are generally less impressive than the original versions. These attacks are recreated using generic magical energy, regardless of what the original consisted of. (Consent required to weapon copy. This power can only copy singular attacks or techniques, not entire powers or abilities. +info Krez/ for the list of copied attacks.)


  • FIGHTING: Unsurprisingly, Krezentia is a decent brawler, thinks quickly in battle, has fairly good aim and other assorted "I am a fighty Elite" skills. She can double jump, too.
  • ABSORBED COMPETENCE: When Krezentia switches to a copied weapon, she temporarily gains competence in its use regardless of what it is. This competence cannot match up to the original owner's but is sufficient to use the weapon correctly in battle without it being a sub-optimal decision.


  • WORMHOLE BRACER: A metal bracelet which allows Krezentia to open wormholes (up to her own size) through which people and attacks may pass. These have roughly a city block's range around her and about a dozen can be open at a single time. Advanced teleportion shielding and equivalent wards can stop these from functioning.
  • VERWICKELNETZE KETTE: Gifted by Alice Maestra, this kusarigama (chain+sickle) is especially sharp and has a chain that can extend to sufficient lengths to entangle and crush a foe.
  • MODUS DREI/DREI BOOST: This suit of heavy armor, designed by Shu Shirakawa, is worn by both Krezentia and if she is present Kopie. It is equipped with wings for flight and is capable of warping gravity offensively or defensively (to crush or to form barriers) up to and including making clusters of black holes to hurl at people. It also comes with a big sword. In the event Drei is not present to activate it, a necklace made from one of Psyber's feathers can instantly summon the armor. (Aura Flare PL34->35)
  • GOLDEN GEAR: A powerful divine artifact which can overcharge the user and increase all of their capabilities for a scene. It takes between two weeks to a month to recharge after being used depending on how heavily its reserves were drained, and requires the Modus Drei armor to be functional. (Aura Flare PL34->36)


  • KOPIE: An artificial fairy which acts as Krezentia's familiar and spotter. She can manipulate electricity to fire attacks like lightning bolts or small storms and is sufficiently strong to tackle someone into submission. (PL30, goes up to 31 and 32 respectively when Krezentia activates her Aura Flares)
  • DUNKELFLUGEL DREI: A mechanical wolf that can fire flames and plasma from its tail and mouth, as well as transform into: a bike, a car, a submarine, a hoverboard, a one-passenger space shuttle or the Modus Drei armor. (PL28)


  • FLESH AND OIL: Due to being a mesh of both mechanical and biological matter, Krezentia is vulnerable to effects that target either as though she were both rather than a hybrid. TL;DR: she's vulnerable to anything a human being would be, but also vulnerable to anything a robot would be. Within reason, obviously.
  • POWER, AND POWER ALONE: Krezentia is powerful... and that's it. She lacks the drive, the purpose, the desire, the absolute conviction to beat all odds at any cost, though from her behavior alone you'd never be able to tell. As a result, her greatest weakness is heroes who have those qualities. Those people, especially at critical narrative moments where they MUST succeed, can put Krezentia's great power to shame.
  • VIOLENT: Krezentia has a short temper (even if she tries her best to look cooler than that) and resorts to violence to solve issues far, far too easily for her own good. She's especially uncomfortable being called a copy or clone, and keeps a grudge against those who killed Shu Shirakawa.
  • LUST FOR POWER: Far too eager to have more and more of it (even if she's reached her peak), Krezentia will happily try to eat forcefields bigger than her head.
  • GOLDEN GEAR DOWNTIME: Use of the GOLDEN GEAR Aura Flare results in two weeks during which her body must recover from the overcharge. Her PL is effectively reduced to 32 for the duration, 30 if the Aura Flare was used for something especially draining or significant for her.
  • MODUS DREI DOWNTIME: Like the Golden Gear, the MODUS DREI armor can only be used so often, but in this case it's because only Shu Shirakawa really understood its workings. When damaged, the armor can take up to a month to repair.
  • LOYALTY: Hardcoded into Krezentia is loyalty to the Confederacy (and above that, to Iris Sepperin). She is incapable of acting against the interests of the superfaction unless explicitely ordered to do so, and this actually makes her fairly uncomfortable.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT C1 Jeannette Thompson vs Krezentia Einjager September 20th, 2015 Magi versus sailor for a slot into round 2.
Killing the Great Fairy of Power September 13th, 2015 The Confederacy heads out to kill the Great Fairy of Power.
WMAT CQ2 Krezentia Einjager vs Fate T. Harlaown September 3rd, 2015 The perfect mother and a rebellious daughter fight for a spot in Bracket C's main event.
The Royal Shadow Beckons September 1st, 2015 The Confederacy meets Agahnim for the first time.
The First Expedition to Hyrule August 31st, 2015 Fassad leads an expedition into Hyrule, and the group learns the path to clear the Twilight from the land.
WMAT CQ1 Arthur Lowell vs Krezentia Einjager August 22nd, 2015 It's SPACE GOD COOL KID versus POWER COPYING ROBOT MAGI in this qualifier round of the C bracket.
WMAT CQ1 Samar vs Krezentia Einjager August 20th, 2015 Krezentia Einjager pits her magic against Samar's guns in the WMAT qualifiers!
AWftF: If A Man Cannot Breathe May 15th, 2015 Kakarot goes for the jugular in the form of Reptilon's geothermal power generation, the Lava Dome. Its destruction would plunge Reptilon into darkness, never mind the hellish effects on the local populace and the planet itself.
Space Plague May 13th, 2015 Dr. Vasilikos invites various heroes to help find a cure for his father's mysterious ailment. But uninvited guests bust into the lab!
AWftF: If A Man Cannot See May 10th, 2015 Kakarot takes his assault on the infrastructure of Reptilon to its highest point, the Citadel, intending to try to kill as much of the core leadership of Reptilon as possible.
AWftF: If A Man Cannot Eat May 4th, 2015 Kakarot and his lieutenants attack Fern Valley in an attempt to destroy the planet's breadbasket. If a man cannot eat, he cannot fight.
AWftF: The Sixth Dragon Ball May 3rd, 2015 The Confederacy and Union once more band together to plumb the depths of a pyramid for a Dragon Ball. Joining them is a mysterious geezer from another land. Trouble ensues.
Nexus May 1st, 2015 A sojourn into the dreams of an odd little girl begins.
Clacky And Clippy April 25th, 2015 Two radscorpions chase Clicky, only to be stopped by the fortuitous intervention of Elites! Clicky introduces himself and they all get to know one another.
The War Against Magi April 23rd, 2015 The Holy Empire gets loud again, people do stuff about it.


Title Date Scene Summary
Aboard The Golden Castle (Krezentia Einjager) April 22nd, 2015 Krezentia is bored and decides violence is the answer.