Kung Jin (Dropped)

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Kung Jin (Scenesys ID: 1135)
“Save all questions for after the beatdown.”
Full Name: Kung Jin
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Mortal Kombat-1
Function: Mystic Archer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 23
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Height: 5’11” Weight: ~160 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song: https://youtu.be/B5WjVpxY3DQ
“Bojutsu” - Stratronika


Younger cousin of Kung Lao, Kung Jin comes from a family much fallen from grace. The loss of fortune that befell the house of Kung following the death of Kung Lao forced the family to move to the United States, and forced Kung Jin into becoming a thief. Attempting to steal a family heirloom from the Thunder God Raiden (who he blamed for Kung Lao’s death) pushed Kung Jin in another direction — training with the White Lotus Society, and then induction into the Earthrealm Special Forces. He possesses the skills of a Shaolin warrior now — he is an able Kombatant, particularly with his combination bo/bow, and the chakram. Despite being a thief, Kung Jin still retains a sense of right and wrong, and his moral compass is still fully functional. Because of his family’s loss of fortune, and because he was unable to save his cousin from his fate as a Revenant, Jin’s capacity for self-loathing is quite high. He hides it with snark and dark humor — and a more than healthy does of egotism! But he proves a loyal friend and teammate to those who hang on... and hack through all that smartassedness!



Shaolin Training: After joining the White Lotus Society, Kung Jin was taught to fight with a number of techniques which he now has at his disposal. Chief amongst these were styles covering master archery and long-range thrown weapons, martial arts, and use of the bo staff.

Dragon Staff: While Kung Jin’s skill with both the bo staff and the bow and arrow is incredible, his weapon of choice is his own dragon-headed bow/staff. It appears as a mostly normal, if rather sharply curved, bo staff most of the time. But when Kung Jin wills it into being, a glowing string appears for firing arrows; the carved dragon head at the top can project fire from the round gem in the dragon’s open mouth. He can also “summon” or “dismiss” his weapon when necessary, with the effect of blue smoke.


Agility: Kung Jin’s agility is top-notch, allowing him to maneuver around a battle easily. He is also able to accomplish other feats requiring great agility, such as quickly scrambling up a tree, building, or other structure with reasonable handholds. Finally, his agility leads him to be able to escape the area of a conflict with relative ease.

Trick Arrows <Consent>: Via his control over his own chi, Kung Jin can empower his arrows with a few abilities — lightning arrows that have a taser-like effect, smoke arrows that produce obscuring clouds of blue fog, and mana/chi/secondary energy source draining (equivalent to MP drain; Kung Jin does NOT gain the drained “MP”).

Stealth: Jin’s past as a thief has given him the ability to find places to hide and/or scout out possible routes into/out of a place, the ability to dampen his steps and his breathing to allow him to walk silently, and to quickly and stealthily take down unaware (non-Elite) targets along the way.


Silver Tongue: Kung Jin has a way with words that many would not expect from a headstrong thief. He usually can figure out the proper thing to say to improve a given situation (or at least to not make it worse), and seems to know what is and is not polite to say to people of power. Additionally he has a propensity for remembering local laws when he’s allowed to study them beforehand, and being able to use them to his advantage when the situation calls for it. That said, he has to actually be ready to think instead of just act, and using the law in his favor generally requires some time to prepare beforehand.

Thievery <Consent>: Kung Jin has fed his family through thievery since the fall of his house from grace. It’s a difficult and dangerous profession, but Kung Jin has all the knowledge that a good thief needs. He specializes in breaking and entering, but he can also acquire things at five-finger discounts from shelves and pockets as well.

Superhuman: Kung Jin possesses a superhuman level of strength and toughness. His strength is sufficient to put his fist through a brick wall, while his toughness is such that he can do this without injury to himself. He can be killed, by the same things that will kill a normal human. But if it’s not instantly crippling or fatal, it’s likely he’ll be able to continue on despite the pain.

Shaolin Archives: The Shaolin temple Kung Jin trained at housed a great deal of information about Outworld and its laws. Jin has studied this information quite closely, and knows much about the ways of Outworld. While the specifics may be little use outside the Realms, the broader strokes could be useful in worlds with a more brutal or ritualistic slant.

Special Forces: Kung Jin is a member of an elite military team hand-picked to deal with only the worst threats, in Earthrealm and beyond. As a member of this force, this allows Jin the ability to summon and order squads of non-Elite soldiers with about the capabilities of modern soldiers. The non-Elite Special Forces can also be counted upon to render sophisticated modern medical aid if Jin is injured. This also offers access to vehicles for the purposes of getting to and from the sites of mission objectives by land, sea, or air.


Default Mask, Ego <Trouble>: While he’s no Johnny Cage, Kung Jin usually presents himself as overly confident, to the point of arrogance, particularly when dealing with people he doesn’t know. However, it’s a mask, and he wears it badly; he doesn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable he is. He takes charge in situations he is unqualified to do so, tends not to listen to people he doesn’t know or respect — particularly if that someone tries to give him an order — and tends to make bad decisions that can make already tense situations worse. This behavior, rather than making him seem confident, tends to make him seem arrogant, unlikable, and undisciplined. It also has a nasty tendency to come back and bite him in the rear later.

Follow Your Heart <Significant>: Kung Jin is a good man, that’s not in question. Unfortunately, his impulsiveness, combined with his strong moral compass and a heavy dash of egoism, tends to make him do whatever seems like a good idea at the time, and damn the consequences. Not to mention, “the best thing at the time” isn’t always the best thing overall, so he can often get himself and his allies into lots of trouble like this.

Self-Hatred <Significant>: As egotistical as Kung Jin acts a majority of the time, this may be hard to believe of him. His family lost much of their good name when Kung Lao died, and Jin had to watch his family’s fortunes crumble. The lack of acceptance from Liu Kang, his cousin’s best friend, didn’t help either. Overall his lack of confidence in himself can lead him to hesitate at crucial moments, particularly where his life choices are concerned, as his hope and self-loathing war for control of his heart.

Overkill <Minor>: The Mortal Kombat tournaments are brutal, bloody, and often result in massive numbers of deaths, both inside and outside the tournaments proper. As such, Kung Jin is kind of numb to death and gore. Unfortunately he’s also liable to meet a combat situation with the maximum amount of force, since that’s always been what’s required before. This can lead to both him causing more collateral damage than necessary, and being unrepentant for it as he’s numb to the deaths he causes.

Snark Level Extreme <Minor>: There are times when Kung Jin comes off much the same as a grumbling old man, given his propensity to make glib quips whenever he comes across a situation that he doesn’t like but nonetheless must deal with. One would be forgiven for wanting to slap that glibness right out of his mouth after about the third or fourth time he does it.


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