Lancer of Silver

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Lancelot (Scenesys ID: 893)
"My earnest wish... Is to serve with the honor, dignity, and loyalty that I failed to in life."
Full Name: Lancelot
Gender: Male
Species: Servant
Theme: (OFC) Fate/Stay Night-3
Function: Lancer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Ryotaro Okiayu
Height: 6'2" Weight: 178 lbs
Hair Color: Dark-purple Eye Color: Gray
Theme Song:


Lancer is a Servant in the Fifth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City. Though he qualifies for other Classes, he has been summoned as Lancer in this War. As a Heroic Spirit, Lancer is a sort of magical ghost of a legendary figure, summoned to battle for a wish granted by the Holy Grail. Possessing skill at disguise so great he can even appear as other Heroic Spirits, and the capacity to turn any weapon he seizes into his own Noble Phantasm, Lancer is an exceptional warrior who strives to undo the damage he caused through his own fall into insanity during life. However, he lacks the weapon that Lancers are most proficient with, and his guilt and need to prove himself may drive him to seek challenges beyond his ability or that cause him great suffering.










Code of Chivalry: Despite his disloyalty in life, Lancer remains a knight. As part of making up for his misdeeds, he is more dedicated than ever to upholding the chivalric code (or its incarnation in his native time period, at least). This is not just a code of military doctrine but of morality and honor as well. He demonstrates respect to his lord, will not attack a foe who is not suitably armed, does not attack or harm innocents (especially women and children), avoids lying (though disguise and deception for a noble cause is another matter), and so on. This can limit his options in combat or restrict his choices otherwise.

Command Spell Drawbacks: The power of Command Seals is offset by a hefty drawback. Masters receive just three Command Spells, and barring special circumstances, have to make them last throughout the whole war. Thus, Command Spells are trump cards, last resorts to be saved for the most dire situations, as many Servants won't obey Masters without any Command Spells. Further, using a Command Spell to force a Servant to do something is bound to have a negative effect on the relationship between Servant and Master.

Lanceless Lancer: Lancers wield lances, spears, pole arms, and similar weapons. Lancer does not automatically possess such a thing. Infact, his primary Noble Phantasm is a sword. He can turn anything he touches into his Noble Phantasm, so could hypothetically simply obtain a spear or lance, but he could not summon it forth from nowhere, and it would possess no special properties beyond the reinforcement of Lancer's mana granting it durability and damage capacity. In essence, he does not immediately have available the weapon that he would be more proficient at due to his Class, and must go out of his way to obtain such.

Guilt: Lancer feels crushing guilt for his actions in life, which severely damaged those who trusted and depended upon him. He will push himself to accept any amount of suffering, any punishment, any burden, in order to further his wish of correcting his past mistakes and loyally serving a Master, totally and completely, as he could not before. This guilt and need to prove himself are even more intense when it comes to Arturia Pendragon, Gawain, and the other Knights of the Round Table.

Insanity: While largely in possession of his senses, Lancer once fell to insanity, and may be pushed beyond his limits again if the situation is dire enough. In such cases, he may take extreme action that defies reason for the sake of protection and loyalty, even if the consequences are dire for him personally.

Vision: Lancer's Master has very restricted vision. She can attempt to detect and counter threats in an area she has prepared in advance, but quickly reacting to surprise attacks is difficult or impossible for her, as is targetting foes precisely. She requires the protection of others or focusing solely on her personal bounded fields while waiting for such protection or a chance to escape. And as she is unable to navigate well in foreign surroundings, escape is usually not possible under her own power.


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Noble Phantasms

Lancer possesses embodiments of his legend in magical form. Noble Phantasms require a great deal of energy to use, generally, and using them repeatedly in a short time frame is both unwise due to what it can reveal about a Servant and is also often just not viable.

Dragon Slaying Charge ~ To Defeat a Great Wyrm: Lancer slew a dragon in life, though with a weapon that could endure any strain. Because he lacks a weapon capable of a similar feat, any improvised weapon he employs must be sacrificed by filling it with additional mana, making it into a "Broken Phantasm". In this manner, Lancer can duplicate his dragon-slaying blow, at the cost of not only the weapon he is using, but also a large investment of mana that may leave him unable to do so again. He generally can not repeatedly sacrifice improvised Noble Phantasms in this manner, though at least he is not permanently without a weapon by doing so.

For Someone's Glory ~ Not For One's Own Glory: Lancer can shapeshift to completely disguise himself as even another Heroic Spirit due to his tradition of winning fame and glory while disguised as another, all for their sake instead of his own. The true identity, gender, personal status, Noble Phantasms, etc. are completely hidden from the clairvoyane of other Masters. For Someone's Glory deceives the eyes and ears of others, but it does not provide Lancer with the subject's special abilities, knowledge, or any other capability he does not already have. When armored, he can also manifest this as a murky cloud about his body that just provides the clairvoyance-blocking aspect, and visually distorts his presence and appearance to make it more difficult to identify or target him.

Knight of Honor ~ A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands: Lancer fought and defeated an armed enemy in his legend, with only an elm branch, after falling into a trap and having to battle unarmed. Instead of an actual weapon, this Noble Phantasm manifests as an ability of his body to turn any weapon he recognizes as such into his Noble Phantasm through contact with his gauntleted hands. While there are few size or nature limitations, something that is conceptually more "something else" than weapon can not be affected. An aircraft carrier is more of a transport than a weapon, and would thus be unaffected. Even another Heroic Spirit's Noble Phantasm can be seized and used if he is given the opportunity, it simply becoming his own. If it is currently being wielded by its owner, then the most that can be done is to attempt to "corrupt ownership" to reduce effectiveness and it can not otherwise be taken or used. A weapon being used with Knight of Honor remains his Noble Phantasm for a short time even after leaving his grasp, allowing it to be used as a deadly projectile. (Taking the weapon of another for more than a single pose requires Consent and agreement as to duration. Consent may be required even for a single pose if the weapon is the primary or important one of the other person, rather than something disposable or easily replaceable)


Lancer has certain abilities that blur the line between skill and supernatural powers. As a Lancer-class Servant, he possesses the following.

Eternal Arms Mastership: Lancer's fighting skills do not degrade when under the effect of mental influence, such is his mastery of combat arts. His merging of mind, body, and technique allow him to fight at full strength even when under extreme stress, magical influence, or similar.

Magic Resistance: The only notable Lancer Class Skill, Magic Resistance cancels spells used against Lancer provided they are at or below a certain Rank. His resistance originates from a magic ring. He can cancel spells with "a chant below three verses". The spells and magecraft of Elites are another matter, but non-Elite magecraft of that level can usually be negated without issue. Elite magecraft, if low enough in scale, and "indirect" type, MAY be cancelled (long-duration curses, pain spells, mystical emotional influence, mind control, and other spells that do not take on a physical form fall under this category. A paralysis spell might be resisted. A fireball will not be).

Protection of the Fairies: As a blessing from Elementals, Lancer can increase his Luck parameter in dangerous situations. This only applies in battlefields and combat, and essentially grants him an extra chance at good fortune through his capacity for feats of arms. (Automatically included in stats. Otherwise represented through csys randomness)