Late Evening Work (Medusa Gorgon)

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Late Evening Work (Medusa Gorgon)
Date of Cutscene: 21 July 2013
Location: Papaya Island - Hospital
Synopsis: Medusa considers the results of one test that had severe consequences for Nine.
Cast of Characters: Medusa Gorgon
Tinyplot: WMAT

How long did this take? The hours fly by when you're working on patients. And well... after today's fight that had turned out to be quite the surprise for everybody present.

Even her.

And how strange the beast had acted. Nine had whined, so different from the bloodthirsty demeanor he had displayed in the stadium against his opponent. A demeanor that has no place in such an event. At least according to the rules. And she had been there, making soothing noises even as medications were administered. Stress, that was all it was. Hadn't Nine talked about how nervous he had been for all of this, going face to face with Gilgamesh?

"You weren't yourself, Nine... you heard what they said on the radio, right?"

How glad she is she is able to keep a straight face.

It's finally nearing sunset when Medusa finds herself at the window in her makeshift office at the Papaya hospital. One closed hand rests against her chest as she looks out onto the darkening sky, and she silently sorts her thoughts. For now, Nine is stable and sleeping, pumped full of medication. Perhaps it would be decent to write up a medical report for this as a plausible explanation for what happened to the golem King during the fight, something that will please those making the official statements on tonight's incident. It's common knowledge that the man, or what remains of him, is unstable. Yes, that could work.

Considering what happened today, she can't deny that it could have gone far worse. Oh well, as a scientist you always prepare for disappointments. It is part of the trade. And this is just the first of many. The thought of what's to come, now that brings a smile to the tired nurse's face. A smile that seems to stretch far wider than what should be possible, even as Medusa's pupils shrinks into slits. A low chuckle rises from her throat, and her eyes narrow as she raises her closed hand to her mouth. Her words are soft, nearly inaudible caress as she whispers, lips brushing almost tenderly against her fingers. "You did well, little one~"

Slender fingers tighten, and black lightning dances briefly at the corner of her mouth.

It's been too long since she had this fun. And perhaps more pleasant surprises will arise during the remainder of the tournament. This has merely been round one, after all.