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Based on a blending of several popular myths and tales, in particular the Arthurian Canon and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Legends of Avalon starts from the basic premise of the three original races of Earth: Humans, Gargoyles, and the Children of Oberon.

The Children of Oberon kept mostly to their own realm, long-lived and little interested with the affairs of mortals, though a few notable of the Fair Folk interfered enough in the mortal realm to make their way into human legend as well. Robin Goodfellow. The Banshee. Odin. Anubis. The ocassional human/fae outcross. Most mortal magicians have a little bit of fae blood in them.

For a time, humans and gargoyles lived in the mortal realm together. The gargoyles defended the humans at night, and the humans protected the gargoyles during the day when they rested as statues of stone. As the centuries passed and human society advanced, however, the two races grew apart, becoming mistrustful of one another. Conflicts arose, with humans seeking to wipe out the 'demonic' gargoyles. The gargoyles retreated to their cliffs and caves as the humans built houses and cities and saw themselves as the chosen race to rule the earth. Eventually, contact grew so sparse that the very existence of the gargoyles faded to human myth.

The significance of Avalon in this setting is as a twilight realm that exists on the border between the Mortal and the Fae. It is a land of quiet repose only rarely broken by the curse of Interesting Times. Time passes more slowly in Avalon: for a day in the mortal world, only an hour passes there. The fruits of that land have healing properties and both physical and mental ills can be cured, over time. And of course, King Arthur sleeps there, until his country needs him again. Being a bridge between the realms, Oberon's kin protect it fiercely, but any who truly need to find that land may do so, by setting out from any body of water with Avalon in their heart.

Other creatures of popular myth also reside in this world, from vampires or werewolves or wendigo, to dragons, to the Loch Ness Monster, to Merlin himself.

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