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Lila (Scenesys ID: 545)
"If you knew it was hopeless, would you still go on?"
Full Name: Lila (Live-In Lost Adolescent)
Gender: Female
Species: Human?
Theme: (OFC) Deus Machina Demonbane-1
Function: Impish Girl
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (21-Provisional Ally)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Teens Actual Age:  ???
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LILA: Live-In Lost Adolescent. An amnesiac child found in the alleyways of Arkham City, Lila is a playful and impish girl who delights in mischief. She's carefree to the point of neglectfulness to some, causing trouble and wandering about without bothering to worry about safety or discretion. Yet it is clear that she is more than she seems, that she has some dark past about her that she'd rather not talk about. In truth she is a Sorceress of considerable power, one who has an incredible grasp of mystical attacks and barriers, and even the destruction of matter itself on the atomic level. Like many sorcerers, she also has a Deus Machina, a powerful giant robot born of magic. Why then, is she normally such a simple and innocent-seeming girl who just wants to have fun?









  • Marked by Darkness: Touching so many forbidden magics has left its mark upon Lila. To anyone sensitive to evil or the supernatural, she always presents a vague disquiet, often with an outright threatening aura. It takes some sensitivity to pick up on it when she's trying to suppress it, but it can make it difficult for her to relate to such people, and raise wariness or suspicion in opponents.
  • Faded Hope: Lila has seen a lot. This doesn't make her jaded in the sense that she yawns at danger, but it does mean that she's extremely fatalistic and doesn't think anything she can do can change the natural course of events. This tends to make her slow to commit to anything important, at least in any significant fashion. This tends to make her a spectator in events when she could be an active participant and swing the tide.
  • Overconfidence: Even though it's hard to get her involved seriously, Lila has another flaw when she does get involved. Partially as a belief that just as she can't change fate, nor can anyone else, she lacks real appreciation of most powers. Thus when she fights, she usually operates on the assumption that she's significantly stronger, and will only bring out her full power once she's been proven wrong, or if she's seeking to make an example.
  • Catty: Since Lila is so strong, she often gets lazy and 'plays around' with an enemy until she gets bored. This can leave far too much time to call for reinforcements or figure out a way to get around the bad situation, if she is fighting a weaker enemy, or to surprise her if her enemy is on her level.
  • Parts of the Whole: Although powerful in her own world just by herself, Lila is strongest in combination with all of her assets. Somehow blocking her off from the Nameless One and/or her grimoire, such as with a sufficiently powerful set of wards or seals, will weaken her considerably. She is a little less careful about this happening than she should be, making her possible to temporarily cripple with the right preparation.


Title Date Scene Summary
Project C: Devastation August 14th, 2015 Desription pending. (Project C TP)
Project C Begins August 13th, 2015 Description pending. (Project C TP)
Giving Guns to Children August 11th, 2015 Psyber gives Lila some guns. He also asks her some questions.
Nero Miss August 9th, 2015 The Anticross make one more play for Al Azif or Lila... but is that their real purpose?
On the History of the Multiverse April 5th, 2015 Nathan Hall expounds on some Multiversal history to interested listeners.
The Unown Attack January 6th, 2015 A mass of the Pokemon known as Unown attack Celadon City. They are assumed to be the known Eldritch Horrors, but it seems that for some reason, they are looking for Lute.
Ice Cream Social October 7th, 2014 As a reward for completing Al Azif, Ruri invites everyone for ice cream. ARTHUR IS KIDNAPPED!
Yad Lamron A October 2nd, 2014 Arabian Nights shenanigans happen.
Slice of Life September 27th, 2014 Another page is on the loose, and this time Black Lodge sends one of its stronger Anticross after it.
Therion Lies the Answer September 14th, 2014 A giant bull rampages in Arkham, and then suddenly, Doctor West.
Ice Cream Social September 8th, 2014 Amalthea treats everyone to ice cream. Elites are there. The expected happens.
A Hunting We Will Go September 6th, 2014 Lila and Amalthea go shopping... and WOLKENRITTER ATTACK! And then... GIANT ROBOTS!
WMAT 2014 Closing Ceremonies August 24th, 2014 Closing ceremonies for the 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament.
A Lonely Lost Girl August 17th, 2014 Ariel and Al Azif investigate a crime scene and find... a young girl in need of a home?
WMAT AF Vervi vs. Ariel August 17th, 2014 The WMAT Bracket A finals are here! Ariel, the magical construct, fights Vervi the technological construct in a battle for supremacy of the adorables! Things don't quite go as planned.


Title Date Scene Summary
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