Lolth (Dropped)

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Lolth (Scenesys ID: 599)
"Pain makes us strong. Suffering brings power. Do not ask me to be merciful. I have too much love for you for that."
Full Name: Lolth
Gender: Female
Species: Goddess
Theme: (FC) Forgotten Realms-1
Function: Queen of Spiders
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Adult Elf Actual Age: Many thousands.
Still Aging? Immortal. Voice Actor:
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


Once there was the beautiful Goddess of the Dark Elves, Araushnee. For reasons lost to the mists of time, she betrayed her pantheon and was punished for that betrayal by a divine mutilation. Reborn as the Demon Queen of the Spiders, Lolth has ruled over the Drow for time out of mind. Under her savage edicts, they have flourished into the dominant military power of the Underdark, and a constant threat to the surface world above. Lolth is a cruel Goddess, known for her sadism and her unforgiving nature. She has spent so long in darkness that she yearns to rule over it all; to drag the world down into shadow once and for all. A betrayer, traitor, and manipulator who literally sits in the midst of countless webs, Lolth is nevertheless motivated - in her own twisted way - by love of her people. She believes that it is only through the constant struggle and threat of death that the Drow can remain strong, as she has so efficiently demonstrated the vulnerability that trust fosters...










Hateful Spider: Lolth is driven by three primary urges; the need to dominate all she sees, the need to hurt all those who stand against her, and the need to sate her desire for revenge against those who have wronged her. These dark impulses often cause her trouble, as taken together they mean that she cannot forget slights against her, she cannot resist the urge to gloat and take her time savoring the pain of 'vanquished' foes, and she cannot ever, truly, be trusted as an ally.

Vendettas: Lolth has earned the ire of many of her world's most powerful beings, and her name is synonymous with evil, treachery and deceit. There are countless heroes who seek to bring her low, and the Gods of Good are ever watchful for her next evil scheme. There are entire texts in her world, dedicated to spreading the knowledge of how little she can be trusted and all the terrible things she is responsible for. Her name is black, and finding out why she is so hated is as simple as asking anyone in a tavern in her entire world. Even many of her own clergy don't actually like her very much, they just obey out of fear!

Drow: Although almost all Drow pay homage to Lolth, no true drow has loyalty to anyone more than they have loyalty to themselves. Drow are notoriously fickle, and the powerplays between rival houses and cities sometimes jeopardizes both her interests and those of the Drow as a whole -- much to the frustration and amusement of their Goddess. Her servants may fear her, but they are all almost as greedy as she is, and will leap at opportunities to advance themselves -- or hobble their rivals.

Sunlight: All Drow are vulnerable to sunlight -- even Lolth herself is cursed to suffer in the light of the sun. Sunlight hurts their eyes, making it difficult to concentrate and hard to fight. Being in direct sunlight imposes a -1 PL penalty on all Drow, or on Lolth herself if one can somehow bring it to her.

Egg of Lolth: An ancient and forgotten artefact, the Egg of Lolth maintains the connection between the Demonweb Pits and the Material Plane. Lolth has hidden it away very carefully, but it can't be moved from her world if she is to maintain her connection to it. Destroying the Egg would seal the Demonweb Pits away from the rest of the Multiverse until -- or if -- a new connection of some kind could be formed, and would thus imprison Lolth and sever her link with all her followers.

Anathema: As a Goddess of Darkness, Poison and Strife, there are many forces which are diametrically opposed to Lolth. Magic which invokes supernatural Light, which Purifies metaphysical corruption, or which stands for Truth and Law may serve to cause lasting damage beyond the norm or counter many of Lolth's own powers. Not all magic which just uses these powers is strong enough to contest her; it must be of a similarly powerful origin, but ultimately, the balance usually swings in favor of the Light against the Darkness.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Deeper Darkness November 8th, 2014 A trading post in the Underdark is mysteriously abandoned. Unlikely allies come together to find out why.
Elven Supremacy October 16th, 2014 In an unfamiliar forest, under an unfamiliar sky, unfamiliar spiders bring unfamiliar elves together. What could have easily been bloodshed is instead turned by cunning manipulation towards... a party invitation for the future. And the possibility of trade between two very different cultures.


Title Date Scene Summary
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