Lord Night (Dropped)

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Lord Night (Scenesys ID: -1)
"All things change. Even the tall mountain is brought down by change, ground to dust beneath the careless heel of time. Change is the only thing permanent in this life, my children. If we are to survive, we must embrace it."
Full Name: Alkir of Whitehall
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Sabertooth
Theme: (OC) (Original) Binds of the Elements-1
Function: Harbinger of Change
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (1-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-30s Actual Age: Mid-30s
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: Tall Weight: Heavy
Hair Color: Charcoal Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


The mysterious entity known as Lord Night is a former soldier of his kingdom who seized power during a terrible drought and installed himself as King Regent. Embracing change to the extreme, he wished to change his homeland and uplift it from the stagnant hamlet it once was, bettering the lives of his people. Terrible things have been committed in the name of good intentions, though: His actions have slowly corrupted the Kingdom of Whitehall. He wields sword and bow with equal finesse, and his natural weapons make him a formidable force on the battlefield. He also wields foul magic, harnessing the corruption that runs rampant within his kingdom and himself. Though a warm and sympathetic person, he is blind to the violent imbalance in his realm, and becomes violent in turn when offered criticism in its regard.









Against the Elements
Lord Night is not one of the fatebound warriors who fight against the corruption, but rather one who acts against the natural laws of his world. This puts him in a position of conflict with those whom the Envoys of the Elements have chosen to execute their will; and puts him in a position to attract the attention of some very powerful individuals in opposition to his goals. Conflict is almost guaranteed if he chooses to take to the field, and it paints a significant target over Whitehall's territories.
Blind Corruption
Lord Night believes wholeheartedly in his cause. He is willfully blind to the corruption attacking his kingdom and himself. It's buried itself so deeply in him that he sees no fault in what he does, or the violent imbalance that he fosters in Whitehall. Criticism tends to elicit violent reactions from him, though whether this is pride or the corruptive influence speaking, it's hard to say. One thing is clear, though. The corruption owns him, and it would take tremendous effort to free him of it, if such were even possible any more.
Good Intentions
Originally, Lord Night's intentions were noble. He wanted to lead Whitehall to better times and ease the suffering of his people. Somewhere along the line his actions have slowly corrupted himself and his kingdom, transforming what was once lush farmland into a polluted wasteland. This manifests itself more directly within him, as well. Corruptive shadows cling to him like some sickly miasma. He looks unwell. Injuries don't heal as quickly, and skills that are effective against corruption and darkness can be devastating against her. (+1 Healtime)
Pearly Whites
Lord Night's enormous front fangs are formidable weapons, but they can also be formidable targets. Teeth are still teeth, and his protrude enough to be a target for impact damage. Having them damaged is blindingly painful, and when damaged thus, it takes a while for them to grow back properly. (Besides, it's just not imposing to your enemies when one of your fangs is broken halfway and they're all lopsided!)
Slightly Unpopular
Most residents of Whitehall are happy with the way the kingdom is run, but Lord Night is not everyone's favourite person. Some actively resist the change he has brought about, insisting that what's become of their beautiful kingdom is wrong. Lord Night has enemies skulking in the shadows of his corrupt homeland. He looks upon them with mild disappointment as misguided children, but he also knows that he must tread cautiously, and that these dissenters can nonetheless be dangerous to him.


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