Lucatiel of Mirrah (Dropped)

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Lucatiel of Mirrah (Scenesys ID: 66)
"What is it? I don't know you, and you don't know me. Things are better that way."
Full Name: Lucatiel of Mirrah
Gender: Female
Species: Undead?
Theme: (FC) Dark Souls-3
Function: Footloose Fencer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late 20s Actual Age: 32
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Sarah Beck Mather
Height: 5'9" Weight: 152 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Luciani ke Fili - Ta Asteria Stin Santorini


Proud and aloof, this mysterious masked woman hails from distant Mirrah. She lets her cold nature scare off curious folk, but those who find the courage to talk to her earn her respect. Lucatiel is a calm woman, as collected and focused as the point of her sword; she suffers no fools, and holds few pretenses. She is an elite knight of her homeland, veteran of countless battles, and now searches the Multiverse for her missing brother Aslatiel. Quick-witted and quick-footed, she is an expert fencer. Even for those who manage to get past her guard, though, there is an air of melancholy just beyond the surface, as though she carried a great burden of some kind...



  • Undead: Lucatiel is undead. She was alive once. Now she's not. During her travels, someone or something killed her. Through the curse of undeath, she came back to life... of a sort. She's more resilient than non-Elites simply because she can be killed, absolutely slaughtered, and she will reawaken somewhere else. Some of the damage might stick if it's a brutal enough death, but her soul just plumb refuses to leave the confines of her body and get a move on. Her memory of the death might be hazy, though. And it still hurts like high unholy hell every single time, so she avoids it where she can. (See "Undead" disadvantage.)


  • Knight of Mirrah: Lucatiel has learned much of the art of war. Trained as a knight, she learned to wield the broad, flat blades favoured by Mirrah's knights and how best to use the round shields they carry, using each as weapon or defense both. She learned how to fight honourably, and how to fight smart, using the environment and her enemies' shortcomings to her advantage when outclassed or overpowered.
  • Rogue of Mirrah: In spite of such an illustrious station, Lucatiel started life in the lowest of peasant classes. It was she and her brother Aslatiel against the world; he taught her how to survive at all costs before they became soldiers. From him she learned how to fight dirty and toss chivalry out the window. Thanks to this early survival training, Lucatiel is not above resorting to "dirty tricks" to get ahead if she feels threatened.


  • Knight's Trappings: As an elite warrior of Mirrah, having earned her status as a soldier in a land perennially at war, Lucatiel carries the trappings of a proper knight of her kingdom. Her equipment is also quite recognisable to those familiar with Mirrah; instantly recognisable as belonging to a warrior of society's higher echelons.
    • Armour: Lucatiel's armour is simple and well-made, light enough for a fencer. It consists of a fine silk shirt; leather cuirass; leggings; cuffed boots; and a broad-brimmed hat, accented with a long black pinion. It's also recognisable as the trappings of an elite knight of Mirrah. Lucatiel also owns a set of sturdy barding made for her horse, all cured leather and chain rings.
    • Brazen Mask: This brazen mask in the guise of a bearded man protects Lucatiel's face and also hides her encroaching corruption from mortal eyes. It is immediately recognisable not only as belonging to a knight of Mirrah, but to an elite knight of Mirrah; as powerful as nobility, and skilled in battle. It's usually enough to send most people running in the opposite direction. (Or so she hopes.)
    • Greatsword: Lucatiel's favoured weapon is a broad, long blade, the sort of premium weapon awarded to elite knights, superior in craftsmanship. Long and heavy, it's made to suit a specific style, and Lucatiel wields it with grace and precision. Although not enchanted, it's well-crafted. Foes would be hard-pressed to break it. As proof of her knighthood, Lucatiel's name is engraved on the pommel.
    • Rapier: In addition to her greatsword, Lucatiel carries a rapier, a narrow thrusting blade with an ornate hilt, whose handguard is made of interlacing wires to protect the hand. The blade itself is engraved with intricate designs all down its length, mostly floral accents; as proof of her knighthood, her name is also engraved on the pommel.
    • Shield: Little more than a forged iron disc, this shield is round and well-made, with artful bronze ornamentation around its outermost radius. The inner circle is plain steel, scratched and scored from years of use. Like Lucatiel's sword, it isn't supernatural, but it's well-made and very difficult to compromise.
    • Steed: What is a knight without his steed? Lucatiel has brought from Mirrah a stallion of old stock, bred for combat and standing firm in the face of enemies. Naruiel is well-trained, besides; Lucatiel can drop the reins, and he will stay where he is until she retrieves them. He is mundane, but dear to her. Aside from his practical uses, caring for the animal helps Lucatiel to keep something of her humanity.
  • Travelling Supplies: Aside from her arms and armour, Lucatiel also carries essentials for a wanderer. This includes tools like flint and tinder, knives, rope, water, rations, oil for torches, and other things she might need while travelling the wilds. Almost all of these are completely mundane, but you never know when you're going to need something. Lucatiel's philosophy is to be prepared for anything and everything. Especially "anything." And especially in the Multiverse.
    • Estus: A strange, viscous substance in a dull green flask, prized by those cursed with undeath as one of the very few substances that can mend their wounds. This odd stuff can mend minor to moderate wounds for undead. It doesn't do much for the living, though (and may taste awful to living sensibilities). Lucatiel is very careful about her estus, and rations it out. (Allows one basic-level +fix per combat.)
  • Twisting Crawler: This colourful spear is fashioned from the scales and claws of a mighty Najarala, a snake wyvern from the world of Wyveria. Its long shaft is trimmed with sectioned blades, filed and ground down from the Najarala's rock-hard scales, sharp and sturdy. Its blade allows it to sometimes inflinct paralysis on its victims. Lastly, it also has a tough, sturdy shield fashioned of Najarala scales that makes for a handy defense in a pinch. Its huge size makes it awkward, but powerful. (Paralysis-inducing attacks requires consent.)


  • Camhir: A young Najarala that Lucatiel acquired when she slew its parent fulfilling a Wyverian job request. This awkward hatchling is about as long as Lucatiel is tall. He isn't well-coordinated in battle, and his venom hasn't yet had time to develop. Even so, he can still defend himself where necessary, screeching to debilitate his foes. He has a fondness for trying to gnaw on Lucatiel's hat, a habit she is very much not fond of. (PL 10. Paralysis-inducing attacks require consent.)


  • Allfather's Talisman: These small talismans are used by the cleric-knights of Allfather Lloyd in their hunts of the accursed undead. By blocking the healing abilities of the accursed, they could more easily strike down their quarry. Proximity to these talismans nullifies Lucatiel's ability to use estus, a substance prized by the undead to mend their wounds. If anybody should get ahold of one of these talismans, it would make life a little more difficult for Lucatiel.
  • Lone Wolf: Lucatiel prefers solitude. She's not used to being helped or relying on others. Having help offered to her still takes her by surprise, and she's very accustomed to falling back on old patterns, striking out alone and preferring not to burden others. She could easily be taken advantage of by luring her away from newfound allies... and right into a trap.
  • Mostly Only Human: Where some knights are plate-armoured bruisers, Lucatiel is an agile fencer. She's not made to take a beating and she knows it. She can hold against stronger foes, but she'll lose an eventual battle of attrition; worse, her condition gnaws at her the longer she fights, sapping her strength.
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Having left Mirrah for his sake, Lucatiel will do anything for her brother. She'll follow the faintest whiff of rumour on his location, even if it means waltzing into a trap. Needless to say, she can be led by the nose with this, even though she's aware of this personal blind area.
  • The Curse of Undeath: Lucatiel is cursed mind, body, and soul to become one of the wretched unliving. While she might still seem human, she is eventually doomed to become Hollow, a rotted and mindless creature existing only to prey on others, jealous of the life they once had and can no longer remember.
    • Deathless: Lucatiel's soul is bound unnaturally to her body. Even Elites might mistake her for dead on defeat, but she'll revive. Grievous wounds like lost limbs mend themselves on revival, but a revived Lucatiel is left weak, weary, and in excruciating pain. She might be unable to coordinate herself for a while, like with phantom pain from lost limbs, and a clever foe could take advantage of this disorientation fresh after a revival.
    • Hollow-Mind: Lucatiel is desperate to cling to her memories and sense of self; terrified of the lengths and dishonour to which she might turn to lift the curse, and on some level, terrified to cease existing. Her focus and thoughts are sometimes scattered, unable to remember things. Worse yet, every death drains her essence further. For those aware of her condition, she could be easy to manipulate, crippling her with her fears.
    • Unliving: Lucatiel shows up as unliving to the right senses. She can also come across as cursed or unholy. This makes stealthing around sensitive Elites almost impossible; Lucatiel herself is a great big beacon of spiritual nastiness, and it's even worse if she just revived. With her standoffish ways, it could lead to misunderstandings about her nature. Furthermore, magic meant to damage the unliving works to devastating effect on Lucatiel, such as a magic technique from her world called Soul Appease.
  • The Hat: Don't touch it. Seriously.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT B2 Victory vs. The Masked Knight September 16th, 2015 It's the clash of the mysterious Masked Knight against the skilled dragon warrior Victory! Which will prevail; Chrome Digizoid, or Mirrah's tempered-and-true steel? Tune in and find out! Whatever the outcome, it's gonna be one heck of a fight!
WMAT B1 Lucatiel vs Courier Six August 28th, 2015 The Knight runs roughshod over Johnny, eliminating the Courier from the Tournament
WMAT BQ2 Moonfin vs Masked Knight August 19th, 2015 Moonfin of the Starbound Flotilla and the mysterious Masked Knight duke it out for the WMAT's second round of the B Bracket Qualifier!
WMAT BQ1 Ryuko Matoi vs The Masked Knight August 4th, 2015 Ryuko Matoi takes on The Masked Knight in the WMAT qualifiers!
The Festival of Fear June 8th, 2015 A Hallowed Jhen Mohran has been sighted in the Great Desert. The presence of this incredibly rare subspecies in time for this particular Festival of Fear can only be an incredible sign of good fortune, and for that reason people even outside of Wyveria's borders are invited to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.
The Queen April 16th, 2015 The Multiversal Group attempt negotiation with the mad Queen Zeal.
Above the Clouds March 30th, 2015 The Masked Knight of Mirrah visits with Princess Schala in the Kingdom of Zeal, courtesy of some handy cat-burglar skills to scale the roof.
The All-Seeing Eye March 24th, 2015 A team of Union, Unaffiliated, and Confederate Elites assemble at the behest of Schala Zeal to investigate matters of the princess' kingdom.
Earthbound March 17th, 2015 This scene stinks!
Midsummer Night's Dream March 16th, 2015 Schala finds a knight errant in a cave.
The Cold Dark January 9th, 2015 Medusa and another witch do their very best to awaken an ancient evil, with the Union doing their best to prevent eternal winter from rising again. D however, has another focus as well...
The Mount Anthor Mystery January 8th, 2015 Rumors lead adventurers to Skyrim's Mount Anthor, where it is said unusual undead have awoken to cause havoc. They find a trapped dragon, and the realization that this incident may be part of something bigger.
Little Student Lost November 24th, 2014 After happening upon the multiverse and finding himself hopelessly lost, Quentyn Whitewind is rescued by an unlikely figure. Lucatiel of Mirrah is hardly a knight in shining armour...
A Scream in the Dark October 7th, 2014 After a lengthy absence, Ysabel decides to invite people outside of her world to join in a hunt against the powerful Meraginas.
Mission: You're Making Me Crabby October 3rd, 2014 The Megalocrabs in La Noscea are getting a bit uppity and the Yellow Jackets have requested for some adventures to dispatch them!
WMAT B2 Jericho Hawke vs. The Masked Knight July 13th, 2014 Jericho Hawke faces off against the Masked Knight (Lucatiel), who appears to have brought a sword to a gunfight.
A Day at the Tourney Grounds July 2nd, 2014 The mysterious Masked Knight and Li-Ming meet in the carnival atmosphere of the World Martial Arts Tournament grounds.
WMAT C1 Jeannette Thompson vs. No. 9 July 1st, 2014 Jeannette Thompson and No. 9 battle it out for victory in the first round of the WMAT. Which will win? Beserker rage? Or overly tight control?
Off To See the Nurse June 28th, 2014 After getting mauled in the face by something outside the WMAT, Lucatiel goes to visit the WMAT's excellent medical staff.
WMAT A1 Black Demon vs. Kasumi June 22nd, 2014 This Sunday, Kasumi the Meowcenary and the mysterious woman calling herself the Black Demon will face off for the first round of the WMAT. Swords! Axes! High-flying acrobatics, maybe! And FIRE, lots of fire. Don't miss it!
WMAT B1 Onikaze Kenshin vs. Masked Knight June 21st, 2014 Kenshin faces off against the Masked Knight (Lucatiel).
Primary Village Seven June 20th, 2014 Primary Village Seven, in Tatsuto Satou's Digital World, seems to be under threat of attack by a Mothmon flying above its tower. Heroes gather to protect the baby Digimon of the village, but not everyone's there to be a hero!


Title Date Scene Summary
An Unexpected Guest (Lucatiel of Mirrah) August 15th, 2015 Since accepting a bid to dispatch a Najarala in Wyveria, Lucatiel has had an unexpected guest accompanying her on her journeys...


Name Standing Thoughts
Schala Zeal Apathy A job is a job, regardless of how naive my temporary master would seem to be. I will not argue morals over a few pithy pieces of silver; even I prefer to have a hot meal once, in a blue moon.
Yari Takane Suspicion Up to something.
Ysabel Thibault Respect A fellow hunter of things most would avoid. Pragmatic and professional. I must approve.


  • Lucatiel has a soft spot for fuzzy critters and kids. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone.)
  • Although she hates "dying" for the obvious reasons, it still has a kind of sick fascination for Lucatiel. Part of her is still curious to know exactly how it works.
  • Every time she "dies," Lucatiel leaves behind at the site of her "death" a little bit of her essence of humanity, which takes the form of a tiny, indistinct black blob that has a vaguely human (if somewhat amorphous and largely indistinct) shape. Characters skilled in spiritual matters might find a use for this stuff.
  • Although little is known of Mirrah, the distant land Lucatiel hails from, it lies across the mountains to the east of Drangleic. It is a "land of knights," as Lucatiel has described it, constantly warring with its neighbouring kingdoms.
  • The region of Mirrah (as represented on MCM) has a very Mediterranean climate; arid and dry, with mild winters and hot summers. A large lake lies on its northern border, and its largest port city is also its capital city, which is used both for trade and the production of warships.
  • Mirrah is known to produce fine warhorses.
  • Perhaps because of the constant warring, the dividing line between classes in Mirrah is stark. One is either prosperous or poverty-stricken, and aside from the merchant classes, there's very little middle ground. Lucatiel herself came from the very bottom, but her skill in fencing earned her a place at the top.
  • Despite its jarring divide between poverty and prosperity, Mirrah is not picky about who shows promising skill, and women are accepted into its armies and knightly orders.
  • Although her brother Aslatiel is Mirrah's most highly celebrated and decorated swordsman, Lucatiel runs a close second to him, and her skill with rapier and cavalry greatsword is second to none; hard-earned achievements in a land so overcrowded with knights and soldiers.
  • There are many orders of knights in Mirrah, depending on one's martial prowess. There are orders of archers,cavalry orders, infantryman orders, and further orders that distinguish themselves based on the particular weapons favoured by their knights. Some combine practises. (Lucatiel belongs to a cavalry order.)
  • Although she still considers finding Aslatiel and finding a cure to her condition top priorities, Lucatiel enjoys exploring strange new worlds. And there are a lot of strange, new worlds in the Multiverse. Particularly strange ones, it seems.