Lupita Auryon

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Lupita Auryon (Scenesys ID: 311)
"Dude, life is motherglubbin' rainbows, man."
Full Name: Lupita Auryon
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Theme: (OC) Alterniabound-1R
Function: Alpha Packbeast
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (X-None)
Groups: Syndicate Network, Session 613, Session 412
Other Information
Physical Age: 21 Actual Age: 10
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Cassandra Peterson
Height: 7' Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purple
Theme Song:


Alpha Packbeast Moonfray, or as she's otherwise known, LUPITA AURYON, is a refugee of the Troll planet Alternia. Like all trolls, she lived a harsh life growing up, but thanks to the intervention of her moirail (a special kind of life-mate) Aethra, she learned to calm herself down from the usual murderous tendencies of her blood caste. Though she is Circus in religion, a faith based loosely on Juggalo culture, she is not an avid practitioner, nor does she any longer take part in the more murderous methods of the congregational Carnival ceremonies. Instead, she believes simply that life is a bunch of miracles, or, as she refers to them, 'rainbows', and that the enjoyment of these rainbows is where one fully excels. Despite her laid back, almost 'stoner-esque' disposition, however, she is at heart like all Trolls a violent creature; she has excelled in the art of battle through use of claws and fangs, but for the sake of trying to appear a proper adult, she has branched into use of clubs for battle as well.










Highblood's Mania: The problem with Trolls is that the 'higher' in caste (cooler in temperature) that their blood goes, the more prone they are to psychotic acts of violence. As a Purple, Lupita is especially prone to such things; including the whispering voices she sometimes attunes to what she should be (a subjugglator) which constantly tell her to try and keep the lowbloods in check. When the mania builds too much, either because of improper exposure to soporific substances, or without the proper attention paid by her moirail, Lupita is prone to what she terms a 'Murder Death Kill' spree.

Dirty Mouth: If asked why she's obscene, Lupita will answer with clarity: "I'm not obscene, I have a vast vocabulary. I just happen to have some favorite words, and most of them are four letters or less in length!"

Nocturnal: Trolls, as a species, are nocturnal; on their home planet the sun burns so bright during the day that it can cause one to lose one's sight just from being out in it unprotected, not to mention severe skin burns and dehydration. Because of this, Lupita tends to be very sluggish during the day, reluctant to leave shelter found, and often, when outside, will be found trying to hide beneath heavy clothes (such as a berqa, a cloak, a heavy hat, trench coat, ETC.) unless the sun is down, or the sky is overcast.

Untrained: Lupita isn't skilled in many of the things considered instinctual for most purple blooded trolls, such as Chucklevoodoos and the use of melee weapons. This is a massive handicap for most trolls, especially for one of purple blood. Because of being untrained, her attempts at using Chucklevoodoos often come in the form of wild, difficult to control bursts, often only used in self defense in the face of massively overwhelming odds.

Hunted: Lupita intentionally avoided conscription when she turned ten sweeps old, the age of legal Troll majority. Unlike Aethra, her Moirail, who would only be considered a draft dodger, Lupita left because of known flaws, including her lack of skill in chucklevoodoos, the fact that until the age of ten she had never picked a weapon, and that she has physical anomalies in her natural troll build. As such, if found, she would most likely be culled on the spot.

Sopor Slime: Trolls have always depended on Sopor Slime for various things; they must rest in a recuperacoon full of it while young to ward off horrible dreams and when older they require proper exposure to it, usually sleeping in it daily, to regenerate things like teeth and broken horns. Because of this, without proper exposure to the slime, Lupita becomes even more prone to the whispering terrors in her head brought on by her bloodcaste's natural tendency toward extreme violence. It also inhibits her body's ability to recover properly after a fight, doubling her heal time if she's unable to sleep in sopor.

Culture? What's that?: Trolls are trolls. A separate species and race with their own cultures, languages and lingo, it's unlikely that Lupita will be able to understand everything about the new world about her without mass confusion. And don't expect her to be anything but a snickering derisive mess around your stupid buckets man. Why do you leave them in the open?

Lupita Killed The Radio Star: Lupita doesn't use modern radios. It's both a mix of 'can't be bothered', and the fact that she's so used to just texting things or else using close-band radio that every time she's tried to use a modern radio she's managed to break it. (And Aethra is still trying to wean her off her obvious vulgarity; so it's very rare that Lupita gets a chance to mess with audio devices.)


Title Date Scene Summary
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Mission: You're Making Me Crabby October 3rd, 2014 The Megalocrabs in La Noscea are getting a bit uppity and the Yellow Jackets have requested for some adventures to dispatch them!
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